Seed List 1 Please note: limited quantities available. First come, first served 2 Prices are in Canadian dollars

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2015/16 Seed List
1) Please note: limited quantities available. First come, first served

2) Prices are in Canadian dollars, but can be paid in U.S. dollars at the exchange rate of $1.05 U.S. = $1 Canadian

3) Because of the work involved I will only accept orders for a minimum of $10

4) Postage & padded envelope $5; free for orders over $75

5) Add 5% if paying by PayPal to cover service charges

Alan McMurtrie

22 Calderon Cres

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M2R 2E5

Reticulata Iris SOLD OUT for 2015 - taking pre-orders for 2016 seed - supply is dependent on bee activity

Bee seed of my hybrids (ie. these will be 2nd generation hybrids)

$20 / 100 $50 / 300 $140 / 1000

Note: seed is limited

Armenian Caucasus Retic

25¢ each seed (min. 10)

Juno Iris -- hand pollinated (intercross of clones)

Pure species (minimum 5 seeds)

albomarginata (Janis' zenaide)

30¢ each seed

100++ avail

aucheri (hort.)

15¢ each seed

100 avail

aucheri Bechçe Saray

25¢ each seed

100 avail

aucheri Leylek

20¢ each seed (min. 10)

100++ avail

aucheri Leylek Alba x similar

40¢ each seed

44 avail

aucheri Leylek dark Blue x similar

50¢ each seed

100+ avail


15¢ each seed

50 avail

bucharica Duchanbe

20¢ each seed

33 avail

bucharica Sangardak

20¢ each seed

24 avail

bucharica Tadjik

20¢ each seed

19 avail


10¢ each seed (min. 15)

100++ avail

magnifica Alba (no blue influence what-so-ever)

20¢ each seed (min. 10)

100++ avail

orchioides (true) (several nice inter-clone crosses)

40¢ each seed

100++ avail

vicaria (more than 10 nice inter-clone crosses)

25¢ each seed

100++ avail

willmottiana (true)

30¢ each seed

100++ avail

Hybrids (very limited supply) 30¢ each seed (min. 5)

albomarginata x graeberiana

100++ avail

aucheri Bechçe Saray x aucheri Dwarf

20 avail

bucharica x magnifica

5 avail

bucharica Duschanbe x orchioides

26 avail

bucharica Duschanbe x vicaria (7 different vicarias)

100++ avail

bucharica Sangardak x vicaria Sangardak

45 avail

bucharica x vicaria (8 crosses between different clones)

100++ avail

bucharica x warleyensis 60¢ each seed

21 avail

magnifica x bucharica

30 avail

magnifica x bucharica LWW

12 avail

magnifica x vicara Blue Styles

58 avail

magnifica x vicara Sina

17 avail

magnifica x vicara Kew .93 with strong purple flush

50 avail

magnifica x warleyensis 75¢ each seed

50 avail

vicaria x bucharica (5 crosses between different clones)

100++ avail

vicaria x bucharica LWW* (3 different vicarias)

50+ avail

vicaria x bucharica Sangardak (3 different vicarias)

62 avail

* LWW – Long style lobes; semi-Winged haft; Wide standards (relative to normal)

Other Iris

$2.50 / pkt



Xlactea - typical blue

Xlactea 82-228 (lovely mauve standards & style arms; white falls)

orientalis (from plants collected in Turkey)

Xsetosa - blue

setosa Alba


Siberian species from Jean Witt


versicolor - red

versicolor Alba



$1.50 / pkt

Allium “narcissiflorum” – may be another species, but this is quite nice (from Russian Botanic Garden exchange)

Allium atroviolaceum

Allium bulgaricum

Allium christophii

Allium darwasica

Allium falcifolium

Allium siculum (Nectaroscordum)

Crocus dalmaticus Petrovac

Crocus heuffelianus Dark Eyes

Crocus korolkowii

Crocus thomasii

Crocus speciosus xantholaimos

Colchicum bivonae

Colchicum speciousus

Colchicum szowitzi (originally from Dr. Rodionenko)

Colchicum (several)

Colchicum laetum

Gladiola species (red) collected in Turkey

Narcissus rupicolia (a lovely hardy dwarf)


Winter aconites

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