Standard provisions

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20111220-1112.  Standard provisions

A.  Insurance contracts shall contain such standard provisions as are required by the applicable provisions of this title pertaining to contracts of particular kinds of insurance.  The director may waive the required use of a particular standard provision in a particular insurance policy form if he finds such provision unnecessary for the protection of the insured and inconsistent with the purposes of the policy and the policy is otherwise approved by him.

B.  No policy shall contain any provision inconsistent with or contradictory to any standard provision used or required to be used, but the director may approve any substitute policy or provision which, when viewed in its entirety, is substantially equivalent to or more favorable to the insured or beneficiary than the standard provisions or optional standard provisions otherwise required.

C.  In lieu of the standard provisions required by the provisions of this title for contracts for particular kinds of insurance, substantially similar standard provisions required by the law of the domicile of a foreign or alien insurer may be used when approved by the director. 201112

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