Rumyantsev says Russia ready to build nuclear power plant in North Korea 5

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Rumyantsev says Russia ready to build nuclear power plant in North Korea 5

Russian official optimistic about nuclear power cooperation with Japan 5

Russian minister sets out atomic industry strategy for 21st century 6

CEP20021130000112 Moscow RIA-Novosti in Russian 1422 GMT 30 Nov 02 7

Minister Says China Russia's Strategic Nuclear Industry Partner 7

Russia: Highlights from the Nuclear Industry - 19 December 2002 8

Association Established to Restructure and Integrate Minatom Nuclear Fuel Cycle Enterprises 11

CEP20021129000136 Moscow WWW-Text in Russian 28 Nov 02 11

Environmentalists claim Russia's Minatom plans floating nuclear power plant 13

Alfa-Bank's Fridman Interprets Results of Struggle with MDM-Bank Over Konversbank, Minatom Accounts 13

Russian Gas and Power Industries React to Minatom Representative Bulat Nigmatulin's Claim Nuclear To Account for More Generation by 2005 15

Russian Minatom, British Nuclear Fuels plan cooperation 16

Russia: Shubin Interview on Cooperation of Minatom, Regions 17


Web Reference -- Find Report: Minatom's 'Miscellaneous Resources' Page 22


Web Reference -- Find Report: Minatom's 'Information Resources' Page 25


Minatom's TVEL Nuclear Fuel Production Holding Corporation Considers New Economic Strategy 31


Russia's domestic gas market seen as first step in gas industry reform 38

Moscow Daily: Gazprom Head Miller's Telegram Indicates Possible Gas Shortages 38

Miller's Role in Gazprom Seen; No Reform Expected Until Putin's Second Term 41

Gazprom Embezzlement Eyed, Liberalization Seen Likely, Set To Cause Inflation 44

Existing Gazprom Debts Twice as High as 2003 Borrowing Plans, Moscow Daily Says 48

Reference 48

Russian Audit Chamber dismisses reports of Gazprom bankruptcy 49

Russia: Gazprom Document Suggests Bankruptcy 'Approaching Inexorably' 49

Russia: Government to decide on Gazprom investment programme 51

Alfa Group Seen Attempting To Use Press To Drive Wedge Between Gazprom, Itera 51

Russia's Gazprom gas company may sell $8 billion of non-core assets 54

Russia's Gazprom To Increase Investment by 50 Percent in 2003 54

Gazprom plans to raise gas prices in 2003 55

Russia: Gazprom Selling Gas Through Middlemen, Exceeding Price Limits Set By Federal Energy Commission 55

Russia: Gazprom Deputy CEO Ryazanov Comments on Proposed Reform of Gas Market 57

Russia: Appointment of Seleznev's Son as Gazprom Manager Seen as Political 64

Gazprom to spend $5.7 billion on Northern European pipeline 65

Russia: Gazprom cuts Itera gas exports to Ukraine by 65 percent 65

Duma Speaker Says Government Unlikely to Adopt Gazprom Reform at 19 Dec Session 66

Russia: Gazprom's net profit down 55.8% Jan-Sep to R34.224 billion 67

Russia: Gazprom Board Meeting Addresses Problem of Drop in Prices on Russian Gas; Plans North European Pipeline 67

Russian government may buy up Gazprom shares 69

Russia: Gazprom calls for 40 percent increase in domestic gas prices in 2003 70

Russia: Gazprom calls for 40 percent increase in domestic gas prices in 2003 70

Gazprom Deputy CEO Ryazanov on Plans to Develop Electricity Enterprises 71

Russia's Gazprom sets out plans for 2003 72

Liberalization of Russian gas market first step to liberalizing Gazprom market 73

Miller's Role in Gazprom Seen; No Reform Expected Until Putin's Second Term 74


Russia: Gazprom says aiming to increase long-term exports by 20 percent 77


Russia's Gazprom considering 7 percent production cut over pricing issue 78

Russia trade minister: Liberalization of Gazprom share market 'question of time' 78

