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Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C.

RESTRICTED Document ID: PR-1047

May 2007 Filing Key: Business Control

Well Engineering

Well Integrity Maintenance Procedure

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  1. Document Authorisation

Authorised For Issue: May 2007

  1. Revision History

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Revision No.


Author/ Editor

Changes/ Remarks


April 2007

  • Obaid Al Farsi (UWXZ/4)

  • Christian Koepchen (UWH/2),

  • Robin Gardiner (UPT/2)

Alignment of Well Integrity Maintenance Procedures with the Well Failure Model





Initial Issue, post merger of Well Services & Well Engineering.1



TM Services – OTW/1

Initial Issue
  1. Related Business Processes


    Business Process (EPBM V.4.0)


    Design, Drill, Modify, Service and Abandon Well
  2. Related Corporate Management Frame Work (CMF) Documents

The related CMF Documents can be retrieved from the CMF Business Control Portal. Other, non-CMF documents and links to information relevant to Well Engineering can be found on the Well Engineering Documentation Page.


i Document Authorisation 3

ii Revision History 4

iii Related Business Processes 4

iv Related Corporate Management Frame Work (CMF) Documents 4

1 Introduction 7

1.1 Background 7

1.2 Purpose 8

1.3 Scope 8

1.4 Distribution/Target Audience 8

1.5 Review and Improvement 8

1.6 Step-out and Approval 8

2 Procedure Description 9

2.1 Wellhead Integrity Test (WIT) 10

2.2 Subsurface Integrity Test (SIT) 52

2.3 Subsurface Integrity Test (SIT), Maintenance 111

2.4 Preventive Well Maintenance of Wellhead related Surface Equipment 117

2.5 Corrective Well Maintenance 120

2.6 Procedure for acid soaking to clean Tubing hanger BPV thread profile 143

3 Identified Hazards and Threats 144

4 Roles and Responsibilities as referred to in this document 146

5 Appendices 147

5.1 Appendix 1, Forms and Reports 147

5.2 Appendix 2, Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Definitions 147

5.3 Appendix 3, Related Business Control Documents and References 148

5.4 Wellhead Maintenance Guides 150


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Figure ‎2 1, Stem Packing with Check Valve 138

Figure ‎2 2, Low Pressure Grease Fitting 139

Figure ‎2 3, Explosion Drawing of Valve 140

Figure ‎5 4, Valve Drawing Sealant and Body Filler Connections 160


Table ‎1 1, Well Types and Colour Coding 7

Table ‎2 2, SCSSSV Control line pressure Limits in kPa 13

Table ‎2 3, SCSSSV Control line pressure Limits in kPa 21

Table ‎2 4, Test Pressures for Annuli Tests 53

Table ‎2 5, FLS Gate Valve, Description of Parts 139

Table ‎4 6, Roles and Responsibilities 146

Table ‎5 7, Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Definitions 147

Table ‎5 8, Related Business Control Documents and References 148



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