Республика Адыгея, Красногвардейский район

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Адрес: 385326, Республика Адыгея, Красногвардейский район,

а. Уляп, ул. Шоссейная 9.

Тел. моб. (МТС): +7 918 4203084, +7 918 1202727.

Факс: +7 87778 57194.

E-mail: zabinas@mail.ru, adigsol@yandex.ru, adigsol@mail.ru

Веб-сайт: AdygSalt.ru

Skype zabinassalt.

Business Proposal

Dear Manager, we invite you to consider our offer. Our company produces three types of Adygei salt adzhika Ulyapskuyu and number of products adygskih cuisine. Ashrai, Schalyam, Paste, hominy, Schips, Kube, all prepared on the basis of maize. Adygei salt. Packing: in n \ packages of 450 g, put in a cardboard box type boxing show 20 pcs. On one flight, is located 112 boxes of 2240 packets, one tone in n \ packages of 100 grams. The package of 75 pieces. On the flight will be stirred 112 boxes, 8400 pieces, 840 kg. Basically 100g packet is sent as probes. With the first batch sent without payment up to 1000 pieces, PET jars with lid dispenser for 450 g, packed in polyethylene film on thermo - shrink machine 10 pieces, placed on a flight of 80 packages of 800 pieces, 360 kg in polypropylene bags 25 50 kg, for sending production workers. Adjika Ulyapskaya. Packing: in n \ n packets of 100 grams. Packed in n \ e packs of 20 pieces and cartons show box 30 pieces. Located on the flight 100 n \ e packages of 200 kg and 285 kg of 95 boxes., In bags of 5 kg or more, for the producers. Prices for the products listed in the price list.

Since 2006, participating in the highest rated food exhibition of Russia - "PRODEXPO" in Moscow. In our piggy bank for six gold medals and Grand Prix Cup - with the "Best Product of the Year". With the success of participating at the fair "Green Week" in Berlin. Successfully working with JSC "Tander" and other regional networks. The main market for the North Caucasus region. Begin to explore the region; Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Supply to Ukraine, Belarus, We are negotiating with Germany, Turkey and through partners Blagoveshchensk with China. The first deliveries of a new region, accompanied by promotional calendars type house annotations to the product in the form of colorful leaflets, bags - Mike.

We provide ready-made audio video for distribution in the region. The first supply of 20 tons, the partner will send up to 1,000 bags - samplers weighing 100 grams. Probe 100 gr. enough to cook any dish and see how it becomes tastier. This is the main factor in negotiations with potential partners. Prepared at our plant salt, ship, in bags in St. Petersburg. There it is packed in plastic jars for 200g. This is good practice. Packaged in bags of 25 kg, 50 kg., Shipping companies for the production of meat and fish semi-finished products, catering, resorts, grill shops, dumplings, sausage shops, Barbecue.

The application, in their technology of our salt instead of regular salt, dramatically improves the taste of the product, which is reflected in the growth in sales volumes. The proportion of salt in the cost of these products is not significant. The use of our salt does not affect the final price of the product. Shipment of the North Caucasus region, without prescribing the minimum lot. In other regions of Russia and CIS countries by rail containers 20 tons, 20 tons of vehicles or transport companies are not limited to the minimum lot. Can be ordered through the online store. Discounts are given to the first partner in the region with the volume of the order of at least 20 tons. When forming a partner in Moscow prefabricated container min. Party 2.5-3 tones. Our company has been working since 2001. With tens of kilograms, with sales to date reached 150 - 170 tons per month. We offer cooperation for business, bored sitting on the promoted products at risk of walking stride. self-liquidity, prospects of our product and are willing to invest in marketing. From our side we are ready to finance all marketing efforts partner for dynamic product promotion in the region. The product is patented and it makes no sense to forge a more advantageous to take our salt in bags, packaged in a container, under its details, trademark and marketing. Have experience with customs. Customs code of our products 2103909009.


