Section 641 hydro mulch seeding

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641.01 Description. This section describes application of mulch, seed adapted to site, work includes furnishing and applying hydro mulching, hulled bermuda seed, fertilizer and water using hydraulic equipment in designated mulch areas. according to the contract or ordered by the Engineer. This section work shall also provides instructions for include continuous care and maintenance. according to the contract.
641.02 Materials.
(A) Seed. Seed adapted to site shall be certified to the following properties:shall be hulled bermuda (Cynodon Dactylon) except giant varieties, certified, according to following:
Pure Seed 95% minimum
Crop Seed 1% maximum
Weed 0.5% maximum
Inert Material 5% maximum
Germination 85% minimum

Apply the seeds at the rate of one hundred (100) pounds per acre (minimum) and within twelve (12) months of the date of the certified germination test.

Seed shall comply with Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 4, Subtitle 6, Chapter 67 Seed Rules; shall be certified for compliance by a Hawaii-licensed seed dealer; and shall be purchased from that dealer.
Seed shall be delivered to the project in labeled and sealed containers. Seed and labels shall be subject to testing provisions of the Association of Official Seed Analysts. The Engineer will not accept for use seed that is more than 12 months old from date of certified germination test. Recommendation of seed producer shall be followed in determining quantity of seed to apply per acre.
(B) Fertilizer. The Contractor shall be responsible in determining the proper Proper fertilizer shall be used required in the hydro mulch mix, depending of for the existing soil condition of soil. The Contractor shall provide a Spoil Analysis Report, if requested by the Engineer, and shall use report to determine decide the quantity , analysis and ratio of fertilizer to insure sufficient nutrients for the sustained growth of the grass.
(C) Mulch. Mulch shall be specially processed fiber containing no growth or germination inhibiting components. factors. Recycled mulch material, such as processed newspaper, is allowable if accepted for use by the Engineer. Fibers shall form homogeneous slurry After after addition and agitation in the hydro-mulch seeder hydraulic equipment with seed, fertilizer, water and other additives not detrimental to plant growth. , the fibers will form a homogeneous slurry. When hydraulically sprayed on the soil, the fibers shall form a blotter like ground cover that readily absorbs water and allows infiltration to the underlying soil. In every application, the Contractor shall attain complete coverage of the soil. Apply mulch at minimum rate of one thousand five hundred (1,500) pounds per acre.
(D) Soil and Mulch Tackifier. Tackifier used with mulch shall be hydrocolloidal or organic.
(1) Hydrocolloidal Tackifier. Hydrocolloidal tackifier shall be formulated for use with hydraulically planted grass seed or stolons, alone or in combination with fertilizer, wood fiber mulch, and other accepted additives. Tackifier shall consist of at least three different but complementary hydrocolloids, two of which shall be Glactomannan and Plantago Ovata. Latter component shall have muciloid content of at least 85 percent.
Tackifier shall be applied at rate of 80 pounds per acre, shall be pH stable with fertilizer, and shall hydrate and disperse in mixing tank with water and other materials to form homogeneous slurry. Tackifier shall leave loose, chain-like stabilizing film on surface of soil, allow moisture to percolate into soil during seed germination and seedling growth, and break itself down through microbial action. Tackifier shall not inhibit plant germination or growth.
(2) Organic Tackifier. Organic tackifier shall be, starch-based tackifier formulated for use with conventional mulches. Active ingredient in tackifier shall be 100 percent derived from plant starch.
Dry powder tackifier shall be blended with insolubilizer. After blending and mixing with water, tackifier shall swell, become sticky, and be suitable for use during heavy rain. Tackifier shall be applied at rate of 80 pounds per acre. Emulsion shall cure on surface of soil and become insoluble. Tackifier shall not inhibit plant germination or growth.
641.03 Construction Requirements.
DESIGNERS - Check who furnishes water and pay water (sewer) bill.

Amend project specials accordingly.
(A) Seeding. Apply the seeded mulch within two days after completion of slopes or portion of slope when the exposed face attains becomes height of 15 fifteen (15) feet. in height. Notify the Engineer not less than 24 twenty four (24) hours ahead of hydro mulch seeding operation. Do not hydro mulch until the Engineer inspects and accepts the areas(s) for planting.
The Engineer will inspect slopes to ensure that surface and subsurface water are properly collected and disposed of and areas to be planted are protected from erosion. Upon the Engineer's acceptance for planting, begin hydro mulch seeding of slopes. Acceptance includes inspection of slopes to provide for the collection and disposal of surface and subsurface water and to protect planting areas against unnecessary erosion. Acceptance for planting does not shall not relieve the Contractor of responsibility for repair of slope damage to restore damages to the slope until grassed areas are accepted as described in Subsection 641.03 (D) - Acceptance.the Engineer accepts the planted areas. Following the Engineer's acceptance of the area(s), the Contractor shall begin hydro mulch seeding the accepted slopes promptly.
Place seeded mulch evenly and completely over ground in one application at minimum rate of 1,500 pounds of mulch per acre. Use accepted The hydro mulch seeder with equipment shall mix the necessary ingredients to a uniform mixture and apply the slurry to provide uniform coverage. Apply the seed, mulch, and fertilizer mix in one (1) operation by an accepted hydraulic equipment. The equipment shall have a built in agitation system and with an operating capacity sufficient for to keep the mix in uniform mixing distribution until slurry is pumped out of from the tank. Equip seeder with Distribution distribution and discharge lines shall be large enough to prevent stoppage, and . Equip the distribution and discharge lines with hydraulic discharge spray nozzles that provide a uniform distribution of the slurry.

