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No. 217


ADOPTED: November 15, 2011




1. Purpose

The Board will acknowledge each student's successful completion of the instructional program appropriate to the student's interests and needs by awarding a diploma at graduation ceremonies.

2. Authority

Title 22

Sec. 4.24

The Board shall adopt the graduation requirements students must achieve, which shall include course completion and grades, completion of a culminating project, and results of district and/or state assessments.

SC 1611, 1613

Title 22

Sec. 4.13, 4.24

Pol. 100
Title 22

Sec. 11.27

Pol. 113

The Board shall award a regular high school diploma to every student enrolled in this district who meets the requirements of graduation established by this Board as part of the district's Strategic Plan.

The Board may permit an identified student with a disability to participate in graduation ceremonies with his/her graduating class, even though the student will not be granted a diploma and will continue to receive educational services.

SC 1613

A list of all candidates for the award of a diploma shall be submitted to the Board for its approval.

Pol. 102

A requirement for graduation shall be the completion of work and studies representing the instructional program assigned to grades 9 through 12, which are aligned to established academic standards.
The Board requires that each candidate for graduation shall have earned 25 units.

Title 22

Sec. 11.4, 11.8

The fourth year of high school shall not be required for graduation if a student has completed all requirements for graduation and attends a postsecondary institution as a full-time student.

Title 22

Sec. 11.5, 11.8

A student may qualify for graduation by attending a district school part-time when officially enrolled part-time in a postsecondary institution.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for planning and executing graduation ceremonies that appropriately recognize this important achievement.

4. Guidelines

Pol. 213, 216

Accurate recording of each student's achievement of academic standards shall be maintained, as required by law and state regulations.

Students shall be informed of graduation requirements they are required to complete.

Periodic warnings shall be issued to students in danger of not fulfilling graduation requirements.

A student who has completed the requirements for graduation shall not be denied a diploma as a disciplinary measure, but the student may be denied participation in the graduation ceremony when personal conduct so warrants. Such exclusion shall be regarded as a school suspension.

Graduation Requirements

All students must complete and pass the required courses for their selected program of study in order to graduate from Mapletown Junior-Senior High School. The following guidelines apply:
1. There can be no course duplication in completing the requirements.
2. Units will be determined according to the planned course for each subject.
3. Students are responsible for enrolling in the proper courses.
4. Approved vocational technical courses are valued at three (3) units per year.
5. Ninth grade students must accumulate six (6) units to be placed in tenth grade.
Tenth grade students must accumulate twelve (12) units to be placed in

eleventh grade. Eleventh grade students must accumulate eighteen (18) unites

to be placed in twelfth grade. Twelfth grade students must accumulate twenty-

five (25) units in order to graduate. Exceptions to these requirements will be

considered on an individual basis.
6. Proficiency levels on PSSA testing in the areas of mathematics, reading, and

writing are also required for graduation. Deficiencies in any of these areas will

result in further evaluation in attendance, grade point average, portfolio, and

local assessment. Contact the guidance counselor for further information.

Grades 9-12

English 4 units

Social Studies 3 units

Science 4 units

Math 4 units

Health .5 units

Art and Humanities 1 units

Physical Education .5 units

Electives 10 units

Total 27 units

Penn State Program

Students shall have the opportunity to take advanced placement courses at Penn State Fayette Campus. To qualify for advanced placement courses, a student must fall into one (1) of three (3) categories:

  1. A senior with 3.5+ G.P.A. or with 1000+ SAT scores.

  1. A student requesting a course in a subject area in which s/he has excelled (4.0 grade average in grades 9-12).

  1. A student involved in the senior high Gifted/Talented Program.

Participation in the Penn State Program must be approved by the high school principal and by Penn State officials. In addition, participation must not interfere with the student’s regular school schedule or with graduation requirements.

Advanced placement courses cannot be substituted for graduation requirements.

Graduation Project

All students must complete a graduation project in one or more areas of concentrated study under the guidance of the high school in order to graduate from Mapletown Junior-Senior High School.

The purpose of the graduation project, which may include research, writing, or some other appropriate form of demonstration, is to ensure that the student is able to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding.

The graduation project shall be completed according to guidelines established by the high school administration.

College Level Courses

In accordance with the policies and procedures of the Southeastern Greene School District, a student may attend classes in the district and a college or university concurrently or separately. A student who successfully completes an approved college level course shall receive the equivalent high school course unit value as determined by the high school guidance counselor and principal.

The college level course will be counted as part of the student’s high school G.P.A. if a letter grade is assigned to the course by the college.

The requirements for receiving high school graduation credit for college level courses are:

  1. The high school guidance counselor and principal must approve the course prior

to registration.
2. The course must be properly accredited.

3. The cost of the courses must be totally paid by the student and/or his parents/

guardians if the student does not successfully complete the course.

Independent Study
An independent study course may be used to satisfy high school graduation requirements. Students must obtain prior approval for independent study courses from the principal, guidance counselor, and participating teachers. The independent study course must correlate with outcomes of the course set forth in the curriculum and must be submitted to the appropriate faculty member. The respective faculty member and student, with final approval of the principal, will predetermine the course evaluation. Credit for the independent study course will correlate with credit of the course set forth in the curriculum and course unit value.
Role of the Independent Study Teacher
1. Monitor progress of the student program, including completion of assignments

and accuracy of work.

2. Guide student to sources of information.

3. Maintain communication with the curriculum teacher regarding the appropriate

direction for the student in his/her program.

4. Maintain communication with parents on progress of the student.

Role of the Curriculum Teacher
Submit an independent study plan to the student and independent study teacher. This study plan is to detail the following:
1. Goals and outcomes according to class.

2. Type of work and assessment.

3. Completion of program.

4. Assessment of program.

Role of the Student
1. Maintain a log of student progress.

2. Work with the independent study teacher.

3. Work with the curriculum teacher as needed.

4. Complete all work assigned on the specified dated scheduled by curriculum


Diplomas For Eligible Veterans

SC 1611

In order to honor and recognize eligible veterans who left high school prior to graduation to serve in World War II or the Korean War, the Board shall grant a diploma to a veteran who meets the applicable requirements of law and completes the required application.

Upon proper application, the Board may award a diploma posthumously to a veteran who meets the stated requirements.
The Superintendent shall submit to the Board for its approval the names of veterans of World War II and the Korean War who are eligible for a high school diploma.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 1611, 1613
State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 4.13, 4.24, 11.4, 11.5, 11.8, 11.27
Board Policy – 100, 102, 213, 216

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