1. Work with the retail chain. When entering a new region must find the shortest way to the mouth of the consumer. We do this at fairs across the chefs, cafes, restaurants, shops grill, barbecue, ravioli, etc. At the fair we give to sample dishes prepared with our salt (fat dry salting, smoking, beef, pork, potatoes, pickles, pickles, mushrooms, salads, etc.). With adzhika white sauce Apaschyps. Products cut into cubes to see see, put in a plastic tanker that could skewers or toothpicks and try to take the product itself, or dipping it in a white sauce. As the ancient Eastern wisdom - "While the paste has not visited in the mouth, do not know her taste." Experience of our product indicates who tried to cook this dish any salt, as a rule, no longer refers to the common salt. Tried to any dish visitor immediately feels taste. He certainly gets and salt and adjika, adding to the flock of our products. It often happens that the next day returned, along with a neighbor, co-worker, relative, to buy more. They become customers of our online store. There are cases when the order comes from the whole team, where he works the consumer, to learn about our product at the show. We are convinced that this form of advertising, word of mouth is the most effective and less costly. My partners develop these and only these marketing efforts. a. Employee company provided vehicle type pie, a folding table, a trading desk with baskets, banner measuring 60 by 50 cm mounted on the trading desk. And, of course, the range of dishes prepared with our salt packed into tankers. Shifting work in crowded places. This city, district fair weekend, the market near the stadium before a football or hockey match at the exhibition gardeners, medical equipment, etc. events. Work under this scheme agree with their private owners of machines and equipment. Especially the students. Pulling organized on the territory of the wholesaler, who agreed to work with you. Head. stores are invited to try our products are made with salt, available probes. This reduces the time for deliberation, to acquire our product or not. b. Renting a place in the market for three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), the days of high consumer demand. It is desirable next to rows of meat or stalls selling spices and seasonings. c. Turn on taxi drivers. The taxi driver is in contact with the client at least 10 min. This is enough time to talk about the product and be able to sell the bag and more. The very pleasant aroma of salt in the car taxi driver makes the customer is interested. Persuaded to buy the product is not difficult. There had income from the counter and add. revenue from our products. Once, the product will be on the shelves of several stores or network of the city, it is necessary to distribute 100 grams probes into places where women. This; schools, kindergartens, hospitals, offices, companies, the tax office, pension funds, banks, etc. enterprises. Basically, a woman goes shopping, she knows a lot about food, it's her mom wants to hear (native, grandmother, sister ...), how delicious you are prepared today. No makeup, no hair, no coat, and it was a delicious dish - the way to a man's heart. Look for women's lips. As a rule, the woman prepared with our salt any dish immediately buy it in the store, and if it's not there already store manager will take the product optovke, because the buyer asked him. They powerful generator of "word of mouth". The product begins to be palpable at the hearing and taste in the city, and networks easier to negotiate. Partner (shifting, taxi driver, etc.) receives products at wholesale prices and sell at the shop. Margin of 4-5 rubles. pays expenses. If shifting will appear regularly on your point, then sales will grow rapidly from the third, fourth visit to his point. As a general rule, then, butchers stall or offer to sell our products ourselves. There is interest from wholesalers and shops. Work advancing now in the wholesale supply of them. Having accumulated a lot of partners in our products, you pass them wholesaler working with delivery, which keeps them and Serviced. Pulling continues to work in another market, in another part of town or area. These techniques can be called the method of entering the market "on the sly". Through the markets, shops, stalls, small networks, wholesalers, we are accumulating flock their products. The proposed path is more reliable. It gives you a liquid ally in his Majesty's buyer who is your trump card in negotiations with the networks. You can leave (decrease) from rabid admissions, reduce deferred payment, etc. Those who are the first in the region take us 20 tons, we are selling at prices by 7-10% lower than those indicated on our website and delegate authority to the dealer under the contract. The status of the dealer is still a bargaining chip in negotiations with the networks. Network without it do not get these products. At present, half of the shipments we carry through the network, the other half through distribution centers. The formation of consumers served by this segment of the market in any region is huge. Therefore do not agree with our partners, to underestimate them and claiming that get on the shelves of large networks is the only way in the promotion of the product. In our practice, there are instances when your partner a lot of money paying for the entrance to the steep network and gets a place on the counter. However, the products are not sold, and the products have to leave the counter. The product is not palpable in the region by His Majesty the consumer nor the ear nor taste. We are not against the mechanism of entering the market through a large network, provided that the partner should, in the wake of the emergence of networks on the counter of our products hold a powerful advertising campaign in the media that will again cost no small money. Of course, such a powerful investment of resources dramatically reduces the payback period on investment of time and promotion products. From our side we certainly with finance and marketing efforts on the basis that the purchase of 20 tons of the product is unknown market risk and their capabilities in each agreed with the partner marketing move. We start from the consideration that if from the very beginning, the products will rapidly move in the region is beneficial to us and the partner.