Russia's Gazprom to liberalize share trade 79

Russia: Consumer Accounting With Gazprom By Non-Monetary Means Increasing 80

Russian Far East Energy Development, Gazprom Promissory Note Market Eyed 81

Russian Article Concludes: 'Putin and Gazprom Still Need' Kuchma 82

Gazprom plans 50 percent rise in gas prices in 2003 to boost investment 83

Russia: Latest Gazprom Projects Seen as Part of Plan To Break It Up 83

'Oligarch' Involvement, Kremlin Interest in Gazprom Breakup Rumored 85

NTV Chief Yordan, Eurofinance President Cited On Gazprom-Media Stock Sale Deal 87

Reference: 87

Gazprom Management Reorganization Viewed 89

Russia's Gazprom Introduces Regulations to Raise Investment Transparency 90

Russia: Gazprom to double capitalization in two-three years 91

Russia: Gazprom needs increasing investments to sustain gas production 92

Russian government not planning to sell Gazprom, UES shares in 2003 93

Yusufov Statement on UK Gas Reform Could Signal Demonopolization of Gazprom 93

Gazprom Meets With Auditors Over Concerns 94

Russia: Gazprom Seeking Money To Repay $7 Billion in Outstanding Loans 95

Russia: Gazprom CEO Miller Outlines Company's Short-Term Plans 97

Russian economy minister comments on forthcoming Gazprom reform 98

Polish Gas Monopoly Privatization May Interest Gazprom 99

Russia: Gazprom Board Member Fedorov on Personnel Changes in Company, Status of CEO Miller 100

Doubling of Gazprom Capitalization 'Founded on Myth' 104

Russia: Gazprom executive says reshuffling in Gazexport due to restructuring 105

Kommersant: Putin, Gazprom CEO 'Probably' Discussed Personnel 106

Reference: 106

Russia: Gazprom chief, US Energy Secretary discuss cooperation 108

Intelligence Online Details Gazprom's 'Robust Performance,' Russia's Oil Strategy 108

Russia: Gazprom's profits to fall in 2002 110

Russian shares drop sharply, Gazprom down over 11 percent 110

Russia: Gazprom CEO Miller Dismisses 'Last' Vyakhirev Team Player Sheremet 111

Russia: Plans to liberalize trade in Gazprom shares submitted for review 112

Russian Deputy Economic Minister Sharonov Cites Ministry Proposals on Gas Market Reform 113

Russia: Fedorov says liberalization remains major problem for Gazprom 114

Russia: Aleksey Miller to remain CEO of Gazprom 115

Russia: Gazprom ready to dispose of all non-core assets 116

Russia: Gazprom seeks larger share for independent gas producers 116

Russia: Gazprom plans to increase gas supplies to Europe 5-10 percent in 2003 117

Gazprom Share Price Up 276% After CEO Miller's First Year, Gas Prices to Rise 118

Russian gas giant Gazprom to adopt new approach to CIS, Baltic markets 119

Russia: Gazprom Head Reports Changes in Company Leadership 119

Implications of Boris Yurlov Appointment as Gazprom?s Head of Finance Viewed 120

Russian Economic Ministry Favors Gazprom Price Increase 121


Russia: Gazprom, US Secretary of Commerce discuss cooperation on gas 123

Russia: Aleksey Miller's First Year as Gazprom Head Assessed 123

Russia: Murder of Gazprom Insurance Executive Petukhov Arouses Speculation 126

Russia: Gazprom announces proven gas reserves worth $40 billion 128

Russia: Gazprom expects long-term transit agreement to be signed with Ukraine 128

