Section 250 shell base 250-1 Description

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250-1 Description.

Construct a base course composed of shell.

250-2 Materials.

Meet the shell material requirements as specified in Section 913. Where specifically specified in the plans, use coquina shell meeting the requirements of Section 915. Otherwise, the Contractor may use coquina shell at his request, if so approved by the Engineer.

Meet the shell-rock material requirements as specified in Section 913A.
250-3 Equipment.

Provide equipment meeting the requirements of 200-3.

250-4 Transporting Shell.

Transport shell as specified in 200-4.

250-5 Spreading Shell.

250-5.1 Method of Spreading: Spread shell as specified in 200-5.1. During the dumping and spreading operations, thoroughly saturate the shell with water, as required by the Engineer.

250-5.2 Number of Courses: Meet the requirements of 200-5.2.
250-6 Compacting and Finishing Base.

250-6.1 General:

250-6.1.1 Single-Course Base: Construct as specified in 200-6.1.1.

250-6.1.2 Multiple-Course Base: Construct as specified in 200-6.1.2, and the following.

Do not spread more than one day's work of the first course ahead of the spreading of the second course, unless specifically authorized by the Engineer.

250-6.2 Density Requirements: Meet compaction and density requirements as specified in 200-6 for limerock base. The Engineer will revise the method of making density determinations, both laboratory and field, so that the Engineer determines the density on the base material, sampled after the initial compacting, with no elimination of any screened material.

250-6.3 Density Tests: Meet the requirements of 200-6.4.

250-6.4 Correction of Defects: Meet the requirements of 200-6.5.

250-6.5 Widening Strips: Meet the requirements of 200-6.6.
250-7 Testing Surface.

Test the surface in accordance with the requirements of 200-7.

250-8 Priming and Maintaining.

Meet the requirements of 200-8.

250-9 Thickness Requirements.

Meet the requirements of 285-6 and 285-7.

250-10 Method of Measurement.

The quantity to be paid for will be measured as specified for limerock base in 200-11.

250-11 Basis of Payment.

Prices and payments will be full compensation for all work specified in this Section, including furnishing, hauling and placing all materials, except the prime coat, and for correcting all defective surface and deficient thickness.

Payment will be made under:

Item No. 285- 7- Optional Base - per square yard.

Item No. 2285- 7- Optional Base - per square meter.

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