Rule making powers for purposes of classifying and reclassifying contractors

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32110532-1105.  Rule making powers for purposes of classifying and reclassifying contractors

A.  The registrar may adopt rules necessary to effect the classification of contractors in a manner consistent with established usage and procedure as found in the construction business, and may limit the field and scope of operations of a licensed contractor within any of the branches of the contracting business, as described in this chapter, to those divisions thereof in which the contractor is classified and qualified to engage.

B.  The registrar shall establish by rule license classifications for dual licensed contractors.  A contractor classified as a dual licensed contractor may perform equivalent construction work on both commercial and residential projects under a single license.  The registrar shall adopt rules necessary to establish the scope of work that may be done under the dual license classifications.

C.  A licensee may apply for classification and be classified in more than one classification or division thereof after the licensee meets the qualifications prescribed by the registrar for such additional classification or classifications.  A single form of application shall be adopted for all licenses issued by the registrar.

D.  Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit a specialty contractor from taking and executing a contract involving the use of two or more crafts or trades if the performance of the work in the crafts or trades other than those in which the specialty contractor is licensed is incidental and supplemental to the performance of work in the craft for which the specialty contractor is licensed. 321105

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