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R1 Supplement 326 – March 1988 1321 -REPORT 1321 -RESEARCH WORK UNIT CONTACTS. The Regional Foresters (R-1 and R-4), after consultation with the

Station Director, shall appoint specialists to act as Key Contacts with INT Research Work Units. In addition to the duties listed in FSM 1321, the Key Contacts shall:

  1. Serve as primary contacts between Regions and Research Work Units in a liaison capacity.

  2. Coordinate technology transfer needs, applications, and opportunities with appropriate Project Leader(s) and with the "other" Region's Key Contact.

  3. Submit an annual report to the Regional Research Coordinator (due on September 1), which summarizes activities, provides narratives (case histories) of research transferred, discusses opportunities for technology transfer as a feedback mechanism, and highlights any problems encountered in the application of research results.

The Region's Research Coordinators have responsibility for general guidance and leadership to assure effective functioning of the key contact assignments as given in Exhibit 1.

Exhibit 1



J. Hamilton







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1322 -FIELD COORDINATION. The following steps shall be taken by Region 1, Region 4, and Intermountain Station to help maintain effective Region-Station communications concerning research needs and research program status. Region 4 and INT each have a concurrent supplement.

  1. The Regional Foresters (R-1 and R-4) and Station Director (INT) shall meet annually (with a January target date) concerning matters of broad mutual interest and concern. The Deputy Station Director (INT) is responsible for meeting arrangements and developing the agenda.

  2. Research Coordinators will meet annually (with a September target date) to discuss current coordination progress and to identify specific coordination improvement needs. The joint (R-1/R-4/INT) annual Technology Transfer Report will be prepared at this meeting also. The Research Coordinators are the Deputy Regional Forester in R-1, the Deputy Regional Forester for Resources in R-4, and the Deputy Station Director, INT.

  3. Assistant Station Directors and Regional Staff Directors shall maintain close working relations. Contacts shall include but not be limited to Station participation in Regional meetings/workshops and Regional participation in Research Work Unit description development and reviews. Discussions shall include the Region's research needs and the Station's research program and priorities.

  4. Station research personnel and Regional program managers and technical personnel shall maintain close working relations with appropriate counterpart personnel. Means of accomplishment include:

a. Active participation in Key Contact functions (FSM 1321).

b. Reciprocal participation in appropriate Region and Station training sessions.

c. Taking advantage of opportunities to keep informed of research in progress and to gain understanding of resource management problems.

  1. The Regions and Station shall arrange for reciprocal participation in management reviews and service trips.

  2. The Regions and Station shall jointly review research problem selections and problem analyses.

  3. The Station and Regions may form ad hoc committees for review and coordination of specific fields of research when appropriate.

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