Schmelzkleber m 950 Hot melt adhesive for the direct post-forming method

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Schmelzkleber M 950
Hot melt adhesive for the direct post-forming method


RAKOLL-Schmelzkleber M 950 is a non-filled EVA hot melt adhesive with a relatively low melt viscosity and short open time. RAKOLL-Schmelzkleber M 950 is used for filling the milled joints in the direct postforming process.

Technical data
Basis: Ethylene-vinylacetate

copolymer (EVA)

Viscosity: approx. 3.300 mPa.s

(Brookfield RVT

spindle SC 4-29

at 204 °C.)

Softening point approx. 94 °C using

(ring and ball

based on

ASTM E 28)

Instructions for use

Set up the machine in accordance with the instructions of the machine manufacturer.

Good results will be achieved if the following conditions are observed:
Room and material temperature 18 … 20 °C

Moisture content of material 8 … 10 %

Processing temperature
at the roller 160 … 190 °C


The melting vessels should be cleaned at regular intervals.


RAKOLL-Schmelzkleber M 950 is not subject to marking regulations pursuant to the Dangerous Goods Act in its present version.


Hot melt adhesives emit vapours even when the prescribed working temperatures are observed. These can irritate the respiratory organs. Accordingly, measures should be taken to remove vapours, e.g. by the use of a suitable extraction system.


Store RAKOLL-Schmelzkleber M 950 in a cool and dry place.

Technical stage of development: March 2000

The data in former leaflets which differ from this version are no longer valid.

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