We prefer to have a partner in the region, from which our products will get the rest.

Obtaining the status of the dealer basically depends on factors.

a. Partner, must not make a big gap between the input price and selling price. Prices must be differentiated depending on the volume of orders, wholesaler or chain stores. Any other entrepreneur, visiting our site will calculate how much more profitable to work with me or with my partner in the region. Due to the win in 50 kopecks. or ruble is unlikely that he wants to invest money in the purchase of 20 tons and prices online. All who take an interest in our products and will go out on me, I will refocus on its partner in the region and to inform him of his position. Partner must find common language with him, that they have agreed on the spot.

b. If your partner is using competent marketing policy, will dynamically promote products and time to locate products on the shelves of many shops, the other did not make sense to deal with me.

c. Possible to deliver the network. Pragmatically supply through entrepreneurs already working with networks. They take some of their positions and enter our products. Positions that he takes, can supply and other suppliers, and our products can supply only one. This is his interest. Having to pay for entry to the network disappears. In the observation of all this, we guarantee the partner that within months ___ We do not ship our products in this region. At the end of this period or extend the contract or terminated. d. is considering to enter into a lease agreement and the partner receives the right to pack a patented product, its packaging, under its details and trademark to enter the market.

2. Work with production. It is necessary to convince the head of the company (technology) and persuade apply our salt instead of regular salt in enterprises; for the production of meat products of any kind of fish, smoked bacon, dry salting, catering, dumplings, barbecue shops, the production company; crackers, chips, cheese (suluguni, cheese, chechil), salty canned vegetables, mushrooms, red and black caviar, etc. Our salt is more expensive than usual. However, the leaves need to purchase a simple salt, herbs and spices, any additives improve the taste, headaches technologist in their correct dosing. Dose application of our salt for 12-15% less than common salt. The share of salt in the cost of the product is negligible. For example. Grate a whole chicken for grilling must be 40 - 60 degrees. salt. What is the increase in the cost of salt per 1 ruble, at a cost of more than 200 chicken rub. And most importantly, improving the taste of dishes - the main factor in the way of expanding flock of their products and services. All this should convince the CEO to work with you. If failed, the first time back again after some time. Not all businesses are adventurous and easy going, but they are there and they need to find. If you agree to work with you at least one person (the butcher, pelmenschik, cheese-maker, etc.) will be pulled and the rest.

3. Marketing. There are audio channels, which awarded prizes to those who guesses what that matters. There are various sites on the Internet. Find sites that are more likely to visit a woman. Install and there prizes for the best children's picture, drawing, etc. otgadku Declare the awarding of prizes, a set of our products. Awarding the prize to do in those stores and shops of those networks, which houses our product. This would encourage sites to work with us, as will increase attendance and other commercial enterprises. If you are logged on the shelves networking practices at or near their area to organize the distribution of probes or tasting samples of products made with our salt and adzhika. This action moves from shop to shop. Not necessarily involve costly promoter company. Your employees, students, your children will cope with this to great effect. Offer accumulated lexicon, momentum. Adygei salt intended for any type of food instead of regular salt. Use our salt as common salt, and any dish will taste better. Separately applied seasonings and spices do not have the ability to penetrate into the depth of the product being prepared, how has salt. They are impregnated with a crust, give flavor. In our salt crystals enriched with the beneficial properties of herbs and spices on the shoulders of salt penetrate deep into the body of the product, making it tasty and healthy. Bread, salt, water products without which a healthy person can not do a single day. Much or little of his consumption is another matter. Consuming our salt you consume daily a lot of vitamins. Our salt salt fewer. The human body needs salinity and texture of salt it is the cause of salt deposits, education hypertension and other diseases. Pleasant aroma of our salt stimulates the appetite, hence, the body digests food more efficiently, and excreted from the body. We found the optimal combination of seasonings, spices makes a delicious meal with a delicious aroma. Purchased separately the components that make our products more expensive. Successful promotion of products, if build up and equip a separate command from among its employees. Thus you will reduce terms of return on investment. All these marketing efforts are turned out and used me and my partners. Hopefully, they will become the starting point for your efforts to promote the products on the market in your area, enriched by new methods.
Sincerely, Aslan Huazhev.

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