Russia 100219 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 100219

Basic Political Developments

  • Prime-Tass: Feb 22: Day off for public holiday, working day moved to Saturday, February 27; Feb 23: Fatherland Defender Day, all markets closed

  • Barentsnova: Russia out of work for 4 days - Saturday is the start of four consecutive banking holidays in Russia. Office work will restart on Wednesday.

  • Ynet: Russia urges Iran to be more cooperative with IAEA

  • Prime-Tass: Feb 25–26: Meeting of Russian–Swedish trade and economic cooperation committee

  • Russia Today: Series of blasts rock southern Russia

  • RFE/RL: At Least One Killed, 16 Injured In Ingushetia Blasts

  • Reuters: One killed, 16 injured in Russia's Ingushetia blasts

  • Interfax: 02/19 11:37   28 People Wounded, Two Killed In Nazran Blast – Investigations Committee of Russian Prosecutor's Office

  • Interfax: 28 people injured in explosion in Ingushetia, two died - UPC RF

  • Georgia's parliamentary deputy speaker: Russia docks some warships in Ochamchira

  • Heads of frontier departments of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus support uniform system of protection of external border of Customs Union

  • BarentsObserver: Defence Ministers to discuss Arctic security - Russian Minister of Defence Anatoli Serdjukov arrives in Finland today for a three day visit /Thursday/

  • PTI: India to get Nerpa nuke sub by May' 10

  • IANS: India to order 29 more combat jets for navy - India will order 29 more MiG-29K combat jets for the navy to add to the 16 planes that have already been contracted for, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said Friday.

  • PTI: MiG-29K fighter planes inducted into the Navy

  • Business Standard: Friend turns 'foe' in tank battle simulator deal - Viktor Komardin, the chief of Russian export controller, Rosoboronexport, pointed out that nobody had consulted Russia. Komardin said, “Is this legal? Is this ethical? Is this proper? If India wants a real simulator, it should be asked for from Russia itself. A quality simulator cannot be created without information from the designer on issues like ballistics and fire control computation.”

  • RIA: Cryosat-2 launch delayed due to technical reasons

  • Worldbulletin: Turkey, Russia talk on natural gas price, nuclear plants - Russia's Transneft and Rosneft have made offers to supply a Turkish oil pipeline project, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin said.

  • Focus: Russia says ready to help Turkey build nuclear power plant

  • Focus: Romania to substitute Bulgaria in “South Stream”

  • Focus: Bulgarian, Russian energy ministers to discuss implementation of energy projects

  • Novinite: Tough Talks Ahead for Bulgaria, Russia Energy Ministers in Sofia
    Sofia Echo: Relentless pursuit - Visits by Russian top-level executives to Sofia in mid-February, have not elicited much in the way of actual progress, but were indicative of the tenacity of the Russian companies involved in pursuing the projects. Russia ready to adopt accounting and auditing standards for activity of Islamic financial institutions

  • Angus Reid Global Monitor: Two-in-Five Russians Would Rely on Death Penalty

  • Washington Post: Protests are showing cracks in Kremlin policy

  • Financial Times: Medvedev sacks 18 police to launch anti-corruption drive

  • The Moscow Times: Judd Raises Estemirova Case

  • The Moscow Times: In the Spotlight: Twitter

  • Reuters: U.S. actor Kutcher tells Russia of social web power

  • The Moscow Times: File Sharing Website Shut Down - Prosecutors shut down the web site on Thursday after accusing Russia's most popular BitTorrent tracker of breaching intellectual property rights.

  • The Moscow Times: Lawmakers Say Heads Will Roll for Dismal Olympic Performance

  • WSJ: Slow Olympic Start Stirs Russian Angst - Parliament speaker Boris Gryzlov, a leader of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's United Russia party, said anything less than a fourth-place finish in the final standings "would be a failure for those who are responsible for sports in our country" and could lead to their dismissal, Russia's Ria-Novosti news agency reported.

  • Reuters: Russians angered by poor start to Games

  • RIA: What the Russian papers say

  • Gazeta

  • Iran invites the West to partner in nuclear program, but on its own terms

  • Vedomosti

  • Russia, Israel to ask each other's opinion during arms exports

  • Kommersant

  • Russia should not rush Yanukovych into friendship

  • RBC Daily

  • Russia gaining foothold in the Caucasus

  • Huffington Post: Open Season on Lawyers in Russia

  • Itar-Tass: Politicians split on glorifying Stalin’s WW2 role

  • Reuters: Passions simmer over Moscow plans for Stalin V-Day

  • The Times: Stalin to be celebrated as a war hero for 65th anniversary of Nazi defeat

  • Itar-Tass: Report on bombing St Pete's theater proves false

  • Moscow News: Russia to fingerprint foreigners - Migration rules are getting tighter for foreigners who work in Russia. The new law, effective from 2012, will screen all foreigners for fingerprints who apply for a work permit.

  • Moscow News: The Kremlin’s history lesson - Say what you like about Vladislav Surkov, the Kremlin's modern-day Machiavelli, but his public pronouncements are rarely boring.

  • Spiegel: Can a Russian Oligarch Save the British Press?

  • Russia Today: Russia warms up to climate change legislation

  • The Korea Herald: Korean student in Russia beaten to death

  • The Jamestown Foundation: European Proposal on Tactical Nuclear Weapons Highlights Russian Nuclear Dilemmas
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