Russia 090313 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 090313

Basic Political Developments

  • Kudrin to attend G20 financial meeting

  • Russia opposes minimum fiscal stimulus for G20

  • British Minister Praises Russia's G20 Role

  • Building a Tower of Babel at the G20 Summit - But more likely than not, President Dmitry Medvedev will return from the summit in three weeks with little to show for the G20's anti-crisis efforts.

  • Moscow to host CIS Economic Council meeting

  • Transnistrian, Moldovan leaders to meet in Moscow

  • Pirated Chinese weapons worry Russia

  • Space station's close call with junk: More to come

  • South Ossetia becomes stronghold of KGB and Russia’s intelligence services

  • Senior policemen Amirkhan Tatiev short dead in Ingushetia

  • Land mine explosion in Chechnya kills civilian

  • Police say unauthorized action in Moscow involved 30 people

  • Russian opposition holds 'Day of Dissent'

  • Russian Cops Quiz Anti-Putin Protesters

  • St. Petersburg "dissenters" hand anti-crisis demands to authorities

  • Russian Agency May Monitor Officials’ Finances, Kommersant Says

  • Surprise Pick for Agriculture Minister - President Dmitry Medvedev appointed Yelena Skrynnik, the little-known head of equipment leasing company Rosagroleasing, as agriculture minister Thursday in a surprise decision praised by industry insiders.

  • Nemtsov in Bid to Be Next Mayor of Sochi

  • Litvinenko suspect Lugovoi may run for Sochi mayor

  • Gryzlov's Son Joins United Russia

  • Kremlin loyalist says launched Estonia cyber-attack

  • Nashi Activist Says He Led Estonia Cyberattacks

  • Lessons From the Russia-Georgia Cyberwar

  • Russia’s FSB 2008 report issued; 104 terrorist attacks foiled last year

  • Hotwired Justice - The European Court of Human Rights yesterday delivered a landmark ruling in a case brought by a Russian against the FSB’s handling of an investigation. The court’s finding – that the investigative methods used jeopardized Anatoly Bykov’s right to a fair trial – will have implications for law enforcement agencies beyond Russia. But it is just one of many Russian cases that the Strasbourg court is inundated with.

National Economic Trends

  • Russian monetary base up $728 mln in week to $106.9 bln

  • Ignatyev Against Controls

  • Russian bank balances fall to 381.4 bln rbls

  • Budget Surplus Falls To $3.3Bln

  • February budget slips into deficit

  • Trade Balance Widens In January

  • Trade Surplus Up To $9.4Bln

  • Remittances Fall 26%

  • PPI increases for the first time in five months

  • RBS: Russia update

Business, Energy or Environmental regulations or discussions

  • Novatek, Rosneft, Polymetal May Move: Russia Equity Preview

  • Russia ponders ways to protect private stock investors

  • Central Bank to conduct first 3-mth repo deals on MICEX March 13

  • VTB group loaned 109 bln rubles in Feb

  • Sberbank targets 100% Belpromstroybank control

  • MOSCOW BLOG: Russia stabilises but banks remain the danger - Investors into Russian equities were starting to breath again by the start of March as the fear of a complete meltdown began to recede. The news in general wasn't good, but at least it wasn't appalling either. Russia's economy is stabilising, but the banking sector could still buckle and bring the economy to its knees.

  • State will not purchase metals from producers

  • Putin Offers Miners a Crash Course on Crisis

  • Russian Electric Utilities: Awaiting Key Decisions

  • Enel cuts modernization CAPEX for OGK-5's existing units

  • RusHydro holds conference call - The long-awaited listing of RusHydro's GDRs will be completed in late 2Q09. The bourse was not disclosed. 

  • Alfa Seeks $1Bln in Debt From Deripaska's Firms

  • Alfa to recover $1bn debts from Deripaska empire

  • Rusal Pledged Stakes in Units for Russia Bailout Loan, VEB Says

  • Rusal Pledged Stakes to Russia as Loan Collateral, FT Says

  • Svyaznoy shakes hands with VimpelCom

  • Svyaznoy reportedly has marketing agreement with Vimpelcom

  • Norwegian Stake in Russian Joint Venture Seized

  • Sistema reportedly sells 50% stake in MTT to Synterra

  • Moscow City Government to compensate AFI for infrastructure works on Tverskaya Zastava

Activity in the Oil and Gas sector (including regulatory)

  • Russia to propose oil forum for OPEC members

  • Russia to propose new pricing formula on crude at Moscow conference

  • Russian president says Russia keen on fair, stable oil prices


  • Rosneft plans for development 245-South block in Algeria are approved

  • Rosneft’s O’Brien Says Planning to Start Vankor Output This Year

  • LUKoil, NLMK Reach Lube Deal

  • ONGC looking for Imperial team

  • Novatek Operational Update Leads Us To Lift 4Q08 Ebitda Estimate


  • Gazprom Considers Investing in Japan Power Utilities (Update1)

  • Gazprom to carry out explorations at 4 Uzbek blocks by end-2010

  • GAZPROM: Is it Time to Hit the Reset Button?

  • On meeting of Gazprom’s Central Subsurface Use Commission - The meeting considered the issues of obtaining the rights to use the subsurface resources of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Okhotsk Sea offshore areas.

  • Taqa May Spend up to $4 Billion on Takeovers in 2009 (Correct) - The company also plans to invest 600 million euros ($769 million) with OAO Gazprom, Russia’s natural-gas exporter, in their Bergermeer Dutch gas storage project.

  • Zenit St Petersburg will have to cut their budget by 10 percent this year, according to the club's owner, Russian energy giant Gazprom.
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