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REFERENCE No.: 1220-30-06-08

V: September 8, 2008

1.1 Purpose 01

1.2 Definitions 01

2.1 Closing Time and Address for Proposal Delivery 01

2.2 Information Meeting 02

2.3 Number of Copies 02

2.4 Late Proposals 02

2.5 Amendments to Proposals 02

2.6 Inquiries 02

2.7 Addenda 03

2.8 Examination of Contract Documents and Site 03

2.9 Opening of Proposals 03

2.10 Status Inquiries 03

3.1 Package 03

3.2 Form of Proposal 03

3.3 Signature 04


4.1 Evaluation Team 04

4.2 Evaluation Criteria 04

4.3 Discrepancies in Proponent’s Financial Proposal 05

4.4 Litigation 05

4.5 Additional Information 05

4.6 Interviews 05

4.7 Negotiation of Agreement and Award 05


5.1 No City Obligation 06

5.2 Proponent’s Expenses 06

5.3 No Contract 06

5.4 Conflict of Interest 06

5.5 Solicitation of Council Members and City Staff 06

5.6 Confidentiality 06


Schedule - A-1 – Facilities 18

Schedule - A-2 – Facility Patronage (Visitor Attendance) 26

Schedule - A-3 – Sales Statistics 28



Schedule C-1 - Statement of Departures 49

Schedule C-2 - Proponent’s Experience, Reputation and Resources 50

Schedule C-3 - Proponent’s Technical Proposal (Services) 51

Schedule C-4 - Proponent’s Financial Proposal 53


1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Request For Proposals [the “RFP”] is to select a service provider (or service providers) for the supply of the goods (if any) and services described in Schedule “A” (the “Goods and Services”).

1.2 Definitions

In this RFP the following definitions shall apply:

“City” means the City of Surrey;

“City Representative” has the meaning set out in section 2.6;

“City Website” means;

“Closing Time” has the meaning set out in section 2.1;

“Contract” means a formal written contract between the City and a Preferred Proponent to undertake the Services, the preferred form of which is attached as Schedule B;

“Evaluation Team” means the team appointed by the City;

"Goods" means the equipment or materials (if any) as described generally in Schedule A; and

"G.S.T." means any Goods and Services Tax payable in connection with the goods and services pursuant to the Excise Tax Act of Canada and shall also include any sales, value added or like taxes as well as any capital tax adopted by any lawful authority in addition to or in substitution for the Goods and Services Tax;

“Preferred Proponent(s)” means the Proponent(s) selected by the Evaluation Team to enter into negotiations for an Agreement;

“Proponent” means an entity that submits a Proposal;

“Proposal” means a Proposal submitted in response to this RFP;

“RFP” means this Request For Proposals;

“Services” means the services as described generally in Schedule “A”, including anything and everything required to be done for the fulfilment and completion of this agreement; and,

“Statement of Departures” means Schedule “C-1” to the Form of Proposal attached as Schedule “C”.


2.1 Closing Time and Address For Proposal Delivery

Proposals must be received by the office of:

Violet McGregor, CMA, C.P.P.

Manager, Purchasing & Payments
Address: 6645 – 148th Street

Surrey, BC V3S 3C7

on or before the following date and time (the “Closing Time”):

Time: 3:00, pm local time

Date: Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Submissions by fax [or email] will not be accepted.

2.2 Information Meeting

An information meeting may be hosted by the City Representative to discuss the City’s requirements under this RFP (the “Information Meeting”). While attendance is at the discretion of Proponents, Proponents who do not attend will be deemed to have attended the Information Meeting and to have received all of the information given at the Information Meeting. At the time of issuance of this RFP a meeting has not been scheduled.

2.3 Number of Copies

Proponents should submit the original plus three (3) copies (four in total) of their Proposals.

2.4 Late Proposals

Proposals received after the Closing Time will not be accepted or considered. Delays caused by any delivery, courier or mail service(s) will not be grounds for an extension of the Closing Time.

2.5 Amendments to Proposals

Proposals may be revised by written amendment, delivered to the location set out above, at any time before the Closing Time but not after. An amendment must be signed by an authorized signatory of the Proponent in the same manner as provided by section . Fax amendments are permitted, but such fax may show only the change to the proposal price(s) and in no event disclose the actual proposal price(s). A Proponent bears all risk that the City’s fax equipment functions properly so as to facilitate timely delivery of any fax amendment.

2.6 Inquiries

All inquiries related to this RFP should be directed in writing to the person named below (the “City Representative”). Information obtained from any person or source other than the City Representative may not be relied upon.

Violet McGregor, CMA, C.P.P.

Manager, Purchasing & Payments

at Address: 6645 – 148 Street

Surrey, BC V3S 3C7
Fax: 604-599-0956

Phone: 604-590-7274

Inquiries should be made no later than 7 days before Closing Time. The City reserves the right not to respond to inquiries made within 7 days of the Closing Time. Inquiries and responses will be recorded and may be distributed to all Proponents at the discretion of the City.

Proponents finding discrepancies or omissions in the Contract or RFP, or having doubts as to the meaning or intent of any provision, should immediately notify the City Representative. If the City determines that an amendment is required to this RFP, the City Representative will issue an addendum in accordance with section . No oral conversation will affect or modify the terms of this RFP or may be relied upon by any Proponent.

2.7 Addenda
If the City determines that an amendment is required to this RFP, the City Representative will post a written addendum on the City Website that will form part of this RFP. No amendment of any kind to the RFP is effective unless it is posted in a formal written addendum on the City Website. Upon submitting a Proposal, Proponents will be deemed to have received notice of all addenda that are posted on the City Website.

2.8 Examination of Contract Documents and Site

Proponents will be deemed to have carefully examined the RFP, including all attached Schedules, the Contract and the Site (as applicable) prior to preparing and submitting a Proposal with respect to any and all facts, which may influence a Proposal.

2.9 Opening of Proposals

The City intends to open Proposals in private but reserves the right to open Proposals in public at its sole discretion.

