Right to open enrollment period; subscribers; definition

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2084420-844.  Right to open enrollment period; subscribers; definition

A.  With respect to subscribers who are members of a group with more than one carrier, if there is an insolvency of a hospital service corporation, medical service corporation, dental service corporation, optometric service corporation or hospital, medical, dental and optometric service corporation, all other carriers that participated in an open enrollment period shall offer subscribers of the insolvent corporation who are members of that group a thirty day open enrollment period beginning on the date the insolvency is declared.  Each carrier shall offer these subscribers the same coverages and rates that it currently offers to other subscribers in the group without any waiting periods or preexisting conditions, exclusions, limitations or restrictions.  On declaration of insolvency, the corporation shall notify each group contract holder of the insolvency.  Each group contract holder shall notify its remaining carrier or carriers of the insolvency and notify its members of their rights to open enrollment as provided in this section.

B.  Sections 20 1069.01 and 20 1409 apply to all corporations within the scope of section 20 821.

C.  For purposes of this section, "carrier" means an insurer, a health care services organization, a hospital service corporation, a medical service corporation, a dental service corporation, an optometric service corporation or a hospital, medical, dental and optometric service corporation or any combination. 20844

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