Russia: Gazprom Operates at Odds with State Economic Policy 129

Russia's Gazprom prepared to accept gas from independent producers 130

Moscow Daily: Importance of Gazprom Slovak Acquisition 'Hard to Exaggerate' 131

'Political Subtext' Suggested in Tax Police Audit of Gazprom Operations 131

Russia: Gas giant Gazprom facing possible prosecution for massive tax evasion 133

Russian Independent Gas Producers To Pay 20 Percent More For Access To Gazprom Pipeline 133

Scandal Over Capital Diversion From Gazprom Subsidiaries Viewed 135

Russia: Gazprom share values fall as doubts over reform take hold 137

Russia: Gas giant Gazprom anticipating big downturn in profits 138

Gazprom Cadre Purge Gaining Momentum 139

UES 140

Russia: CEO Chubais calls for moratorium on sale of core UES assets 141

UES should be ready to synchronize operations with Western grids by April 2004 142

Russia: Official says uncertainly main factor behind decline in UES capitalization 143

Russia: UES chief welcomes Western strategic investors 143

Russia: Energy Commission approves UES investment program 144

Russian Website: Reforms Postponed Until After Elections 145

Website Views Russian Energy Reform Postponement's Political Aspects 146


Russian Industrial Policy, Industrial Lobbying, Vehicle Industry Blueprint Eyed 149

Postponement of Economic Reforms Until Second Half of 2004 Seen 150

Putin aide upbeat on 2003 Russian budget, criticizes energy sector reform 152

Russian parliament postpones power reform discussion till spring session 153

Special Interests Accused of Delaying Russian Electric Power Reforms 154

World Bank says most difficult reforms still ahead for Russian government 155

Russia: Yabloko leader discusses reforms within energy, housing sectors 156

Russian State Duma Delays Decision on Power Industry Reform 157

Russia: YeES CEO Chubays Comments on Power Industry Reform -- GRAPHICS 158

Russian Duma defies government to pass amended law on electricity tariffs 168

Russia: Duma sets maximum electricity, heat tariffs 169

Russian power grid chief hints at political uncertainty over reform 170

Threat of Postponed Examination of Power Reform Package in Russian Duma Reported 172

Russian power grid chief: Budget loses money over energy reform debate delay 174

Russian power grid shares collapse ahead of Duma electricity board debate 174

Russian RTV 'Vesti-Plus' focuses on reform of energy industry 175

Russian Rail Enterprises May Be Allowed Access to Federal Wholesale Market for Electricity and Generating Capacity (FOREM) 175

Duma postpones consideration of power industry reform bills 177

Russian official views delay in energy reform 177

Russia: Electricity, gas tariffs to go up by 14-20 per cent in 2003 178

Gref Assesses Russia's Growth, Reform Prospects in Interview 178

Russia: Commentary Views Delays in Implementing Gref Reforms 182

Russia: Proposed 2003 Electricity Tariff Increases Detailed 183

Russia Deputy Economic Development Minister Sharonov Eyes Electricity Draft Laws 184

Russia: 'Final Version' of Package of Electricity Reform Laws Viewed 185

Izvestiya: 'Exaggeration' To Claim Russian Tax Reform a Flop 186

Russian Duma Schedules Second Reading of Energy Reform Bills for 18 Dec 188

Russia starts importing electricity from Kazakhstan 189

Putin aide: administrative reform will pass power down to local government 189

Russian financial official: capital flight situation shows 'correctness of reforms' 190

Russian 'Oligarchic Grouping' Seen Rumored Buying Up YeES Shares Ahead of Reform 191

Russia: YeES Deputy Head Speaks of Electricity Sector Problems 193

Plan to reform electricity utility seen causing possible crisis in Russia 197

Russia: Presidential aide criticizes planned power grid reform 197

Commentary on Suggestions For Reform of Russian Electrical Power Industry 198

Russia: Presidential Economic Adviser Illarionov Cites Reasons for Opposing YeES Energy Reform Plan 201

