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Spring 2008 Plant List


Abelia grandiflora-Hopley, Mardi Gras

Abeliophyllum-white forsythia

Acer palmatum- LOTS Japanese Maples!

Acer pictum-Painted Maple

Arundo donax-giant variegated reed grass

Aucuba japonica- Limbata, Variegata

Azaleas-deciduous & evergreen—unusual varieties!!!

Berberis thunbergii—dwarf, columnar, variegated

Betula nigra Summer Cascade

Buddleia davidii White Ball – dwarf

BUXUS – LOTS!!! Harland, Grace Hendrick Phillips, Elegantissima, Fastigiata, Jensen, Vardar Valley, Suffruticosa, Sunburst

Callicarpa Alba, Splashy

Callistemon-Woodlander’s Red

Calycanthus Venus, Hartlage Wine-sweetshrub

Camellias japonica & sasanqua - great selection!!!

Caryopteris-gold leaf bluebeard

Cedrus deodara-gold, upright weeping deodar

Cephalotaxus-Fastigiata, Fritz Huber, Prostrata

Cercis canadensis-Forest Pansy, Hearts of Gold, Silver Cloud

Cercis chinensis-Don Egolf, Little Woody  

Chaenomeles japonica-quince-Jet Trail

Chamaecyparis - Saffron Spray,Lemon Thread

Chimonanthus praecox

Chionanthus virginicus

Clerodendrum-harlequin glorybower!

Cleyera japonica-variegated

Cornus bailyei- red & yellow twig

C. florida-Cherokee Sunset

C. kousa-Weaver’s Weeping, Wolf Eye

C. mas-Golden Glory

Corylopsis-Buttercup, Ogon

Corylus-Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick

Cotinus-Golden Spirit, Grace, Royal Purple

Cryptomeria japonica—LOTS!

Cupressus glabra Silver Smoke

Danae racemosa-Poet’s Laurel

Daphne genkwa

Daphne odora

Edgeworthia—a must have for every garden!

Eleutherococcus -variegated aralia

Enkianthus Red Bells

Eurya japonica

Fagus sylvatica-weeping purple beech

Forsythia-variegated, Beatrix Farrand

Fothergilla Beaver Creek

Gardenia Chuck Hayes

Hamamelis-Witch Hazel-Diane, Amethyst, Barmstedt Gold

Hibiscus syriacus

Hydrangea arborescens-Hayes Starburst

H. macrophylla-LOTS!!!

H. paniculata-PeeWee, Unique

H. quercifolia Little Honey-gold foliage!!!

H. serrata-Woodlander

Ilex—Lots of Hollies!!!


Itea virginica Merlot

Juniperus chinensis-Kaizuka, Spartan

Kolkwitzia Dreamcatcher

Leucothoe-Leuprechaun, Lovita

Lorepetalum-Ever Red Sunset (New!)

Magnolia-biondii, grandiflora, macrophylla, soulanginea


Michelia-banana shrub

Nandina-white berries!

Osmanthus several species!!!

Picea abies Pendula

Pieris japonica

Pinus-Lacebark, Long leaf pines

Prunus mume

Punica granatum-Pomegranate!


Sambucus-black, variegated!

Sarcococca confusa


Serissa Kowloon-variegated!


Syringa-Miss Kim, Excel-great lilacs for the South!

Taxus-Geers, Hicksii

Thujas-several varieties

Thujopsis-Elkhorn Cedar-conifer for shade!

Trachycarpus-Hardy Windmill Palm

Vaccinium-dwarf blueberry


Vitex Selena’s Pink

Weigela-Midnight Wine, Ogon

Zelkova-variegated Japanese water elm
You don’t want to miss the rare & unusual…

Collector’s Corner

Abies firma-Momi fir

Albizia julibrissin-weeping mimosa

Buxus microphylla-Kingsville Dwarf

Buxus sempervirens from Elizabeth Lawrence

Wing Haven seedling Camellias!!!

Camellia sinensis Gold Splash-variegated tea

Cedrus deodara Electra

Cercis yunnanensis Celestial Plum-RARE

Chaenomeles Kan Toyo –dwarf quince!