2.10 Status Inquiries

All inquiries related to the status of this RFP, including whether or not a Contract has been awarded, should be directed to the City Website and not to the City Representative.


3.1 Package

Proposals should be in a sealed package, marked on the outside with the Proponent's name, title of the Project and reference number.

3.2 Form of Proposal

Proponents should complete the form of Proposal attached as Schedule C, including Schedules C-1 to C-4. Proponents are encouraged to respond to the items listed in Schedules C-1 to C-4 in the order listed. Proponents are encouraged to use the forms provided and attach additional pages as necessary.

3.3 Signature

The legal name of the person or firm submitting the Proposal should be inserted in Schedule C. The Proposal should be signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the Proponent.

(a) If the Proponent is a corporation then the full name of the corporation should be included, together with the names of authorized signatories. The Proposal should be executed by all of the authorized signatories or by one or more of them provided that a copy of the corporate resolution authorizing those persons to execute the Proposal on behalf of the corporation is submitted;

(b) If the Proponent is a partnership or joint venture then the name of the partnership or joint venture and the name of each partner or joint venturer should be included, and each partner or joint venturer should sign personally (or, if one or more person(s) have signing authority for the partnership or joint venture, the partnership or joint venture should provide evidence to the satisfaction of the City that the person(s) signing have signing authority for the partnership or joint venture). If a partner or joint venturer is a corporation then such corporation should sign as indicated in subsection (a) above; or

(c) If the Proponent is an individual, including a sole proprietorship, the name of the individual should be included.


4.1 Evaluation Team

The Evaluation Team will undertake the evaluation of Proposals on behalf of the City. The Evaluation Team may consult with others including City staff members, third party Contractors and references, as the Evaluation Team may in its discretion decide is required. The Evaluation Team will give a written recommendation for the selection of a Preferred Proponent or Preferred Proponents to the City.

4.2 Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation Team will compare and evaluate all Proposals to determine the Proponent's strength and ability to provide the Services in order to determine the Proposal which is most advantageous to the City, using the following criteria:

(a) Technical

The Evaluation Team will consider the Proponents responses to all items in Schedule C-2 and Schedule C-3, including supplemental materials.

(b) Financial

The Evaluation Team will consider the Proponents responses to all items in Schedule C-4.

(c) Statement of Departures

The Evaluation Team will consider the Proponent's response to Schedule C-1.

The Evaluation Team will not be limited to the criteria referred to above, and the Evaluation Team may consider other criteria that the team identifies as relevant during the evaluation process. The Evaluation Team may apply the evaluation criteria on a comparative basis, evaluating the Proposals by comparing one Proponent's Proposal to another Proponent's Proposal. All criteria considered will be applied evenly and fairly to all Proposals.
4.3 Discrepancies in Proponent's Financial Proposal

If there are any obvious discrepancies, errors or omissions in Schedule C-4 of a Proposal (Proponent's Financial Proposal), then the City shall be entitled to make obvious corrections, but only if, and to the extent, the corrections are apparent from the Proposal as submitted, and in particular:

(a) if there is a discrepancy between a unit price and the extended total, then the unit prices shall be deemed to be correct, and corresponding corrections will be made to the extended totals;

(b) if a unit price has been given but the corresponding extended total has been omitted, then the extended total will be calculated from the unit price and the estimated quantity;

(c) if an extended total has been given but the corresponding unit price has been omitted, then the unit price will be calculated from the extended total and the estimated quantity.

4.4 Litigation

In addition to any other provision of this RFP, the City may, in its absolute discretion, reject a Proposal if the Proponent, or any officer or director of the Proponent submitting the Proposal, is or has been engaged directly or indirectly in a legal action against the City, its elected or appointed officers, representatives or employees in relation to any matter.

In determining whether or not to reject a Proposal under this section, the City will consider whether the litigation is likely to affect the Proponent’s ability to work with the City, its Contractors and representatives and whether the City’s experience with the Proponent indicates that there is a risk the City will incur increased staff and legal costs in the administration of the Agreement if it is awarded to the Proponent.

4.5 Additional Information

The Evaluation Team may, at its discretion, request clarifications or additional information from a Proponent with respect to any Proposal, and the Evaluation Team may make such requests to only selected Proponents. The Evaluation Team may consider such clarifications or additional information in evaluating a Proposal.

4.6 Interviews

The Evaluation Team may, at its discretion, invite some or all of the Proponents to appear before the Evaluation Team to provide clarifications of their Proposals. In such event, the Evaluation Team will be entitled to consider the answers received in evaluating Proposals.

4.7 Negotiation of Agreement and Award

If the City selects a Preferred Proponent or Preferred Proponents, then it may:

(a) enter into a Contract with the Preferred Proponent(s); or

(b) enter into discussions with the Preferred Proponent(s) to clarify any outstanding issues and attempt to finalize the terms of the Contract(s), including financial terms. If discussions are successful, the City and the Preferred Proponent(s) will finalize the Contract(s); or

(c) if at any time the City reasonably forms the opinion that a mutually acceptable agreement is not likely to be reached within a reasonable time, give the Preferred Proponent(s) written notice to terminate discussions, in which event the City may then either open discussions with another Proponent or terminate this RFP and retain or obtain the Services in some other manner.


5.1 No City Obligation

This RFP is not a tender and does not commit the City in any way to select a Preferred Proponent, or to proceed to negotiations for an Agreement, or to award any Agreement, and the City reserves the complete right to at any time reject all Proposals, and to terminate this RFP process.

5.2 Proponent’s Expenses

Proponents are solely responsible for their own expenses in preparing, and submitting Proposals, and for any meetings, negotiations or discussions with the City or its representatives and Contractors, relating to or arising from this RFP. The City and its representatives, agents, Contractors and advisors will not be liable to any Proponent for any claims, whether for costs, expenses, losses or damages, or loss of anticipated profits, or for any other matter whatsoever, incurred by the Proponent in preparing and submitting a Proposal, or participating in negotiations for an Agreement, or other activity related to or arising out of this RFP.

