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Lancaster County

Career &

Technology Center

No. 701





Title 22

Sec. 4.13

Pol. 100

The Joint Operating Committee shall develop and maintain as part of its Strategic Plan, an assessment of its facilities needs. The involvement of the Joint Operating Committee, staff, community, businesses and parents is an important part of this process. Facilities planning is a primary component of strategic planning.

SC 1850.1

The Joint Operating Committee shall periodically conduct surveys to determine the technical needs of the participating school districts in order to expedite facilities planning.

Delegation of Responsibility

The Executive Director shall make periodic reports to the Joint Operating Committee, to members of the Professional Advisory Committee and to members of the General Advisory Committee concerning the enrollment of students in the LCCTC. The enrollment data shall include the number of students enrolled by grade with residence in the participating school districts and tuition students.

In cases where students discontinue enrollment in the LCCTC, the Superintendent of Record or designee of the participating school district shall be promptly notified.

Other information, which relates to enrollment by program and projected openings for future enrollment shall be made periodically and upon request to participating school districts and the Joint Operating Committee.


SC 701, 704, 1850.1

When planning to enlarge or modify its facilities, the Joint Operating Committee shall consider not only the number of students whose technical and educational needs must be met, but also the physical requirements of the programs best suited to meet those needs and all other relevant factors.

The technical school building and site shall provide suitable accommodations to carry out the educational program, including provision for the handicapped/disabled, pursuant to law and regulations.

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