Emmenopterys henryi—very rare tree

Hydrangea arborescens Samantha-rare cultivar

H. serrata Preziosa

Ilex intermedia-Large Leaf Holly

Mahonia eurybracteata

Metasequoia Jack Frost

Morus alba Ito-a plant collector’s plant

Pieris japonica Bisbee’s Dwarf

Pomegranates!!! Wing Haven Seedlings!

Rhododendron austrinum Don’s Variegated deciduous azalea!

Viburnum lantana Wavecrest

Viburnum Opulus Park Harvest

Vitex agnus castus—seedlings of Wing Haven’s Champion!

Ground Covers

Acorus –several cultivars


Ardisia japonica ‘Ito Fukurin’

Arum italicum


Aspidistra elatior ‘Variegata’ & ‘Asahi’


Carex -several cultivars

Disporopsis ‘Shina-no-tsuki’

Disporum sessile ‘Variegata’


Euphorbia –several cultivars

Ferns— Lots! Natives, evergreen, deciduous



Hellebores (Lenten Roses)—lots—orientalis PLUS New hybrids

Heuchera Dolce Series plus old standbys & latest cultivars

Heucherella ‘Strike It Rich Gold’

Hostas!!! (lots, including 2008 Hosta of the Year!) We have small, medium, & large hostas, blue, yellow, all shades of green & variegated!

Iberis sempervirens

Lamium –several cultivars incl. ‘Golden Anniversary’



Liriope muscari ‘Snow Dragon’

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'-- (Creeping Jenny)

Mazus reptans –blue & white

Ophiopogon japonicus (dwarf mondo grass)

Pachysandra ‘Green Sheen’

Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variagatum’

Pulmonaria (Bertram Anderson and others)

Rohdea - sacred lily!

Sarcococca hookeriana ‘humilis’

Saxifraga stolonifera (strawberry geranium)

Sedums: ‘Ogon’, ‘Angelina’, ‘Dragon’s Blood’ & more

Tiarella ‘Stargazer Mercury’


Veronica ‘Goldwell’, ‘Georgia Blue’ (if you’re not growing this one---you should!)

Special Note: If you are working on a landscape plan or will need several of any given cultivar, or if you need flat(s) of groundcovers, call Wing Haven—we’ll make every effort to fill your special order for the sale.


You can be sure that Wing Haven will have a terrific selection of roses at great prices!!!


Belinda’s Dream*

Carefree Beauty*

Caldwell Pink*

Cecile Brunner



Knock Out*

Marchessa Boccella

Old Blush


Rainbow Knock Out*

Rockwell Sesquincentennial

Roemer’s Hip-Happy

Souvenir de la Malmaison


Carefree Sunshine

F J Lindheimer

Graham Thomas

Julia Child



Perle d’Or*



Joseph’s Coat Climber

Lavender Lassie

Mme Alfred Carriere Cl


New Dawn

Old Blush, Climber

Peggy Martin (Katrina Survivor)

Pinkie, Climbing*

Souvenir de la Malmaison, Cl


Zephirine Drouhin

* Earth-Kind roses


Agastache-Firebird, Golden hyssop, Tutti-frutti


Artemesia-Colchester white, French tarragon, Roman wormwood, Silver Brocade

Basil-Great selection!!

Bay Laurel




Chamomile, Roman


Chives-Curly, Onion


Vietnamese cilantro


Dill, fernleaf


Fennel, bronze

Feverfew-Double, Golden

French sorrel


Heliotrope-Blue, White

Herb bowls

Hyssop, anise

Lamb’s ear, Helen von Stein

Lavender-Grosso, Provence, Stoechas

Lemon grass

Lettuce pots


Marigold, Lemon Gem

Mint-Chocolate, Kentucky colonel, Variegated peppermint


Oregano-Compact, ground cover, Golden Onites, Chef’s oregano, Norton’s Gold, Sicilian

Parsley- Curly, Italian, large leaf

Rosemary-Dancing Waters, Salem, Shimmering Stars, Tuscan Blue, Westringia

Sage-Berrgarten, Dwarf, Purple, White bloom


Salvia- Bliss (Burgundy, Red), Honeydew melon, Leucantha, Golden Pineapple

Scented geraniums- Bitter lemon, Citrosa, Crocodile, French Lace, Peacock, Rose, Wildwood

Stevia – natural sweetner!

