Specialty Growers

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Specialty Growers

Name/Description time of growing

[height] bloom conditions
The following plants are grown in 1 gallon pots, priced at $7.00 each, or as marked. Some are also available as 3.5" pots, priced at $2.50 each, or $38.00 per flat of 18, mix and match. Can be combined with 3.5” herbs (p.39-41) for the flat price.
Indicates NEW in our catalog for 2011

N Indicates NATIVE plant or an improved Native.

See inside back cover for a complete list of Natives.
Acanthus mollis (Bear’s Breech)

Dark green, glossy, interestingly cut foliage, immortalized June- full sun to

in the architecture of Corinthian columns. Thick spikes of July partial shade

lavender and white hooded flowers [36”] $10.00

Achillea x millefolium (Hybrid Yarrow)

Cassis’ - Attractive dark cherry-red flowers, green ferny June- full sun

foliage [18-24"] August

‘Strawberry Seduction’ –Red with yellow centers. Mature flowers

turn buff yellow and remain attractive all season. Compact

plants with upright, domed habit. Grey-green foliage [18-24”]

Achillea x tagetea

Moonshine' – Silvery foliage, sulphur yellow flowers. A tried June- full sun

and true performer [24”] August

Acinos alpinus (Rock Thyme)

Small tubular red-violet flowers, trailing plant for June- full sun

dry locations or rock garden [6"] 3” pot only Sept well-drained
Aconitum anthora (Yellow Monkshood, Pyrenees Monkshood)

Pale yellow hooded flowers, attractive dark green June- partial shade

dissected foliage [32”] $8.50 August moist soil
Aconitum cammarum (Monkshood)

‘Bicolor’- White hooded flowers with dark blue edge; June- partial shade

overall effect is that of icy blue [4’] $8.50 July moist soil

Aconitum carmichaelii (Fall Monkshood)

Arendsii’ - Thick leathery, glossy leaves, sturdy upright Sept- partial shade

spikes of large, hooded dark blue flowers. Late [3-4'] $8.50 Oct moist soil

Aconitum fischeri (Azure Monkshood)

Large dark blue hooded flowers on thick, leathery stems. August- partial shade

Compact growing, no staking needed [24"] $8.50 Sept moist soil

Aconitum henryii (Henry Monkshood)

‘Spark’s Variety’ – Intense dark violet-blue flowers in airy August- partial shade

clusters atop tall stems, great for back of border [4-5’] $8.50 Sept moist soil

Agastache x ‘Ava’ (Hummingbird Mint)

► Rose-pink flowers in large, showy spikes. Hardier than many July- full sun

Agastaches of this color, but good drainage is essential [4-5’] Sept well drained soil
Agastache x ‘Black Adder’ (Anise Hyssop)

An improvement on older forms. Vivid violet-blue flowers July- full sun to

emerge from dark purple buds. Bee and butterfly plant [2-3’] Sept partial shade
Agastache rugosum (Anise Hyssop)

Golden Jubilee’ - Golden-leaved form, especially bright July- full sun

in spring. Purple flowers. Great color contrast [28-36"] August

Ajuga ‘Black Scallop’ (Bugleweed)

Small-scale groundcover with glossy, jet-black, scalloped May full sun to

leaves. Violet blue flowers on short spikes [3-6”] shade
Ajuga ‘ Jungle Beauty’ (Bugleweed)

A large-leaved Ajuga, with glossy dark bronze foliage. May full sun to

Forms clumps which eventually make a dense ground cover. shade

Large blue flowers spikes [8-10”]

Alcea rosea (Hollyhock)

'Chater's Double' - Fully double flowers. Available in mid- full sun

separate colors: pink, red, maroon, yellow, or salmon [5-6'] summer

Creme de Cassis’ - Fascinating purple and white bicolor [5-6']

‘Nigra’ – Burgundy/black single flowers [6’]

Queeny Purple’ - Huge purple flowers on a compact plant [2-3']

‘Single Mixed’ - Classic single cottage garden hollyhocks, assorted colors


‘Spotlight Series’ – Finally, single Hollyhocks are available in separate colors!

