Sand-clay base material

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912-1 General Requirements.

Sand-clay material for use in the construction of Sand-Clay Base shall be a mixture of sand and clay, and shall be free of trash, foreign matter and other deleterious material. It shall not contain lumps or aggregate of such nature or in sufficient quantity to prevent the obtaining of a smooth surface, free from pits and pockets. It shall not contain particles of aggregate which will not pass a 1 inch [25 mm] sieve.

912-2 Composition and Gradation.

The material passing the No. 10 [2 mm] sieve shall meet the following requirements for composition, gradation, etc.:

Percent of material passing No. 10 [2 mm] sieve

Clay (material smaller than 5 μm)

8 to 21

Silt (material from 5 to 50 μm)

0 to 10

Combined clay and silt

8 to 25

912-3 Bearing Value and Plasticity.

912-3.1 Bearing Value: The material shall have a Limerock Bearing Ratio Value of at least 75.

912-3.2 Plasticity: The material shall meet the following requirements for plasticity (based on tests made on the portion passing the No. 40 [425 μm] sieve):

Liquid Limit - Not greater than 25.

Plasticity Index - Not greater than 6.

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