Seclusion; restraint; treatment

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3651336-513.  Seclusion; restraint; treatment

A person undergoing evaluation pursuant to article 4 of this chapter shall not be treated for his mental disorder unless he consents to such treatment, except that seclusion and mechanical or pharmacological restraints may be employed in the case of emergency for the safety of the person or others.  A person undergoing treatment pursuant to article 5 of this chapter shall not be subjected to seclusion or mechanical or pharmacological restraints except in case of emergency for the safety of the person or others or as a part of a written plan for the treatment of the patient, prepared by staff members responsible for his care and pursuant to regulations promulgated by the department.  All instances of seclusion or restraint shall be properly recorded in the patient's medical record and the use shall be governed by written procedures of the agency caring for the patient and are subject to the rules and regulations of the department. 36513

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