5.3 No Contract

By submitting a Proposal and participating in the process as outlined in this RFP, Proponents expressly agree that no contract of any kind is formed under, or arises from, this RFP, prior to the signing of a formal written Contract.

5.4 Conflict of Interest

A Proponent shall disclose in its Proposal any actual or potential conflicts of interest and existing business relationships it may have with the City, its elected or appointed officials or employees. The City may rely on such disclosure.

5.5 Solicitation of Council Members and City Staff

Proponents and their agents will not contact any member of the City Council or City staff with respect to this RFP, other than the City Representative named in section 2.6, at any time prior to the award of a contract or the termination of this RFP.

5.6 Confidentiality

All submissions become the property of the City and will not be returned to the Proponent. The City will hold all submissions in confidence unless otherwise required by law. Proponents should be aware the City is a “public body” defined by and subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of British Columbia.



REFERENCE No.: 1220-30-06-08




In the interest of ensuring a positive experience for all of our facility patrons including employees, the City wishes to implement a snack food and beverage vending services program for its City facilities that provides:

(a) choices that will more closely align over time, with the recommendations of the “Nutritional Guidelines for Vending Machines in B.C. Public Buildings” as prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services and the Ministry of Health, dated May, 2007, as revised;

(b) a range of choices of healthier snack food vending items and a focus on serving the needs of a variety of visitors [widely and predominantly available];

(c) a product offering that includes milk as well as contemporary and nutritious items which are client focused;

(d) strategic placement of machines to minimize any negative impact on sales;

(e) competitive pricing that is affordable and competitive to market pricing;

(f) strategic pricing to encourage sales of healthy choices;

(g) a pleasing product presentation that displays healthiest options at eye-level; and,

(h) advertising display signage on vending machines which reflects healthier choices, including connecting sports and academic excellence with healthy eating.

The City’s goal is to provide its patrons and employees throughout all venues a variety of “Choose Most” and “Choose Sometimes” snack food products that are creative, value for money and of the highest possible quality. Snack food vending machines will have at least 50% of “Choose Most” and “Choose Sometimes” items and 50% “Choose Least” and “Not Recommended” items. Vending machines will offer no more than 15% of items from the “Not Recommended” category. The City will pilot two locations that will offer 75% of items from the “Choose Most” and “Choose Sometimes” categories and 25% “Choose Least” and “Not Recommended” items. In these facilities, “Not Recommended” items will be limited to 10%. It is the City’s goal to transition all facilities in the next three years to 75% of items from the “Choose Most” and “Choose Sometimes” categories and 25% “Choose Least” and “Not Recommended” items with “Not Recommended” items limited to 10%.

It is extremely important for the Contractor to work collaboratively with the City’s snack food and beverage vending team and with its facility manager’s during all phases of the work. Cooperative planning is the key to the success of any snack food-vending program. It is expected that the Contractor will interact with many of the City facilities functions.


The Principles by which the City’s snack food and beverage vending program will function and operate on are:

(a) Efficiency in Service – the Contractor will deliver personalized and consistent service in an efficient and friendly manner;

(b) Timely Services – the Contractor will provide services that meets and exceeds the City’s expectations [quality goods, products, services and programs that provide value for money];

(c) Innovation – the Contractor is to provide services that interact with the facility programs [e.g. fitness activity promotions];

(d) Sustainability – the Contractor is to strive to meet industry established benchmarks on reduction of waste including recycling, and packaging;

(e) Variety and Quality – the Contractor is to provide a mix of snack food products, all of which conform to Nutritional Guidelines for vending machines in B.C. Public Buildings;

(f) Consistency – Consistency of product quality and service throughout all facility locations, including ensuring that the labeling system correctly identifies health choices at all times; and,

(g) Safety and Sanitation – the Contractor is to ensure that all food and beverages, food handling practices sourced and dispensed including equipment maintenance comply absolutely with food safety standards.
The Contractor will work closely with the City’s snack food and beverage vending team to develop a snack food-vending program that exceeds the City’s expectations.

To this end, the City retains the right to determine the nature of, and to make adjustments to, the snack food and beverage vending operation including product lines and retail pricing strategies. The City envisions that changing employee and client choices will not necessarily result in major reductions to snack food vending.


Although the baseline information provided by the City in this section is important for the Proponent to take into account, the RFP emphasizes that the City is seeking “creative changes from the current operations” not business as usual.

The general elements across all City facilities that the Contractor will be required are:
(a) Coordinate and prepare, a preliminary snack food and beverage vending program that represents the unique needs of the City [fitness and wellness] for presentation to the City’s snack food and beverage vending team and its stakeholders;

(b) Identify all key stakeholder facilities;

(c) Develop strategic snack food and beverage vending operational plans, policies and procedures providing a strategic volume driven sales approach for each facility;

(d) Initiate field work including delivery, electrical and plumbing investigations;

(e) Develop a master installation schedule;

(e) Maintain written and photographic records of installation;

(f) Establish the methods, procedures and lines of communication required to control the project, including responsibility for all planning [goods, services and equipment] and quality assurance;

(g) Develop administration procedures for the project;

(h) Deliver continuous and scheduled facility services in a cooperative, courteous, efficient and professional manner;

(i) Institute an auditing system that encompasses all sales;

(j) Provide liaison and coordination with City facilities;

(k) Deliver the snack food-vending program that is of the highest quality (deliver clean and sanitary equipment and services to all vended facilities, and ensure adherence to all Food Safe handing requirements);

(l) Meet with the City’s snack food and beverage vending team and it’s stakeholders, at the direction of the City’s snack food and beverage vending team, to review and update the functional program for each facility, including compliance with reporting requirements; and,

(m) Contractor shall at all times keep the City free and clear from all liens asserted by any person, firm or corporation for any reason whatsoever, arising from the furnishing of services, (whether for services, work, or labour performed, or materials and equipment furnished) by the Contractor pursuant to the terms of the agreement.