Sweet marjoram

Sweet woodruff

Tansy, silver

Thyme—Lots!!! Upright & Creeping

Vietnamese onions



Amsonia Blue Ice

Anemone Whirlwind


Aster-Fanny’s, October Skies, Raydon’s

Astilbe-Fanal, Jump n’ Jive, Visions in Red

Baptisia-Screamin’ Yellow, others


Caryopteris Snow Fairy


Clematis recta-shrub clematis-China Purple, Fireworks

Coreopsis-Jethro Tull, Crème Brulee

Dicentra Luxuriant

Echinacea-Yellow Mellow, Kim’s Knee High, Sundown

Eryngium Sea Holly

Erysimum Bowles Mauve

Geranium-Elizabeth Ann, Rozanne

Incarvillea-Hardy Gloxinia-Pink, Snowdrop

Kniphofia-Red Hot Poker

Lychnis-Rose Champion

Muhlenbergia capillaris

Penstemon-Cathedral Rose, Red Rocks

PEONIES—LOTS!!! Festiva Maxima, Bowl of Beauty, Sarah Barnhardt, Paul Wild

Tree Peonies-Hoki, Kinshi, Sabohime- pink, yellow and red/white

Primula vulgaris Clifford Parks

Pulmonaria longifolia

Rudbeckia-Becky Orange, Prairie Sun, Henry Eilers-great for goldfinches!!!

Salvia San Carlos Festival

S. greggi 'Skylight Pink'

S. nemerosa 'Blue Hill', Pink Sensation

Scripus-Fiber Optic Grass


Tanacetum Isla Gold

Stokesia Omega Skyrocket, Purple Parasols

Tricyrtis-Toad Lilies

Veronica 'Aztec Gold'

Viola labradorica


*Allium ‘Ozawa Alba’-Long lived fall bloomer

Amaryllis- Pink, Red & White

*Beschorneria-False Red Agave (Humming Bird attractor!)

Bletilla-Hardy Orchid-Pink &White

Calla Lilies(Zantedeschia)-’Crimson Sunset’

Canna Lilies-’Bengal Tiger’,’Black Knight’,Coral,& ’Panache’

Crinum lily- fragrant late summer

Cucurma- ‘Hidden Cone Ginger’

*Daylilies(Hemerocallis)-many varieties & colors

Elephant ears(Colocasia)-’Mammoth’

Eucomis-’Pineapple Lily’

Ginger Lilies(Hedychium)-Standard fragrant white & Hybrid colors

Irises: Ensatas, Fulvas, Japonicas, Siberians, Tectorums & Versicolor.

Ismene-(Hymenocallis)The Fabulous ‘Catawba Lily or Peruvian Daffodil

Kniphofia(Tritoma)’Torch Lily’Winter Cheer’ (Humming Birds love)

(**WH)Leucojum -’Spring Snowflake’

Lily of the Valley(Convallaria)- the fragrant stripe leaf form

Lilies: Casa Blanca, Citronella, Fata Morgana, Formosa, Stargazer, Tango, Dot Com

Muscari-’Blue Grape Hyacinth’-great with spring daffodils!

Oxalis- various leaf colors-great for pots!

(**WH)’Rain Lilies’ (Zephyranthes) Candida & Rosea(pink & white)

(**WH) Spanish Scilla (Hyacinthoides hispanica)- ‘Wood Hyacinth’ white, pink & blue

‘Star of Bethleham’ (Ornithogulum)

Attract birds and wildlife to your garden! Go Native and give Mother Nature a hand...


