Statement of results

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48157648-1576.  Statement of results

A.  The secretary of the board shall, as soon as the result of an election is declared, enter in the records of the board, and file with the clerk of the board of supervisors of the county in which the office of the district is located, a statement of results disclosing:

1.  A copy of the notice of the election.

2.  The names of the judges of the election.

3.  The total number of votes cast in the district and in each division of the district.

4.  The names of the persons voted for.

5.  The office for which each person was voted for.

6.  The number of votes cast in each division for each candidate.

7.  The number of votes cast in the district for each candidate.

8.  The names of the persons declared elected.

9.  The result declared on any question or proposal submitted in accordance with the majority of the votes cast for or against the question or proposal. 481576

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