Service charges; amount; limitation

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48177448-1774.  Service charges; amount; limitation

A.  Beginning with the third year after issuance of any bonds, the board of directors shall begin to levy a service charge over and above the cost of the power, if purchased or leased by the district or by the users directly, or the actual cost price if generated by the district, and income received from such source shall be deposited in the general expense account of the district.

B.  The service charge shall not be so high that it will materially impair the public service or constitute an unreasonable burden on the agricultural interests of the district, but it may be increased or reduced from time to time in the public interests of the district.

C.  The service charge shall at no time be more than enough to make the district self sustaining, taking into account reasonable needs for depreciation, new construction and like requirements.

D.  The service charges to users within the district shall be uniform and shall not be subject to the control or regulation of the corporation commission, but service charges to users outside the district shall be subject to such control. 481774

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