‘Mars Magic’ is true red, ‘Sunshine’ is yellow, and ‘Halo’ is white [6’]

All varieties of Hollyhock, 3” pot only
Alchemilla erythropoda (Dwarf Lady's Mantle)

Much like a compact, refined form of A. mollis with June- full sun to

smaller, deeper green leaves faintly outlined in silver [6"] July partial shade
Alchemilla mollis (Lady's Mantle)

Fan-shaped leaves, clusters of chartreuse flowers. Superb June- full sun to

as an informal edger. Flowers useful in arrangements [18"] July partial shade
Allium senescens (Ornamental Onion)

Pink globe-shaped flowers above bluish-grey strappy foliage. July- full sun

Very attractive to butterflies. Clumping habit [8-12”] Sept
Amsonia hubrichtii (Thread-leaf Bluestar)

N Clusters of steel-blue flowers above narrow, thread-like foliage. May- full sun to

Known and grown for its unique texture and rich golden fall June partial shade

color, which is best when grown in full sun [36”] $8.50
Amsonia tabernaemontana (Willow-leaf Bluestar)

N Pale blue flowers on arching willow-like stems. Shrubby form. May- full sun to

Excellent yellow fall color [36"] June partial shade

‘Blue Ice’ – Compact selection makes a dense, compact May- full sun to

mound. Blooms deeper blue, with longer bloom period [15”] June partial shade

Anaphalis margaritacea (Pearly Everlasting)

N Downy gray foliage and clusters of pearly white flowers July- full sun to

which dry well. Butterfly larval food source. Native [18"] Sept partial shade

Anemone japonica (Japanese Anemone)

Stunning fall bloomers with satiny cup-shaped flowers Sept- partial shade

‘Honorine Jobert’ - White single, a classic [36"] Oct

‘Pamina’ - Double rosy-red flowers. Excellent form [34"]

‘Prince Henry’ – Semi-double rose-pink flowers [34”]

‘Queen Charlotte’- Very large semi-double light pink [36”]

‘Whirlwind’- Semi-double white, with a more restrained

growth habit than many of the anemones [23-36”]

Anemone tomentosa (A.vitifolia) (Windflower)

Robustissima’ - Satiny pink, cup-shaped flowers, August- full sun to

blooming in late summer and early fall [32"] Oct partial shade
Antirrhinum braun-blanquetti (Hardy Snapdragon)

Pale yellow snapdragon, flowers smaller than annual types. June- full sun

[1-2’] Sept well drained soils

Aquilegia canadensis (Eastern Red Columbine)

N Elongated, pendant red or orange flowers with yellow May- full sun to

corolla. Native to the Eastern U.S. and Canada [18-24”] June shade

‘Little Lantern’ – A dwarf form of the native, bearing

abundant red flowers with yellow centers [12”]

Aquilegia chrysantha (Golden Spur Columbine)

‘Yellow Queen’ - Stately, elegant plants with very large, May- full sun to

light yellow long-spurred flowers. One of the longest- July shade

blooming columbines. Plants are long-lived too [30”]
indicates NEW in our catalog for 2011

N indicates NATIVE plant
Aquilegia x hybrida (Hybrid Columbine)

Blue Star’ – Long-spurred, blue with white center [18-24”] May full sun to

‘Krystal’ - Long spurred, pure white [18-20”] June shade

‘Origami Rose’ - Pink flowers with white center [18”] 3” pot only

‘Red Hobbit’ – Charming dwarf with red outer petals and

white corolla. Semi-pendant flowers [14”]

Red Star’ – Long-spurred red with white center [18-24”] 3” pot only
Aquilegia longissima (Long-spurred Columbine)

‘Yellow Bonnets’- Extra-long spurs on pale yellow flowers [1-3’]

Aquilegia vulgaris (European Columbine)

‘Black Barlow’ – Purplish-black, fully double flowers. May- full sun to

The spurless flowers are borne in clusters [30”] June partial shade

‘Christa Barlow’ – Blue and white flowered form of the

famous ‘Nora Barlow’ [30”]

‘Clementine Mix’ – Spectacular new double form.

Upward-facing, spurless flowers resemble double clematis.

