Rules for distribution of power; ratio of distribution; diversion

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48154848-1548.  Rules for distribution of power; ratio of distribution; diversion

A.  Rules and regulations for distribution of power among owners of the lands shall be printed upon adoption in convenient form for distribution in the district.

B.  All power distributed for irrigation, drainage, agricultural, domestic or manufacturing purposes shall be apportioned ratably to each land owner upon the basis which the ratio of the last assessment of the owner for district purposes within the district bears to the whole amount assessed upon the district.

C.  In case the power available in any district is insufficient at any time to supply all the lands of the district entitled thereto, the board of directors shall provide for the distribution of all available power upon certain or alternate days to different localities as the board deems for the best interest of all parties concerned and so that such available power shall be distributed in as nearly equal proportions as possible to all such lands of the district, subject to the laws of priority.

D.  This chapter shall not be construed as authority to any district or district officer to divert power of the district to the injury or damage of any person having a prior right to such power, prior to such time as the injury or damage has been ascertained and paid to the party who may be injured thereby, in proceedings under the laws of this state relative to taking private property for public use. 481548

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