Aquilegia Canadensis – Columbine

Allium stellatum – Fall Glade Onion

Amsonia hubrechtii

Ariseama triphyllum–Jack in the Pulpit

Asarum canadense–Wild Ginger

Asclepias tuberosa-Butterfly Weed

Asters–several varieties

Baptisia australis–Wild Indigo

Chimaphila maculata–Pipsissewa

Chrysogonum virginianum- Green and Gold

Cimicifuga racemosa – Black Cohosh

Daucus carota–Queen Anne’s Lace

Dicentra exima–Fringed Bleeding Heart

Dicentra cucularia-Dutchman’s Breeches

Echinacea angustifolium–Narrow Leaf Coneflower

Eupatorium Little Joe & Gateway–Joe Pye Weed

Erythronium americanum – Trout Lily


Iris cristata–Dwarf Crested Iris

Liatris spicata–Blazing Star

Lilium superbum–Turk’s Cap Lily

Lobelia cardinalis–Cardinal Flower

Manfreda virginica–Rattlesnake Master

Mertensia virginica–Va Bluebells

Mitchella repens–Partridge Berry

Monarda didyma–Beebalm

Oenothera fruticosa–Sundrops

Panax quinquefolius-Ginseng

Podophyllum peltatum-Mayapple

Rudbeckia Goldstrum–Black-eyed Susan

Sanguinaria canadensis–Bloodroot

Sisyrinchium angustifolium–Blue-eyed Grass

Spigelia marilandica–Firecracker

Trillium–several varieties

Veronicastrum Lavender Towers – Culver’s Root

Native Shrubs and Trees:

Aesculus – Buckeye–red, white, & bottlebrush

Aronia arbutifolia–Red Chokeberry

Asimina triloba–Paw Paw

Callicarpa americana–Beautyberry

Calycanthus-Carolina Allspice

Franklinia alatamaha

Halesia tretraptera–Carolina silverbell

Hamamelis vernalis–Vernal Witch Hazel

Hydrangea arborescens & quercifolia

Itea virginica ‘Henry’s Garnet’

Kalmia latifolia–Mtn Laurel

Neviusia alabamensis–Alabama Snow Wreath

Oxydendrum arboreum–Sourwood

Physocarpus opulifolius– Ninebark

Rhodendrum calendulaceum – Flame Azalea

R. maximum–evergreen Rosebay

R. periclymenoides–Pinxterbloom

R. prunifolium–Plumleaf Azalea

Rosa palustris–Swamp Rose

Virburnum dentatum–Arrowood Virburnum

Akebia quinata
Bignonia ‘Tangerine Beauty’

Campsis ‘Morning Calm’

Clematis armandii

Clematis–Sweet Autumn

Fatshedera-Bush Ivy

Ficus pumila-Creeping Fig

Shop Week Programs in the Nursery

Any Questions??? Be sure to stop by the Nursery for our Special Programs…

Wednesday through Saturday at 10:30 a.m. during Shop Week.

And there’s no charge, no advance registration.

Spring Planting in Wonderful Containers

Tom Harvey & Brian Caldwell

of Terra Bella Vessels


Drought Resistant Ground Covers

Sherry Hall of the Wing Haven Nursery

Gardening Organically, The wing Haven Way

Jeffrey Drum, Wing Haven’s Garden Curator


Feeding & Attracting Birds to your Backyard

Dia Steiger, Wing Haven’s Executive Director

We look forward to seeing you in the Nursery!
elsemium rankinii-Swamp Jasmine

Hydrangea petiolaris

Jasminum officinalis Frojas


Lonicera x heckrottii–Gold Flame

Lonicera sempervirens–Magnifica

Muehlenbeckia-Wire Vine

Schizophragma 'Moonlight'

Solanum jasminoides – Potato Vine

Trachelospermum–Confederate Jasmine

Annual vines–Morning Glory, Moonvine, and more!!!

Put some ZING in your garden!! Be sure to stop by the Annual Shed to find old-fashioned favorites as well as the newest introductions! Don't miss the concrete leaf sculptures fashioned by Wing Haven Volunteers—sure to bring whimsy to your garden!

Unique Items for THE Home & Garden

Come and enjoy our gift shop---it’s brimming with lots of new treasures!

Colorful Glazed Pots

Bird feeders of all kinds, New this sale!!

Wonderful statuary, pots

Organic fertilizers including Mills Magic Mix and Green Chicken


Our list is never complete…we are still out looking for treasures for your garden!!!
We look forward to seeing you

Tuesday, April 22nd

in the Nursery.
ardening gloves including Foxgloves and Garden Grips

Felco & ARS pruners & loppers

Recyclable bags for shopping

Unique vases

Great gifts for your home and garden!!!

eed help with containers?

Ask a nursery volunteer to assist you in creating a full season of color!

We have lots of wonderful containers in the nursery or feel free to bring your own

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