Assorted colors of rose-red, blue, or purple [12-18”]

‘Nora Barlow’ - Delightful nodding double flowers of reddish-

pink, tinged and tipped with white and green [30”]

‘Tower Pink’- Double pleated flowers of pink with

an inner “petticoat” of white [24-30”]

‘Winky Mix’ - Sturdy plants with an abundance up upward-

facing flowers in shades of rose, red, purple, or blue [18"]

Winky Blue’ – Dark blue, upward facing flowers, white corolla [18”]

Winky Purple’ – Purple upward facing flowers, white corolla [18”]

Winky Red’ – Deep burgundy red upward facing flowers, white corolla


‘Winky Red Double’ – Ruffled double form, red blending into white [18”]

with frilly white edges. Very unique flowers [14-18”]

‘Winky Rose-Rose’ – One of the brightest colors in the

‘Winky’ Series. Rose flowers with rose inner corolla [18”]

‘Woodside Mix’ – Foliage may either be variegated or

golden. Flowers are mixed colors in shades of pink, rose,

lavender, blue and white [24-30"]
Armeria maritima (Thrift, Sea Pinks)

‘Splendens’ - Short grassy clumps, rose-pink flowers, May-

excellent for rock gardens [6"] 3” pot only June

Artemisia lactiflora (Mugwort, Wormwood)

‘Guizho’ – Panicles of creamy white flowers on tall erect July- full sun to

stems. Distinctive black-green foliage. Tall border plant August partial shade

useful as a backdrop [4’] 1.5 gal pot $10.00
Aruncus aesthusifolius (Dwarf Goatsbeard)

True miniature Aruncus, with finely divided June- shade

foliage and sprays of white flowers [8-12”] $8.50 July moist soil
Aruncus dioicus (Goatsbeard)

N Ivory white feathery plumes resemble a large Astilbe. June- shade

Stately plant for back of the shady border [5'] $8.50 July moist soil

Asarum europaeum (European Ginger)

► Very glossy deep green heart shaped leaves. A choice May shade

but slow-spreading ground cover for shade. Curious

brown jug-shaped flowers are insignificant 6” pot $10.00

Asclepias incarnata (Red Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed)

N Pink/crimson flower heads highly attractive to butterflies. June- full sun to

Upright growth habit, showy and easy native plant [3-4'] July partial shade

moist soil

Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed)

N Broad heads of waxy orange flowers, attractive to butter- July full sun

flies, and a larval food source for Monarchs [12-18"] $8.50 well-drained soil

Aster novae-angliae (New England Aster)

N ‘Purple Dome’ - Very compact variety of New England Aster Sept- full sun

with deep purple flowers. Outstanding performance [18"] Oct

Aster oblongifolius (Aromatic Aster)

N ‘October Skies’ - Strong-growing mound of bushy foliage Sept- full sun

with blue flowers. Tolerant of drought and poor soils [18"] Oct

2 gal pot $8.50
Astilbe x arendsii, japonica

Fluffy panicles in shades of white, pink, rose and red. June- partial shade

Excellent perennial for partial shade. Blooms June-Aug, Aug moist soils

depending on variety, listed as early, mid and late.

1 gal pot $7.00, 2 gal pot $10.00 season height
Burgundy Red’ – Since introduction in 1958, still unsurpassed early [24”]

for color quality and strong growth habit. Limited quantity

Cattleya’ - Tall, graceful rose-pink, a classic mid-late [38"]

‘Color Flash’ - Burgundy/purple foliage changing to late [18”]

orange/bronze in fall. Lavender-pink flowers $8.50

Ellie’ - Pure white plumes, full and large. A favorite here early [24"]

Fireberry’ – Vibrant raspberry pink flowers, short clumps early-mid [16”]

Glow’ (‘Glut’) - Intense red flowers, narrow upright panicles mid-late [26"]

‘Irrlight’ – Upright, triangular creamy white plumes early [20”]

‘Love and Pride’ – Strong purple-pink color. Foliage tinted mid-late [36”]

bronze in spring. Superior genetics provide heat tolerance

‘Montgomery’ - Full bright red. Compact plants mid [20"]