(a) Category Brand Management. A full complement of brands, packaging and pricing will be maintained and optimized. This will accommodate all visitors, staff and community groups in finding their products of preference;

(b) Consumer Appeal. The vending machine provider will provide their valuable expertise in enhancing “consumer appeal” through the design of custom fascias for vendors and executing volume driven consumer related promotions; and,

(c) Increased Margins. Up sizing” (where available/practicable), the packaging due to marketplace shifts will show immediate growth in volume to be realized at all City locations.


City locations are currently being serviced on a month-to-month basis. The City will terminate this arrangement once an award is made. The current vendor (if unsuccessful) will be given sixty (60) days notice to remove equipment.

The Contractor will manage all snack food and beverage vending machines throughout the City’s owned and controlled facilities identified in Schedule A-1.
Schedule A-2 provides facility patronage (visitor attendance) figures for years 2006 to 2007, inclusive.
Schedule A-3 provides year 2003 to year 2007 product category sales per facility.

6. SCOPE OF SERVICES [the “Opportunity”]

The City is offering a long term relationship opportunity with an option to renew, to provide, install, operate and service automatic coin operated vending equipment and related equipment and materials for the provision and dispensing of quality hot/cold food, food products, frozen dairy products, confectionery products and non-alcoholic hot/cold refreshments (excluding carbonated, non-carbonated, juice, packaged water, isotonic and alternate beverages) and miscellaneous dry goods products.

The agreement includes all existing and future City operated and controlled facilities.

Non-profitable machines must be left in place for convenience.  Removal of non-profitable machines will only be allowed after the City gives prior written approval.


(a) Machines. The Contractor agrees to provide a full range of hot and cold floor standing snack food, and confectionary vending machines including hot and cold beverages (see section 7(g) for excluded products). Vending machines shall provide style and flexibility to the vending service. Vending machines are to have large windows and double illumination to ensure excellent product visibility and a low graphics panel that contributes further to the aesthetics of this machine. Security features as standard include; anti-vandal keypad, reinforced anti-pry door surround and three point door locking.

Hot beverage vending machines:

(a) Instant (hot only, hot & cold, hot and cold carbonated models);

(b) Single fresh brew (hot only, hot and cold, hot and cold carbonated models);

(c) Bean to cup (hot only, hot and cold, hot and cold carbonated models); and,

(d) Bean to cup and fresh brew (hot only, hot and cold, hot and cold carbonated models).
It provides a wide menu choice including authentic continental bean to cup coffees, regular and decaf instant coffee options, freshbrew tea, chocolate and soup, and up to two chilled still or sparkling flavoured drinks. Adjustable strength, whitener and sugar levels, coupled with the option for consumers to use their own cup or mug, ensure this machine produces drinks to suit every preference. A UV, Brita filter kit, and hot water hose for simpler routine cleaning are to be installed. This machine also uses a system specifically designed to enable graphics to be changed when needed. This maximizes the visual appeal and impulse sales of the machine throughout its operating life.

An Espresso Café machine is in a unique position in the beverage vending market. Machine has separate dispense areas for its high quality hot drinks (such as continental style 'bean to cup' coffees), and chilled, UV filtered water. It also provides a number of exceptional features; including a syrup kit for flavoured coffee, chocolate sprinkler for cappuccino and chocolate drinks, and the option for flavoured water. Compatible with a range of cash and cashless payment options this machine is suitable for a variety of high volume sites.

As a minimum the following general equipment requirements, materials, labour, products & services covering the designated locations as listed in Schedule A-1 for all present and future City controlled locations as may from time to time be added to these schedules at no cost (on loan) including but not limited to delivery, installation, setup, testing, adjustments, and secured locking systems. The City will not be responsible for the value of wear and tear and depreciation of all equipment.
Vend equipment is to be:

(i) modern, of the latest mechanical/electronic technology and be in new or near new condition;

(ii) uniform in size (where practicable) with a coordinated appearance (illuminated vending fronts) and banked (groupings of 3 or more);

(iii) quiet and non-disruptive to the activities occurring in City facilities, and shall be aesthetically acceptable to the City;

(iv) Energy Star compliant and meets the Energy Star specifications for energy efficiency.
Low Power Mode: In addition to meeting the 24-hour energy consumption requirements listed above, qualifying models shall come equipped with hard wired controls and/or software capable of automatically placing the machine into a low power mode during periods of extended inactivity while still connected to its power source to facilitate the saving of additional energy, where appropriate. The machine shall be capable of operating in each of the low power mode described below:
(a) Lighting low power state – lights off for an extended period of time; and,

(b) Whole machine low power state – the lights are off and the refrigeration operates in its low power state.

Refrigeration low power state – the average beverage temperature is allowed to rise above 40°F for an extended period of time is not acceptable.
In addition, the machine shall be capable of automatically returning itself back to its normal operating conditions at the conclusion of the inactivity period. The low power mode-related controls/software shall be capable of on-site adjustments by the vending operator or machine owner.
N.B. Machines that dispense vending temperature sensitive product, such as milk, must not have the refrigeration low power state enabled due to the risk of product spoilage.
In addition, the utilization of passive infrared sensors (PIR) are acceptable provided they are mounted on each machine or ganged and;
(c) automatically repower the vending machine at timed intervals to ensure vended product stays cold (1 to 3 hours max.);

(d) PIR is not to power down while the compressor is running; and

(e) When vending machine is powered up, the cooling cycle is to run until completion before powering down.
Non-cooled product machines can be controlled by PIR’s to reduce energy costs
When vending machine is in low power state visitors must not think that the machine is not functioning.
(v) of adequate size and capacity to maintain full and uninterrupted service at all times. The machines will vend either recyclable plastic bottles or recyclable cans, glass containers are not acceptable;

(vi) equipped to accept legal tender, be equipped with paper bill validators and payment mechanisms which will accept combinations of new coin loonies and toonies, nickels, dimes and quarters. In addition, each machine must have bill change capabilities;

(vii) equipped with non-resettable counters, which indicate unit sales. If multiple products are dispensed from the same machine, a separate dispensing counter is required for each separate commission rate dispensed. Upon initial installation of the machines.  The Contractor shall submit starting machine counter numbers to the City for each vending machine; and,

(viii) ensure that the labeling system correctly identifies health choices at all times.