Russia: Commentary Views 'Pseudoliberal' Currency Reform 206

Duma Reading Postponement Could Stall YeES Reform Five Years 209

Kommersant Eyes Illarionov-Dubinin Spat Over Energy Reform at Boston Symposium 210

Putin's Adviser Illarionov Views Electric Power Industry Reform Issues -- Part 1 211

Russia: All Sides 'Reconciled' To Power Industry Reform Delay 216


Rumyantsev says Russia ready to build nuclear power plant in North Korea

CEP20030111000008 Moscow ITAR-TASS in Russian 0705 GMT 11 Jan 03

[FBIS Translated Excerpt]

  Moscow, 11 January: From the technical point of view, Russia could build a nuclear power plant in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Such a nuclear power plant could help to defuse the situation which has developed around North Korea, Russian Atomic Energy Minister Aleksandr Rumyantsev has said in an exclusive interview for the ITAR-TASS news agency.
  He went on to say that Russian experts were capable of constructing nuclear power plants abroad and were already doing it in Iran, China and India.  [passage omitted on earlier reported statements by Rumyantsev.]

[Description of Source: Moscow ITAR-TASS in Russian -- main government information agency]

Russian official optimistic about nuclear power cooperation with Japan

CEP20030111000097 Moscow ITAR-TASS in English 1447 GMT 11 Jan 03

[FBIS Transcribed Text]

 By Veronika Voskoboinikova
  MOSCOW, January 11 (Itar-Tass) -- Russia and Japan will be cooperating in the nuclear power industry, including the creation of an experimental thermonuclear reactor ITER. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's participation in an international conference at the Kurchatov Institute nuclear center in Moscow earlier on Saturday was evidence of Japan's interest in such cooperation, Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko said.
  The Russian-Japanese Action Plan, adopted by Vladimir Putin and Junichiro Koizumi identified guidelines for fundamentally new high-technologies-related cooperation, Khristenko said and allows for laying a legal basis of cooperation in that sphere.
  Power production featured prominently on the agenda of Russian-Japanese summit talks, Khristenko said. Tangible experience has been accumulated in this sphere. He recalled such projects as oil and gas development off the island of Sakhalin - Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2. Investments in these projects have totaled 26 billion dollars, including 8-8.5 billion dollars of Japanese investments. Private Japanese companies have invested about one billion dollars.
  Khristenko said one of the Sakhalin projects had already entered the oil production phase and gas production options within its framework were being discussed. When they achieve the peak capacity, the two projects will yield an annual 35 million tonnes of crude. Transportation opportunities are practically unlimited. The list of likely consumers, alongside Japan, includes China and the United States.
  In the course of the Russian-Japanese summit talks the transportation was discussed of natural resources from East Siberia and the Far East to the Asia Pacific region. Consultations on this theme will continue.
  Khristenko said this applied not only to oil and gas fields in the Far East, but to natural resources in East Siberia as well. Discussions with likely partners, in the first place, Japan and China have been well underway. Khristenko expects the first supplies to the world market may be made in 2005-2006.
  Russia is finalizing its own program for resources development in East Siberia and the Far East that would make it possible to not just evaluate the available resources, but to distribute them among domestic and foreign markets, including those in the Asia-Pacific region. Khristenko sees Japan as one of the key buyers.
  The Russian Deputy Prime Minister pointed to good opportunities for cooperation in high technologies, including telecommunications. The first steps have been taken along these lines already and contracts 130 million dollars worth signed for cooperation in using Russian satellites and the space industry in general.
  Russia and Japan may expand joint programs aboard the international space station, created and run by a group of countries, including the United States, European countries and Canada.
  The just-adopted Russian-Japanese Action Plan contains a major block of issues concerning trading and economic cooperation in such areas as fishing and biological resources protection. Khristenko recalled that seafood remained one of the leading items of Russian export to Japan.
  -0-str/baz 111744 JAN 03

[Description of Source: Moscow ITAR-TASS in English -- main government information agency]

Russian minister sets out atomic industry strategy for 21st century

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