‘Peach Blossom’ - Light salmon-pink. Open lacy effect early [24"]

‘Radius’ – Very bright red flowers, dark foliage. Limited quantity mid [24”]

Red Cattleya’ - Rose-red sport of ‘Cattleya’, 2 gal pot only mid-late [38"]

‘Red Charm’ – Arching, plume-like flowers of carmine-red late [38”]

‘Rheinland’- Dark pink, diamond-shaped panicles. Classic early [24”]

‘Rise and Shine’ – New hybrid with large 8” pyramidal mid-late [28”]

plumes of hot pink. Better heat and drought tolerance

‘Younique Lilac’ – New. Thick dark lilac spikes. Floriferous early [20”]

White Gloria’ - White, very full blocky plumes mid-late [24"]

Astilbe chinensis (Chinese Astilbe)

Pumila’ – A dwarf ground-cover Astilbe, creeps slowly to July- partial shade

moderately by short stolons. Late, lavender pink flowers [8”] Aug

‘Visions’ - Sturdy plumes of magenta purple, bold foliage [16”] June- partial shade

‘Vision in Red’ – Raspberry red form of the above [15”] July

All ‘Visions’ varieties are clump-forming, not creeping
Astilbe simplicifolia

Hennie Graafland’ - Delicate pink, fine-textured foliage mid-late [16"]

‘Key West’ Dark burgundy leaves, carmine flowers mid-late [12-16”]

Astrantia major (Masterwort)

Star of Beauty’ – Pincushion-like flower heads of deep June- partial shade

carmine rose. Upright, bushy plant habit [24-30”] $8.50 July moist soil

‘Star of Fire’ - Burgundy red with white centers [24-30”] $8.50
Aurinia saxatile aka Alyssum (Basket of Gold, Perennial Alyssum)

'Compactum' - Bright yellow flowers, gray-green foliage, April- full sun

good in rock gardens. Showy with spring bulbs [8"] May

Baptisia australis (False Indigo)

N Violet-blue pea-type flowers, gray-green foliage. A very June- full sun to

durable, long-lived perennial [4'] 1 gal $8.50, 2 gal $10.00 July partial shade

Baptisia australis var minor (Dwarf False Indigo)

N A dwarf, compact form, with lavender-blue pea-like flowers June- full sun to

on dense racemes above blue-green foliage. Tolerates July partial shade

poor sandy soils [24”] 1 gal $8.50
Baptisia pendula (White False Indigo)

‘Alba’ – Spikes of white flowers on tall dark stems. A long-

lived native plant [3-4’] 3” pot only

Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’ - Charcoal gray stems and smoky purplish- June- full sun to

N blue flowers. A naturally occurring hybrid of B. australis July partial shade

and B. pendula. [36"] 2 gal $12.50

Baptisia ‘Solar Flare Prairieblues’ – Lemon yellow flowers with June- full sun to

► orange blush as they age. Mature clumps can produce July partial shade

up to 100 flowering stems. Shrub-like form [3-4’] 2 gal $12.50

Available Summer 2011
Belamcanda chinensis (Blackberry Lily)

Orange, speckled flowers, shiny black seed pods for July- full sun

dried arrangements. Iris-like foliage [24-30"] August
Brunnera macrophylla (Perennial Forget-me-not)

Sky blue forget-me-not flowers, heart-shaped leaves [12-15"] May- partial shade


‘Emerald Mist’ – New in 2008. Uniquely patterned leaves show

heavy silver bars forming a “collar” around a green center $10.00

Jack Frost’ - Leaves display a frosty overlay with light green

veination, resembling crackled porcelain. Blue spring flowers $10.00

‘King’s Ransom’ – New in 2009. Sport of ‘Jack Frost’ with golden

highlights around the leaf margins $12.50

Looking Glass’ - All-silver form, incredibly beautiful large leaves

glow in the shade $10.00

Variegata’ - Dramatic white and green variegation, needs full

shade to avoid burning of the foliage $10.00

Buddleia davidii (Butterfly Bush)

Fast growing shrub with fragrant flower clusters resembling mid-late full sun

lilacs. Plants die down to the ground each winter and summer

rapidly re-grow in spring and summer [4-10']

All Buddleia varieties, 1.5 or 2 gal pot $12.50, 3 gal pot $15.00

Black Knight’ - Very dark purple. A classic [6-10']

‘Royal Red’- Not true red, but a glowing, deep pinkish red.

