Room: mcs 214 Instructors: Dr s Danny Arrigo (weeks 1-6)

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Math 1191  Math Software Spring 2006
Meeting times: T 12:15  1:30pm

Room: MCS 214

Instructors: Dr.s Danny Arrigo (weeks 1-6)

Clarence Burg (weeks 7-12)

Weijiu Liu (weeks 13-15)



Office location: MCS 226

Office telephone No.: 450-5655

Office hours: MWF 9:00-9:50 am (or by appointment)




Office: MCS 237

Office Phone: 501-450-5652

Office Hours: MWF 9-10 am, MTTh 2-4 pm, or by appointment.




Office: MCS 235

Tel: 450-5660,

Office hours: 9:00-10:40am every day or by appointment.

1. Introductory Remarks

This is a course in three main computer algebra systems: Maple, Mathematica and Matlab. Here, you will be introduced to each by a”hands on” approach investigating a number of mathematical problems using these systems.

  1. Course Outline


Topics include basic Maple statements, and then some of the packages within maple such as graphing, calculus and linear algebra packages.


Topics include basic methods of operation, functions and simple looping techniques, graphing in 2D and 3D and calculus.


Topics include the Matlab User interface, working with the Matlab variables, Plotting and visualization, M-files and Programming.

No prior knowledge of each is required.
3. Grades

Your grade for this course will be determined by homework and three tests. After each lesson, homework will be assigned and graded. This will count 40% of your final grade. There will be three tests, one after each computer algebra software package and will constitute the remaining 60%.

The following are the in class dates for the tests:

Tests: Feb. 21, Apr. 4 and Apr. 25
There will be no make-up tests.
Grade Grade Scale

Homework: 40% 90% - 100% A

Tests 60% 80% - 89% B

100% 70% - 79% C

60% - 69% D

0% - 59% F

4. Lecture Format

During the 12:15-1:30pm period, we will lecture from 12:15 – 1pm where we will hand out the day’s lesson at the beginning of class and we will proceed through the handout. At the end of the handout, you will find the homework questions. You, the students, will do the assigned questions in class and submit your homework when you are finished. We prefer that the students email their assignment. We will execute their files and then send back to them their grade via email.

5. Attendance

Attendance is highly recommended. If you are absent for approximately 10% without a valid excuse, where appropriate, you will be dropped from the course.

Note: Please familiarize yourself with all policies listed in the Student Handbook. For example, the sexual harassment policy and the various academic policies. The University of Central Arkansas adheres to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need an accommodation under this Act due to a disability, contact the UCA Office of Disability Services at 450-3135.

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