Section: administrative employees

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No. 334


ADOPTED: November 15, 2011




1. Purpose

The sick leave policy for administrative employees shall ensure that eligible employees will receive no less than the minimum sick leave provided under law.

2. Authority

SC 1154

The Board shall provide annual sick leave, which shall be cumulative, in accordance with the terms of the administrative compensation plan or individual contract.

SC 1154

The Board reserves the right to require any administrator claiming sick leave pay to submit sufficient proof, including a physician's certification, of the employee's illness or disability.

SC 1154

The Board shall consider the application of any eligible administrator for an extension of sick leave, pursuant to law where applicable, when the employee's own accumulated sick leave is exhausted.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

The Superintendent shall report to the Board the names of administrators absent for noncompensable cause or whose claim for sick leave pay cannot be justified.

4. Guidelines

Pol. 317

Misuse of sick leave shall be considered a serious infraction subject to disciplinary action.

A sick leave shall commence when the administrator, or agent if the administrator is sufficiently disabled, reports the absence. A sick leave day, once commenced, may be reinstated as a working day only with the approval of the Superintendent or designee.

Sick leave shall be granted for an employee tending illness within the immediate family.

SC 1154

Whatever the claims of disability, no day of absence shall be considered a sick leave day on which the employee has engaged in or prepared for other gainful employment, or has engaged in any activity that would raise doubts regarding the validity of the sick leave request.

Proof Of Disability

SC 1154

An administrator absent on sick leave may be required to submit a physician's written statement certifying his/her disability.

An administrator absent for three (3) or more consecutive school days shall be required to submit a physician's statement.

A physician's statement may not be presumed to conclusively establish the administrator's disability.

Upon the expiration of all currently earned and accumulated sick leave, the Board may grant unpaid leave for the remainder of the school year or to the end of the administrator’s contract period, whichever comes first.


SC 1154

The district's personnel records shall show the attendance of each employee; and the days absent shall be recorded, with the reason for such absence noted.

A record shall be made of the unused sick leave days accumulated by each administrative employee, which shall be made available to the employee in accordance with law.

The Board shall pay a specified amount for each unused sick leave day, up to a designated number of days, upon the retirement of an administrative employee, as provided in the administrative compensation plan or individual contract.

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