In areas that are Seed, fertilize, and mulch areas inaccessible to hydro mulching seeder, plant application by accepted hand methods.

When hydro-mulch seeding is done in conjunction with erosion control matting, install erosion control matting to completion and follow with hydro-mulching within 24 hours.
Apply water Water immediately after planting following mulching to moisten the soil and mulch. Continue Watering watering as necessary shall continue to ensure insure proper germination and growth. Water in a way that will prevent erosion, using . Watering equipment shall be of a type that will not cause damage to the planted areas. Replace watering equipment Correct the water systems that cause erosion or runoff.

If there is the slope erosion or movement of erodes or silt, moves, remove displaced the eroded material immediately. Restore areas that are eroded to a depth greater than two (2) inches of original grade or to a width greater than three (3) inches. to the original grade.

(B) Planting Period. Begin A planting period shall begin immediately after seeding the Contractor seeds an area is accepted by the Engineer. If area has mixture of trees, shrubs, and grass, do not start planting period until all trees, shrubs, and grass have been planted. If only grass is planted, During during the planting period, provide 95 ninety five (95) percent coverage with 5-inch five (5) inch tall healthy grass within 90 ninety (90) days. Re-seed areas after 30 days that do not show a thorough "catch" in accordance with according to Subsection 641.03(A)   Seeding until the Engineer determines there is the area meets satisfactory growth. according to the contract.
(C) Plant Establishment. The Contractor requires plant Plant establishment is nine months after for planted areas until final acceptance of nine (9) months from the accepted completion date of the planting period. During this plant establishment period, the Contractor shall water, fertilize, weed, and mow the grassed areas with an accepted equipment when if the average grass reaches average height of 3 becomes three (3) inches. Replace grass the Engineer considers unsuitable, sick, or that are dead. Remove and dispose of trash and debris. Provide insect and disease protection and control.
In addition to fertilizer that is applied during initial hydro-mulch seeding, fertilize plantings at least four times during plant establishment period. Fertilize at rate of not less than 300 pounds per acre per application. Interval between fertilizations shall not be closer than 2-1/2 months. Notify the Engineer 24 hours before applying fertilizer.

The Engineer will credit the Contractor plant establishment days when work is done the Contractor does the planted area in accordance with according to the contract documents and when the Engineer determines that no work is required, regardless of whether even if the Contractor actually performs plant establishment work.does not work daily. The Engineer will not credit the Contractor with plant establishment days when the Engineer determines that work is necessary but the Contractor fails to adequately perform plant establishment work.

The Engineer will not credit the Contractor plant establishment days when the Contractor fails to adequately do plant establishment work according to the contract. Work includes watering, fertilizing, weeding, mowing, replacing unsuitable grass, removing and disposing of trash and debris or insect and disease control and protection.
Besides the fertilizer applied during the initial hydro mulching, apply fertilizer to each planted area at least three (3) times during the plant establishment period. Fertilize at intervals not closer than two and a half (2 1/2) months at a rate of not less than three hundred (300) pounds per acres per application.
(D) Acceptance. The Engineer will base acceptance of the planted areas on 98 providing ninety eight percent (98%) coverage of healthy, well established grass, at least 3 inches tall, at the end of the plant establishment period. No 100 one hundred (100) square foot feet area shall show have more than 2 two (2) square feet of bare earth. spot. Mow the grass before requesting acceptance. except in non mowing areas. The grass shall be at least five (5) inches tall.
641.04 Method of Measurement. The Engineer will measure hydroHydro mulch seeding will be paid on a lump sum the square foot of actual ground surface planted. Measurement for payment will not apply.
641.05 Basis of Payment. The Engineer will pay for the accepted hydro mulch seeding on a contract lump sum the contract unit price per square foot complete in place. Payment will be full compensation for the work prescribed in this section and the contract documents.
The price includes full compensation for watering, fertilizing, seeding, hydro mulching, plant establishment, and furnishing equipment, tools, materials, labors and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
The Engineer will pay for the following pay item when included in the proposal schedule:make payment under:

Pay Item Pay Unit

Hydro Mulch Seeding Square FootLump Sum

The Engineer will allow partial payment of for hydro mulching seeding as follows:at:

(1) 30 Forty five percent (45%) of the contract bid price upon completion of hydro mulching seeding;
(2) 15 Fifteen percent (15%) of the contract bid price in three (3) equal monthly payments for of five percent (5%) for satisfactory performance progress during the planting period;

(3) 48 Thirty two percent (32%) of the contract bid price in eight (8) equal monthly payments of four (4) percent for satisfactory performance progress during the plant establishment period; and

(4) 7 Eight percent (8%) of the contract price upon at final acceptance at the end of the plant establishment period.


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