Scientific Name Acacia confusa

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Scientific Name

Acacia confusa

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Acacia confusa, native of Taiwan and the Philippines, is one of the most commonly planted trees in Hong Kong.

During the flowering period, tiny yellow flowers grouped together in spherical yellow heads, look like golden woolen balls hanging on the tree.

Special Features

Apart from the spherical yellow flowers, it is easily recognizable by its crescent-shaped phyllode.

The phyllode is not a genuine leaf but a flattened petiole, which looks like a leaf. It performs the usual functions of the leaf blade including photosynthesis.

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It grows well under all weather conditions and stands up to strong wind. Thus it is an excellent tree for windbreak and plantation.

As it can recover quickly after a hill fire, while its dense canopy can hinder the growth of plants in the understorey, it is often planted as firebreak.

The nitrogen-fixing organisms found in its roots, can improve the soil’s fertility.


Whole Plant




Up to 15 metres


of Leaf



Yat Min Chuen, Shatin


  • Many slender, crooked branches.


  • Greyish brown in colour, surface smooth.

  • Often turned orange or green with the growing of algae on its surface.


  • Simple leaves, alternate, each 6 to 11 cm in length. Without leaf blade, the petiole flattened and performing the usual functions of the blade – a phyllode.

  • The phyllodes, crescent-shaped, smooth, leathery in texture, margin entire, with 3 to 5 parallel veins.

  • The true leaves are pinnate, can only seen as the first one or two leaves formed by the seedlings.


Photo 1:

  • Flowers bisexual, regular, flowering in early summer.

  • Yellow, fragrant, individually very small, grouped together in spherical yellow heads, resembling woolen balls.

Photo 2:

  • A close-up shot of the flowers.


  • A flattened pod, each 4 to 9 cm in length, turns dark brown when dried.

  • Containing 4 to 8 seeds; the young pod and seeds are poisonous.

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