(ix) all vending machines must have adjustable anti-tilt brackets installed as a preventative course of action.
All machines shall show the Contractor’s name, a local service telephone number for reporting of machine malfunctions, the person or office within the Contractor’s organization responsible for refunds, and regular days of the week for re-stocking of the machines. In addition, for identification purposes, each machine shall have an I.D. number(s) that are visible and easily located.

The machines will be operated by the Contractor in such a way as to fully comply with all federal, provincial and municipal laws, as well as City policies.

Should any federal, provincial or city by-laws, regulations or policy change during the life of the agreement, the Contractor will be expected to comply with these changes.

All equipment must operate on AC-110-120 volts and be U/L listed and CSA approved.

At least once during each contract year during the term, the Contractor and the City will jointly conduct an equipment review/audit for the sole purpose of determining equipment upgrades and/or opportunities.

The Contractor will be solely responsible for all expenses (direct and indirect) including initial front end costs, recurring annual costs, incremental costs, installation costs, and all costs associated with equipment upgrades, re-locations, removals and expansions and any subsequent negotiations.

(b) Locations. Site viability is at the discretion of the City. The City will work with the Contractor to designate optimum placement of machines. Machines shall be located within or about the specified building at the direction of the supervisor in charge of the facility.

The City makes no representation regarding availability of any location or of the number of machines that may be placed at any location, and may occasionally direct that machines be removed from selected locations. The City will retain the sole right to add or delete vending equipment as the need arises as determined by the City.

The City reserves the right at any time to require the Contractor to remove, relocate, or place additional vending machines and related equipment at existing and/or new locations to meet new or unanticipated requirements that might become known during the term of the agreement.

Should the Contractor wish to relocate, exchange, or remove vending machines, a request must be submitted in writing to the City.

(c) Utilities. Suitable water service, electricity, drainage, lighting, and heating of designated premises will be provided, but without liability on the City's part arising from temporary interruption thereof on account of breakdown, power failure or like causes.

In the event any utility service must be interrupted for repair or modification, the City will provide the Contractor with as much advance notice as possible. In the event of any such interruption or any disruption of utility services, the City shall take reasonable steps to restore them promptly but shall not be responsible for any loss or delay sustained by the Contractor resulting from such interruptions from any cause.

(d) Additions/Deletions of Equipment/Accessories. Equipment introduced by the Contractor after the agreement is executed and which is intended to replace any equipment then on the premises of the City facilities is subject to the same commission percentages, rebates and other terms set out in this agreement. Delivery and installation of replacement equipment shall be at no cost to the City
(e) Equipment Damage. The Contractor will assume all risk and responsibility for any loss, destruction, or damage occurring to the snack food and beverage vending machines or other vending equipment. In the event of any loss due to theft, fire, accident disruption of utility services, vandalism, spoilage or other similar causes from said machines, the loss shall be borne solely by the Contractor.  Machines provided shall be equipped with anti-theft technology.

(f) Full Service and Maintenance of Machines. The Contractor agrees, to provide, all maintenance (scheduled/non-scheduled) and remedial service for all Contractor supplied equipment used to dispense snack food and beverages of the Contractor at no cost to the City for parts, labour, tools, equipment/truck(s), mileage, etc. All scheduled service and maintenance is to be provided in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines.

The Contractor will respond to all equipment service calls with a maximum response time of six (6) hours from the placement of the first telephone request for service made by the City. The Contractor is required to call the City’s facility manager within 60 minutes of receiving the initial service call to establish an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the technician. This response time average will be maintained between the regular service hours of 8:30 and 17:00, Monday through Friday, 52 weeks of the year (except for national and provincial holidays).
The Contractor shall be responsible for the physical inventory, inventory control, and filling of machines. The Contractor is to make every effort to restock machines at times that will not conflict with peak usage times. Product delivery shall be made on a mutually agreed upon schedule at each location. No inventories will be maintained at any City facility. The Contractor shall take it upon itself to be alerted as to special events that may require frequent reservicing of machines.

The Contractor shall have the ability to receive service calls and provide service support after hours and on weekends.

If, within 24 hours of the initial service call, the Contractor is not able to repair any item of equipment that is not functioning properly, the Contractor will put in place a suitable temporary replacement without any additional cost to the City within a commercially reasonable period of time thereafter and a permanent replacement which shall be a new model of like or superior specifications, without any additional cost to the City, within 10 business days.

The replacement or upgrade of equipment that continuously malfunctions or exhibits excessive downtime may be made upon mutual agreement.
Trained, qualified personnel identified by a clearly marked and openly displayed company insignia and/or uniform will perform all service. In addition, all such persons shall carry company issued photo identification and shall present such documents to anyone on request.

The Contractor shall keep the machines in a clean and sanitary condition. This requirement includes interiors, exteriors, tops, and the areas under the machines. The exterior construction of the vending machine shall be such as to facilitate cleaning and to minimize the entrance of insects and rodents, and the exterior of the machine shall be kept clean. Service connections shall be such as to protect against unintentional or accidental interruption of service to the machine.

All interior surface and component parts of the vending machine shall be so designed and constructed as to permit easy cleaning, and shall be kept clean. All product contact surfaces of the machine shall be of smooth, nontoxic, corrosion resistant, and relatively nonabsorbent material, and shall be capable of withstanding repeated cleaning and sanitizing treatment by normal procedures. Such surfaces shall be protected against contamination.
(g) Products to be Dispensed. The City desires a wide variety of snack food vending choices that will more closely align over time, with the recommendations of the “Nutritional Guidelines for Vending Machines in B.C. Public Buildings” as prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services and the Ministry of Health, dated May, 2007, as revised.

Increased choices of healthier snack food vending items and a focus on serving the needs of a variety of visitors.

Product offering that includes milk as well as contemporary and nutritious items, which are client, focused.

Products that constitute a large market share of national sales are to be used in the vending operation. During the term of the contract, products vended may be changed with mutual agreement of the Contractor and the City.

Specifically excluded from this RFP are Cold Drink Beverages.