Elongated panicles, similar in shape to ‘Black Knight’ [6-10’]

‘Summer Beauty’ – Large wide plumes of bright reddish pink [5-6’]
Compact English Butterfly Series available Summer 2011

‘Adonis Blue’ (‘Adokeep’)- One of the Proven Winners

English Butterfly Series. Compact plant with large

deep blue flowers [4-5’]

‘Peacock’ (‘Peakeep’) - One of the Proven Winners

‘English Butterfly Series’. Compact plants with large

rich reddish pink flower heads [4-5’]

‘Purple Emperor’ – (‘Pyrkeep’) One of the Proven Winners

‘English Butterfly Series’. Compact plant with large

deep purple flowers [4-5’]

‘White Ball’ – Another very compact selection, 1/3 the height of

traditional varieties. White flowers with yellow eye [3-4’

Available Summer 2011

Calamintha nepeta (Beautiful Mint)

‘Blue Cloud Strain’ – Clumping perennial (no runners) with June- full sun

mint-scented foliage and sprays of tiny bluish-white flowers. October well-drained soil

Long blooming, drought tolerant [12-18”] 3” pot only

indicates NEW in our catalog for 2011

N indicates NATIVE plant
Calamintha grandiflora

‘Variegata’ – Fragrant foliage, green irregularly splashed with all summer full sun to

cream. Neat clumping habit. Hot pink tubular flowers [15-18”] partial shade

Camassia leichtlini (Indian Hyacinth)

Blue Danube’ - Bulbous perennial bearing spikes of starry May partial shade

blue flowers. Lovely with Bleeding Hearts. Dormant in moist soil

summer. Will tolerate damp soils [24-36"] 1.5 gal pot $10.00

Campanula cochlearifolia (Fairies’ Thimbles)

‘Advance Blue’ – Dwarf bellflower which makes a creeping June- full sun to

mat of small glossy leaves. Generous display of blue thimble- July partial shade

shaped bells on short stems. Good in rock garden, in crevices

or in troughs. Needs moist but well-drained soil [4-8”] 3” pot only
Campanula garganica

‘Dickson’s Gold’- Blue star-like flowers sparkle against June full sun to

a background of bright gold, ground-hugging foliage [4”] partial shade

Campanula glomerata (Clustered Bellflower)

‘Joan Elliott’ – Upward facing clusters of very bright June- full sun to

violet-blue bells. Stunning with magenta or orange [12-18”] August partial shade

Campanula persicifolia (Peach-leaf Bellflower)

Blue Bell’ - Tall spires of large blue bell-shaped June- full sun to

flowers. Naturalizes [30"] July partial shade

Alba’ - White form of the above [30"]
Campanula x ‘Pink Octopus’- Lantern shaped buds open June- full sun to

to reveal exotic, octopus-like pink flowers. Glossy July partial shade

foliage, strong plants [18”] $8.50
Campanula takesimana (Korean Bellflower)

Large pale lavender bells, spotted inside. Beautiful June- partial shade

large, shiny triangular leaves. Clump-forming [15-18"] July
Campanula x ‘Summertime Blues’

Nearly everblooming with masses of pendant silvery-blue June- full sun to

bells. Clumping habit that does not spread or seed $8.50 Sept partial shade
Caryopteris clandonensis (Bluebeard, Blue Mist Shrub)

Semi-woody shrub with whorls of true blue flowers. August- full sun

Excellent for late season interest. Attracts butterflies. Oct
‘First Choice’ – Compact form. Inky blue buds open to

large flowers on erect stems. Rounded habit [3’]

‘Grand Bleu’ – Glossy deep green foliage forms a uniform mound.

Purple-blue flowers closely spaced on the stem [3’]

‘Summer Sorbet’ –Showy variegated selection. Leaves

have bright yellow margins. Compact habit [3-4’]

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