Robert bruce powerpoint activities

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Robert Bruce 1306–1314 PowerPoint activities
Please read the PowerPoint carefully.
Activity 1

  • Choose six key events from the PowerPoint and use them to create a timeline of Bruce’s rebellion.

  • Use the information from the website to provide some details for each event.

  • For each event you have chosen, explain why you believe it is important.

Activity 2
Look at the reasons for Robert Bruce’s success in slides 10 and 11.

  • Choose what you think are the five most important reasons for his success.

  • Rank these reasons in order: 1 = the most important reason to 5 = the least important reason.

Activity 3

  • Imagine you are Robert Bruce. How would you use your success to help recruit more men to your cause?

  • Think about the five reasons you chose in the previous activity.

  • How could you use each of these reasons to persuade those Scots that are still against you to switch sides?

  • Write a letter to one such Scottish noble. Present your case for being king, and use at least two of these reasons to help convince him to join your army.

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