For the purpose of this section 7(g), “Cold Drink Beverages” is defined as all major branded non-alcoholic carbonated and non-carbonated beverages natural or artificially-flavoured non-alcoholic beverages, whether consumed independently or used as a mixer or otherwise, including but not limited to, non-alcoholic beverages with nutritive or non-nutritive sweeteners; natural or artificially flavoured non-alcoholic fruit and/or vegetable juices (sweetened or unsweetened); fruit and/or vegetable juice containing drinks; fruit and/or vegetable punches and ades; hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic energy and fluid replacement drinks (sometimes referred to as "sports drinks"); frozen carbonated beverages; packaged flavoured and/or unflavoured, sweetened or unsweetened, carbonated and non- carbonated waters, ice teas; and all cold drink or beverage bases, whether in the form of syrups, powders, crystals, concentrates or otherwise, from which such drinks and beverages.  “Cold Drink Beverage” does not include milk, flavoured milk, branded or unbranded fresh brewed coffee or tea, unbranded fresh squeezed juices, unbranded drinks such as smoothies, punches, shakes, nutritional supplement drinks and other similar beverages.

Snacks, health food snacks and hot drink beverages that will be dispensed shall be determined by what is proven to result in the highest sales at a particular location based on actual and projected customer demand, while adhering to specific percentages of healthy items as indicated above. Once the City has approved the initial product line offered, the Contractor will be allowed to add or delete products with prior written approval from the City.  The City reserves the right to request that a product be replaced at any time.

Healthy choice products are to be from the “Choose Most” and “Choose Sometimes” categories.

The “Choose Most” and “Choose Sometimes” categories must be identified with the approved Ministry check mark system as described in the Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools dated September, 2007. The checkmark system must be used to promote healthier choices on the machines i.e., double check mark for “Choose Most” and single check mark for “Choose Sometimes”. Each machine must display a legend describing what the symbols represent.

Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health Check Mark System Labels (as contained in the “Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools” prepared September 2007)
The Checkmark System

In an effort to assist students in making informed choices about nutrition, the report recommends schools and school districts implement a checkmark system at the point of sale, such as on the front of vending machines’ slots or on food menu boards.

Checkmarks are universal symbols of excellence. In the…food context, checkmarks may be interpreted by students as identifying choices for their learning and health.
For example:

”Choose Most” foods may be symbolized by two checkmarks.

”Choose Sometimesfoods by one checkmark.
The checkmarks can be used to draw a [patron’s] attention to healthier choices. If these symbols are used, it is important that they are used correctly. “Choose Least” and “Not Recommendeditems sold in the school setting…should not be identified with any checkmark


Choose Most

Such as whole grain breads and fresh vegetables, which tend to be the highest in nutrients, the lowest in unhealthy components, and the least processed.  


Choose Sometimes

Such as fruit canned in light syrup, which represents choices that are moderately salted, sweetened or processed.  


Choose Least

Such as fries which tend to be low in key nutrients such as iron and calcium and highly salted, sweetened or processed.  


Not Recommended

Such as candies where sugar is the first ingredient, tend to be highly processed, or have a very high amounts of sweeteners, salt, fat, trans fat or calories relative to their nutritional value.

The City’s goal is to maximize access to “Choose Most” and “Choose Sometimes” options, minimize access to “Choose Least” and “Not Recommended” items. The Contractor and the City shall work together to determine a time schedule for introduction of “Choose Most” and “Choose Sometimes” options.

All foods (including potentially hazardous food or drinks, e.g custard-fill and cream-filled pastries, milk and milk products, etc), beverages and ingredients offered for sale through vending machines must comply with all federal, provincial and city regulations governing the procurement, preparation, storage, transport, handling and serving of all items for consumption. In addition, the Contractor will keep in effect all necessary licenses and permits required by law and agrees to post such permits in a prominent place as may be required by law.

All foods, beverages and ingredients offered for sale through vending machines shall be wholesome and free from spoilage, contamination and adulteration. Potentially hazardous foods shall be removed from the vending machine and discarded.

Milk and fluid milk products offered for sale through vending machines shall be dispensed only in individual, original containers in which such product was placed at the milk plant; provided, in the case of vending machines that use fluid milk products as an ingredient in hot liquid foods or beverages, such milk product may be transferred at the machine location provided it is done so in a clean and sanitary manner.

(h) Product Sizes. The specific products and the size of the products that will be sold from a specific machine will be determined by the Contractor based on the appropriateness of the product, location of the machine and sales projections.

(i) Graphics. Attractive high visibility graphics showing the offering of healthy alternatives. Graphics may not vary to those shown. The City may reject machine signage or logo if deemed objectionable or a distraction to the activities occurring in the vicinity.


(a) Negotiation. Unit selling pricing of products shall be mutually agreed upon during the negotiation of the final terms and conditions of the Agreement. Pricing will remain firm until December 31st, 2010. Any adjustments following this date in unit prices will be negotiated between the City and the Contractor. Local market conditions, City commissions, Contractor’s product costs, and gross profit margins will be utilized to establish the exact amounts of any price adjustment(s).

(b) Price Structure. The Contractor will provide unit prices for the items/services listed. The prices at which the Contractor shall offer such items for sale shall be fair and competitive with the prices at which similar items are sold in the vicinity of the City facility. The vending prices at all facilities covered by the agreement shall not exceed normal retail pricing. The Contractor is to:
(i) offer competitive pricing affordable to facility patrons and employees;

(ii) offer strategic pricing to encourage sales of healthy choices, choose most and choose sometimes items are to be priced lower than choose least items; and,

(iii) integrate retail selling prices with City operated concessions.

It is the City’s goal to maximize the revenue potential associated with the vending service agreement without commercially compromising its goals of service to the community and responsiveness to the public’s needs and values. Any signage, logo, promotions product, or anything that the City may construe as advertising must be approved by the City’s snack food and beverage vending team before distribution or placement on vending machines, on City property.

