SP251 (03-31-08) (This Section may require sp230.)

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SP251 (03-31-08) (This Section may require SP230.)
(Use this Section when the Agency is to provide a temporary detour structure for temporary use by the Contractor. This Section is for temporary highway bridges.)

Section 00251, which is not a Standard Specification, is included in this Project by Special Provision.

00251.00  Scope - This work consists of transporting, erecting, maintaining, removing, and returning to its original location a temporary bridge provided by the Agency as shown or directed.
(Fill in the blank with the location of the temporary bridge.)
00251.10  Material - The temporary bridge is located at ___________________________.
Provide materials that are not supplied by the Agency according to the applicable Sections of Part 00500.
00251.40  Construction - Provide stamped working drawings and calculations of the support system for the temporary structure according to 00150.35.
Erect the temporary bridge according to the applicable Sections of Part 00500.
Construct the temporary bridge so it satisfies all the requirements of applicable permitting agencies.
(Use the following heading and subsection .50 when "temporary detours" are required.)
00251.50  Temporary Detour - Provide temporary detours according to Section 00230.
00251.60  Structure Maintenance - Maintain the temporary bridge in a safe and functional condition.
Finishing and Clean Up
00251.70  Structure Removal - When the temporary bridge is no longer needed, remove and return it to its original location. All other temporary bridge materials remain the property of the Contractor and be disposed of according to Section 00310.
Satisfy all requirements of applicable permitting agencies during bridge removal.
Restore all areas occupied by the temporary bridge to original condition.
00251.80  Measurement - No measurement of quantities will be made for work performed under this Section.
00251.90  Payment - The accepted quantities of work performed under this Section will be paid for at the Contract lump sum amount for the item "Temporary Detour Bridges, Agency Provided".
Payment will be payment in full for furnishing all materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to complete the work as specified.
No separate or additional payment will be made for transporting, erecting, maintaining, removing, and returning the temporary bridge to its original location.
(Use the following paragraph when "temporary detours" are required.)
Temporary detours will be paid for according to 00230.90.

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