Seattle Rose Society Affiliated with the American Rose Society

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Seattle Rose Society

Affiliated with the American Rose Society

Puget Sound Rose Performers
The following is a list of roses that do well in the Puget Sound area. All are good garden varieties, and many are of exhibition quality. Varieties marked with an 'F' have medium fragrance; those marked with 'VF' are very fragrant. A guide to the color codes (x) follows the list. [X.X] indicates the American Rose Society Roses in Review rating.
Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras

Dainty Bess (lp) [8.5] F Melody Parfumee (m) [7.8] VF

Double Delight (rb) [8.3] VF Mister Lincoln (dr) [8.3] VF

Elina (ly) [8.5] Neptune (m) [7.5] VF

Fame! (dp) [8.2] *New Zealand (lp) [7.9] VF

*Firefighter (dr) [7.7] F Olympiad (mr) [8.5]

Fragrant Cloud (or) [8.1] VF Pristine (w) [8.4]

*Gemini (pb) [8.3] Queen Elizabeth (mp) [7.9] F

Honor (w) [7.6] Secret (pb) [7.9] VF

Just Joey (ob) [7.9] VF *Sugar Moon (w) [7.6] VF

*Lasting Love (dr) [7.6] VF Touch of Class (op) [8.7]

Love and Peace (rb) [7.8] Veteran’s Honor (dr) [8.3]

Floribunda Roses

*Betty Boop (rb) [8.0] *Lavaglut (Lava Flow) (dr) [8.6]

Betty Prior (mp) [8.1] *Livin’ Easy (ob) [8.1]

Chihuly (rb) [7.5] Margaret Merril (w) [8.1] VF

Cinco de Mayo (r) [7.8] F *Playboy (rb) [8.5]

Day Breaker (ab) [7.9] *Sexy Rexy (mp) [8.6]

Easy Going (yb) [8.0] Sheila’s Perfume (yb) [8.2] VF

Hannah Gordon (pb) [8.7] Sunsprite (dy) [8.4] VF

Hot Cocoa (r) [7.9] Trumpeter (or) [8.3]

Iceberg (w) [8.5] Tuscan Sun (ab) [7.8]

*Julia Child (my) [8.2] VF
Climbing Roses

Altissimo (mr) [8.5] Fourth of July (rb) [8.2]

America (op) [8.2] VF Jacob’s Robe (yb) [7.4]

*Candy Land (pb) [7.6] F Jeanne Lajoie (mini) (mp) [9.0]

Don Juan (dr) [8.2] F Joseph’s Coat (rb) [7.5]

Dublin Bay (mr) [8.5] Royal Sunset (ab) [8.9] F

Miniature Roses

*Behold (my) [7.7] Luis Desamero (ly) [7.9]

Caliente (dr) [7.3] Minnie Pearl (pb) [8.8]

Child’s Play (pb) [7.9] Rainbow’s End (yb) [8.6]

Gourmet Popcorn (w) [8.6] Rise ‘n Shine (my) [8.3]

Hot Tamale (yb) [8.3] Snow Bride (w) [8.3]

Incognito (m) [8.1] Starina (or) [8.2]

Irresistible (w) [8.8] Sweet Caroline (rb) [7.9]

Jean Kenneally (ab) [8.9] X-Rated (pb) [7.9]
Shrub Roses

Ballerina (mp) [8.6] Rhapsody in Blue (m) [7.6] F

*Blanc Double de Coubert(w) [8.2] F *Robusta (mr) [8.8]

Bonica (mp) [8.4] *Roseraie de l’Hay (dr) [8.7] F

Buff Beauty (ab) [8.2] F Sally Holmes (w) [8.9]

Golden Wings (ly) [8.7] The Fairy (lp) [8.7]

*Knock Out (rb) [8.5] Westerland (ab) [8.3] VF
English Shrub Roses

Abraham Darby (ab) [8.0] L.D. Braithwaite (dr) [7.0] F

Brother Cadfael (mp) [7.9] Lichfield Angel (w) [new]

Crocus Rose (w) [8.2] Mary Rose (mp) [8.3]

Darcey Bussell (rb) [8.2] Pat Austin (ob) [7.7]

Gertrude Jekyll (mp) [7.8] VF Teasing Georgia (yb) [7.7]

Graham Thomas (dy) [8.2] VF The Pilgrim (my) [7.8] F

Heritage (lp) [8.4] VF Winchester Cathedral (w) [7.8]

Old Garden Roses

Baronne Prevost (H Perp.) R (mp) F Louise Odier (Bourbon) R (dp) F

Charles de Mills (Gallica) (m) F Madame Hardy (Damask) (w) F

Comte de Chambord (Port.) R (pb) VF Rosa Mundi (Gallica) (pb) F

Konigin von Danemark (Alba) (mp) VF Rose de Recht (Dam.) R (dp) VF

La Reine Victoria (Bourbon) R (mp) F Tuscany Superb (Gallica) (m) F

R = recurrent * = needs little or no spraying

Color Codes

ab apricot/ apricot blend

m mauve/ mauve blend

or orange red

dp deep pink

mp medium pink

pb pink blend

dr dark red

mr medium red

r russet

dy deep yellow

my medium yellow

rb red blend

lp light pink

ob orange/ orange blend

w white/ white blend

ly light yellow

op orange pink

yb yellow blend

To join the Seattle Rose Society, fill out the form below and mail it with payment for annual dues to:

SRS, c/o Kristine Reese 1525 5th Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119

Make checks payable to : Seattle Rose Society

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