Research Scholars in nai research Room during June 2010

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Research Scholars in NAI Research Room during June 2010

Name University Topic of research e-mail id

Ms Fatema H Siddiqui Jamia Millia Islamia Post Partition Experience of Muslims of W.Bengal

Sh Sumit Mitra Independent Biography of Dwarkanath Tagore

Ms Tina Virmani York Univesity Reservations: Caste and Relegious Minorities

Mr Thomas Acker Gresham College Richard Tottenham's Correspondence with Gandhi and

cultural leaders

Ms Andrea G Wright Aligarh Muslim University Migration & Trade between India and the Middle East

Ms Lindsay Bacurin USIEF Gandhinagar City

Dr Inderpal Grewal Yale University Gender and Governance in Post Independent India

Dr Manu Bhagwan Hunter College Constitutional Development manu.bhagvan@hunter.cun

Ms Aditi Gupta School of Planning & Colonial Architecture in Simla

Sh D.P.Yadav Dte of Postal Insurance Postal Life Insurance

Dr S.V.Jani Independent History of Saurashtra 1945-65

Ms Seema Malik Independent Social Reformers of Haryana

Sh Gajendra Kumar Sahu Independent Migration to Trinidad

Ms Namita Singh Delhi University Colonial Knowledge

Sh Vikas Gupta Delhi Unversity Colonial Education

Sh Narendra Shukla Lucknow University Proscribed literature during colonial period

Sh A.K.Bhatnagar Government of Delhi Land records pertaining to Churches and burial grounds

Sh Aamir Ali Reshi CII Geographical Indicators

Sh Ujjwal Chatterjee Sagit Entertainment Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore

Ms Prakrati Bhargava Jawaharlal Nehru University History of Education

Ms Ishita Pande Queen's University Modern India- Gender,Law & Marriage 1870-1950

Sh Mukesh Kumar Lucknow University Rashtriya Cadet Corps

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Name University Topic of research e-mail id

Sh Mithilesh Kr Jha Delhi University Language Politics and the construction of dialects: A case

study of Maithili

Ms Divya Cherian Columbia University Caste and Tribe in 18th century

Ms Priyanka Mathew Jawaharlal Nehru University Role of Radio in the Freedom Movement

Major Surender Singh United Service Institution of IndiaPart time forces in India and their evolution majorsurendersingh@yaho

Ms Bhavneet Kaur Individual Mediated Muslim Identity

Sh Jaswant Singh Independent 1857 and Rao Tula Ram

Sh S. Purushotham Cambridge University Nationalist Politics in India especially peasantry and the

Princely States

Ms Devyani Gupta Delhi University Postal System in Colonial India

Dr Srimanjari Personal Mangalore/ South KanaraDistt.

h R.L.Kain Personal Natiohal Flag, National Emblem and National Seal

Ms Nonica Datt Nehru Memorial Museum and Making of Ambala Cantt

Ms Medha Saxena Jawaharlal Nehru University Communication in British India and Post Independence India

Sh Raghav Kishore School of Oriental & African Urban spaces and conservation in Delhi 1803-57

Sqdn Ldr R.T.S.Chhina United Service Institution of Colonial Military History

Dr Parimala V Rao awaharlal Nehru University Education in 19th 20th Century

Riyad S Koya Cailifornia University ndentured Lbour and Marriage Law

Dr Amrit Kaur Basra Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan Colonial Punjab 1849-1947

Ms Savita Chaudhary University of Rajasthan Role of Gandhian Philosophy in the Socio-Economic

Development of women of Rajasthan

Ms Akanksha N.Singh Delhi University Labour Control in India 1780-1830 akankshasingh.delhi@gmail


Ms Hardeep Kaur Punjab University History of Punjabi Diaspora

Sh Satish Kumar Brickwork India Ltd. Anglo-Indians and Eurasians

Ms Shilpi Rajpal University of Delhi Madess and Delinquency in Colonial North India 1850-1947

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Name University Topic of research e-mail id

Dr C.S.Sundaram Centre for Armed Forces Imperial Cadet Corps 1900-1914

Sh Gagan Preet Singh awaharlal Nehru University Colonial Police History 1857-1947

Ms Sabina Kazmi University of Delhi Delhi College

Ms Nida Arshi University of Delhi Delhi College 180-50

Dr Amrita Tulika St Stephens College Tribes in Western India

Sh Debashish Sengupta Rishi Bankim Chandra College Role of British Administrator in Partition of India

Smt Sudharani Sarma Independent Delhi 1885-1940

Dr Jyoti Chandra Independent History of Ambala

Mr Peter Samuels Stanford University Land Acquisiton

Sh S.C.Saxena Independent Economy of Ladakh

Ms Aditi Gupta School of Planning Colonial Architecture of Simla

Sh F.Rahman Independent First Afghan War

Ms Suparna Sengupta Delhi Univesity Looking beyond the Bhadralok Bengal

Dr Rajesh Kumar ndian Council of Historical Dictionary of Martyrs

Sh Razzak Khan Delhi Univesity rincely States, Politics in Rampur, Rohilkhand a

Mr Amin Venjara Princeton University Colonial Period Legal Reforms and Late Mughal Legal Practice

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