The Contractor shall supply a float of $25-$30 for each facility to reimburse consumers if a piece of the Contractor’s vend equipment malfunctions and does not vend a snack food or beverage when the appropriate amount of coinage is properly inserted into the machine. The Contractor shall also provide refund slips [quick and easy to complete] to each facility to be completed by consumers claiming a refund. The Contractor’s regular delivery driver will replenish the float as needed.
11. TERM
The Contractor will provide the Goods and Services set out in Schedule A for a period of five (5) years.
The parties may extend the Term by mutual agreement. If the Term is extended, the provisions of this agreement will remain in force except where amended in writing by the parties.



REFERENCE No.: 1220-30-06-08

Currently, the majority of the City of Surrey’s facilities are operating fifty-two (52) weeks per year, seven days per week.


6090 – 176th Street
The Cloverdale Arena is located in the historic town of Cloverdale. It is northwest of Fraser Downs Raceway and south of the new Millennium Amphitheatre. This facility is located on 176th Street, with easy access from the Canada/US border to the South and the Trans Canada Hwy to the North.


15,000 sq. ft of exhibit space

Bench seating for 250

Score board with flexible scoring and timing capabilities

1 meeting room

4 multi-use dressing rooms

Wheel chair accessible on ground level

Food services available

31' high ceiling

Parking stalls for 155


6220 – 184th Street

  • Recreation Programs

  • Hall Rentals


6022 – 176th Street

  • Various recreational activities & classes, special events and dances

  • Social Activities

The Cloverdale Seniors' Centre is a one level, fully accessible facility. The Centre has multi-purpose rooms, computer lab, drop in lounge, auditorium and kitchen. The Centre operates 12 months of the year from 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday and provides numerous activities for the 55+ individual seeking recreation and fellowship.


6228 – 184th Street

  • Various drop-in special events and programs

  • Special Events

  • Sand Volleyball court and sports box

Cloverdale Youth Services has a drop-in schedule, a number of events such as preteen dances, new late night programming, birthday party opportunities and is overseen by a Youth Committee.


15996 – 84th Avenue

  • Various recreational & social activities/classes

  • Hall Rentals

  • Special Events

  • Fitness Centre


10588 – 160th Street

  • Children & Youth programs, birthday parties, and daycamps

  • Adults and Seniors programs

  • Sport and Fitness, fitness gyms, leagues

Located at the entrance to the Fraser Heights neighbourhood, the centre offers a wide variety of recreational programs, activities and events for all ages, cultures and fitness levels. Situated next to the Youth Park, outdoor basketball court and sports field. The centre is a natural drop-in location for all community members.


15105 – 105th Avenue

  • 3 Tournament Gymnasiums

  • Weight room, Fitness and Track

  • Seniors, Youth and Pre-school Rooms

The youth lounge was designed by the "Planet Youth" Committee and features a state of the art sound system, TV's, 1 pool table, 1 air hockey table, table soccer, and ping-pong, X box and board games.


7120 – 136B Street

  • Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Public Skating & Lessons

  • Special Events

  • Hall Rentals

  • Concession Services

The Newton Arena was built in 1973 and is conveniently located across from the Newton Wave Pool and adjacent to the Community Centre. It is centrally located in Surrey with a number of Hotels within minutes away.


17,000 sq.ft of exhibit space

Bench seating for 150

Score board with flexible scoring and timing capabilities

1 Meeting room

2 Multipurpose rooms

4 Multi-use dressing rooms

Wheel chair accessible on ground level

Skate Shop


7120 – 136B Street

  • Various recreational & social activities/classes

  • Hall Rentals

  • Special Events

Newton Community and Leisure Services has a variety of programs and services for people of all ages and abilities.


13775 – 70th Avenue

  • Various recreational & social activities/classes, special events and dances

  • Special Events

Newton Seniors' Centre is dedicated to the theory that "Good health doesn't cost it pays" and as such is encouraging and providing healthy activities geared towards the older adults within our community

The Newton Seniors' Centre is a recreational facility with great programs, activities, clubs and social opportunities for Seniors'  55+ years.
We offer fitness and dance programs such as Yoga Stretch, Osteofit 4 Life, Arthritis Joint Works, Fitness Lite 55+, Tai Chi, Self Defense, Feldenkrais, Hawaiian Dancing and Line Dancing. We also provide programs for the budding artists such as Watercolours, Acrylics, Decorative Painting, and various crafts. Bus trips, special interest programs such as Writing Your Own Memoirs, Health and Wellness Talks, and other events are always being scheduled, so check the latest newsletter for details.


13730 – 72nd Avenue

  • Wave action leisure pool

  • Swimming Lessons, Public Swim, Fitness Centre

  • Special Events

  • Rentals

  • Steam room, whirlpool, 2 waterslides

The Newton Wave Pool offers a wealth of fun and excitement for swimmers of all ages!  Our public swims are crammed full of great fun, wild activities, and prizes for the youngsters:

Pirates' Water Fortress equipped with blasters, hoses, slides and more!

New enclosed 63 metre long water slide

New open 67 metre long water slide
Water fortress with cannons, jets, slides & more
Huge hot tub
Deck games; giant checkers, chess, & snakes & ladders, table tennis
Games and prizes every day!
The Biggest Waves in the West!

Our Learn-to-Swim Program offers a class for everyone!  Experienced instructors and convenient times make for a great learning experience!

Adults can soak in the Hot Tub, relax in the Steam Room, or work out in our fully equipped fitness facility. Join in an Aquacize class to limber up or try out our Adult Swim Lessons to improve your strokes.


13355 – 68th Avenue

  • Various drop in special events and programs

  • Special Events

Check out Newton’s New and Improved Youth Drop-In Centre! Our trained youth workers provide a safe and fun environment for youth ages 12 to 18. We do everything from sports, crafts, and games in our new coffee lounge setting. Bring your friends down to play pool, foosball, and x-box or watch a movie on our big screen TV. We also have a computer room if you need to do some research, do some homework or if you want to surf the net at our internet café. We also offer the popular Dance, Dance Revolution game, a lit outdoor sports box and a variety of sports equipment.


