Resettlement Administration

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By the end of 1935 experts estimated that 850,million tons of topsoil had been blown off the Southern Plains during the course of the year. Mass migration...over 2.5 million by the end of the Depression...
In May 1, 1935 as part of the second phase of the New Deal. Dr. Rexford Guy Tugwell, the Under-Secretary of Agriculture, was appointed as its administrator. The goal of the Resettlement Administration was the relocation of impoverished farm families and poor city families.
It also focused on the prevention of unprofitable farming techniques and improper land use, as well as the preservation of natural resources
1936 Plow that Broke the Plains

February 1936

Los Angeles Police Chief James E. Davis sends 125 policemen to patrol the borders of Arizona and Oregon to keep "undesirables" out. As a result, the American Civil Liberties Union sues the city.
The films produced under the auspices of the Resettlement Administration represent the only peacetime production by the United States Government of films intended for commercial release and public viewing ever.

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