10275– 135th Street

  • Includes 2 sheet ice arena

  • 37 meter pool with saunas, whirlpool, children’s pool and fitness centre

  • Special Events Rentals

  • Concession Services

  • Ice Hockey, Public Skating & Lessons, Figure Skating

  • In Summer - Lacrosse, In-Line Skating, Ball Hockey

  • Swimming Lessons, Public Swim, Courses

  • Fitness Centre

  • Tournaments & Meets


2199 – 148th Street

  • Ice Hockey, Public Skating & Lessons, Figure Skating

  • Championships, Special Events & Fund-raiser

  • Concession Services

  • Ice Hockey Schools

  • Home of South Surrey Eagles - Junior “A” League Hockey Team

The South Surrey Arena opened in November 1991 and is home of the BCHL South Surrey Eagles. This facility is one of two Olympic size rinks in the Lower Mainland. Located in the middle of the South Surrey Athletic Park, it is surrounded by forests and athletic fields.


20,000 sq.ft. of exhibit space

Fixed seating for 1242

Score board with flexible scoring and timing capabilities

1 Multipurpose room

4 Multi-use dressing rooms

Wheel chair accessible on ground level and 2nd floor

Skate Shop

42' high ceiling

Parking stalls for 296


14655 – 17th Avenue

  • 37 metre, six lane pool with a dive tank, children’s pool, whirlpool and saunas

  • Swimming Lessons, Public Swimming & Courses

  • Fitness Centre

  • Special Events


14601 – 20th Avenue

  • Sand volleyball court and skate park

  • Various drop-in special events and programs

  • Special Events

South Surrey Youth Lounge is located next to the South Surrey Skate Park, our youth lounge features a pool table, foosball, ping pong, a state of the art sound system, TV, Xbox and much more.

The lounge opens up onto Gym 3 which is available for use by pre-teens and teens with a Youth Services Membership Card during our drop-in hours.


10341 – 135th Street

  • Various social & recreational activities/classes, special events and dances

  • Special Events

  • Mini Snack Bar

As the Mayor of Surrey in 1972, Bill Vander Zalm officially opened the Sunrise "Pavilion proper", designed by architects to resemble a Chinese bamboo hat. In the 30+ years since then, Sunrise Pavilion has enhanced the lives of many Surrey citizens in their later years.
Featured below are details and links to the many aspects and opportunities at Sunrise Pavilion.
Sunrise Pavilion affords a number of rental opportunities complemented by rustic, yet bright and modern facility designs.


16555 Fraser Highway

  • Children & Youth programs, birthday parties, and daycamps

  • Adults and Seniors programs

  • Sport and Fitness, weight rooms, fitness gyms, leagues

  • Pools and Arenas,

The Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex offers a wide range of activities, including swimming, skating, fitness, events, and social opportunities for all ages and abilities.

25' high ceiling

Parking stalls for 122


10275 – 135th Street

  • Special Events

  • Recreational Programs and Social Activities

  • Youth Programs and Social Activities

Our facilities include North Surrey Pool and Fitness Facilities, North Surrey Arena, Sunrise Pavilion Seniors' Centre and Tom Binnie Park Community Centre.


13750 – 88th Avenue

  • Art Exhibitions, Art Classes, Tours, Theatre Events, Pottery Studio

  • Rentals, Special Events, Art Library, School Tours

  • Lounge/Concession Services

  • Home of City of Surrey Permanent Art Collection

  • Three Gallery Exhibition Space

  • 402 seat theater


17710 - 56A Avenue

  • Various Exhibitions, School Tours, City and Community Special Events

  • Home to a large part of Surrey Archives - Repository for Surrey artifacts, historic log cabin attached to site


17671 - 56 Avenue
The City’s archival collections are located in the rehabilitated 1912 Municipal Hall. This re-use of Surrey’s premier heritage building allows expanded storage for collections and improved reference facilities. Research historians, students of all ages and curious browsers interested in local history will find something to captivate their attention and to answer questions about Surrey’s past.


13723 Crescent Road
Situated in the Elgin Heritage Park on the banks of the Nicomekl River, the Historic Stewart Farm was settled in the 1880’s and operated for six decades as a thriving hay farm. The farmhouse has been restored and furnished to depict life at the turn of the Century. Visitors are invited to step back in time to the days of horse drawn farm tools, hand-churned butter and wood-stove cooking. Located adjacent to the Historic Stewart Farm is the Hooser Weaving Centre. This unique facility celebrates the heritage crafts of spinning, weaving and dyeing.


13750 – 88th Avenue

  • Various activities and outdoor attractions

  • Sports Field

  • Running Track

  • Picnic Area

  • Outdoor swimming pool, water play ground

  • Miniature train

Each of the City’s Community Halls offer rental facilities, various recreational programs and venues for special events. The following is a list of Community Halls included in this City of Surrey snack food initiative:


3530 144 Street
Built in 1921 as the first school for the community of Elgin to replace the condemned Mud Bay School. Vernacular style wood frame with ribbon windows. 
DESIGNATION BY-LAW: Protected by Designation By-law, 1980, No. 6442.
OTHER: Listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.


14250 Crescent Road
One of the oldest community halls in Surrey, built in 1923 in the plain homestead tradition by the Elgin Community Association with land donated by pioneer Dan Johnston. 


2040 - 150 Street
Park Amenities: Playground, Tennis Courts (2), and Walking Paths


1845 - 154 Street
Park Amenities: Playground, Picnic Areas, Soccer Field, Baseball Diamonds (2), and Walking Paths

14245 – 56th Avenue
Surrey’s City Hall houses a number of the City’s key departments, including the Mayor’s office, City Manager’s office, Engineering Department, Planning and Development Department, Finance, & Technology Department and Human Resources Department. Approximately 600 full time and part time staff are employed at this facility.


6645 – 148th Street
Surrey’s Public Works Yard houses the City’s Purchasing Section, Engineering Operations Dept., Facilities Management Division, Parks Operations Division - Central. Approximately 150 full time and part time staff are employed at this facility.


9353 – 160th Street



REFERENCE No.: 1220-30-06-08

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