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Vendor Functional and Non Functional Requirements

For each requirement below, please indicate directly if the proposed solution will meet this requirement, how the requirement will be satisfied, and any additional supporting or associated details as relevant or requested.

This should not be interpreted as an exhaustive list of all desired functionality, rather a condensed list of key features which will factor prominently into the evaluation process, thus a direct response to each item is required.

Intercept/Monitoring capability for no fewer than 24 lines with simultaneous activity. Provide scalability metrics or optional costs to increase this quantity to as many as 48.

Archive capability that writes or streams to non-rewritable BluRay media, or superior equivalent media format, for retention or extraction. Carousel storage with no fewer than 24 slots for source media and at least two drives.

Remote user access, via Terminal Services, client-site VPN, or other solution, that provides 100% capability and functionality compared to local LAN access. Please identify any relevant bandwidth limitations or expectations, minimum hardware requirements for the remote terminals, operating systems supported, and any supporting software (e.g. antivirus) expectations. Remote workstation hardware is not in scope of this RFP, however, proposal should include any necessary software or licenses (e.g. Terminal Server CALs) to achieve remote operation.

Initial configuration of necessary connections with all common telephony providers, at a minimum: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Metro PCS.

Capability to intercept voice, SMS, and MMS content


Company Name:

Local Address Serving

The County:

Headquarters Address:




Phone Number and Email Address

Company Information

How many years has the company actively participated in providing products or services similar to this proposal? ________ years

How many employees does the company have?

Nationwide: ____ employees In local office: ____ employees

Provide Dun & Bradstreet number

Vendor Collaboration / Subcontractor Services Overview

Please fill in the appropriate company name in the column next to the product or service to be provided by that vendor.

Role or service

Provided By

Prime Contractor


Instructions: Complete the reference list as indicated for a minimum of three organizations that have used the proposed solution, or similar services, from your company. Total Installed Sites: __________

Name, Address, Contact, Title,

and Phone Number

Services Provided

Date Service or Technology Provided


Provide a summary of the proposed solution, documentation and installation approach:

    1. Proposed Solution

Please provide a description of your proposed solution to achieving the County’s goals and objectives as stated in this RFP. The County welcomes innovative and alternative solutions, and reserves the right to select an alternative approach when it is deemed in the best interest of the County.

    1. Documentation

Identify the user manuals, business process guides, or other documentation that your company plans to develop during the initiative.

    1. Installation

Provide a timeline, which depicts the milestones necessary to implement the proposed solution. Identify the roles and responsibilities of the vendor and the County in the timeline.

    1. Maintenance, Support, and Warranty

Describe the duration and level of warranty covering the proposed solution, including hardware or software components if applicable. Explain the roles of the County and Vendor for maintenance or repair issues, and clarify what coverage is provided by the vendor or manufacturer. If applicable, include options for extending warranty coverage beyond the included duration. Note the County requires a minimum of one year coverage for all hardware, software, and services.


    1. System Hardware

If your solution includes new computer hardware, please describe each component of the system which will fulfill a server role (i.e. application server, web front end server, database server, etc.). Add additional rows as necessary. Indicate whether the solution may be installed and supported on existing server infrastructure, and provide the minimum hardware and software requirements.

In general, the County is inclined toward self-hosted solutions due to applicable security and inventory / fixed asset restrictions, however “cloud hosted” or other datacenter/co-located/offsite solutions may still be considered.

Functional role (database, web, staging, integration, etc)

Hardware requirements (RAM, storage, processor cores)

Included with solution or installed on existing hardware?

    1. Supported Platforms and Endpoint Requirements

If your solution includes software to be installed on or accessed from computer workstations, please describe the minimum required hardware and software specifications for those devices. List all supported platforms and versions (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, etc). If use is available from mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc), list which platforms and versions are compatible, and briefly describe any functional difference.

Platform (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc). List mimumum or supported version(s).

Functionality available

    1. Miscellaneous equipment

Please describe any other physical equipment or hardware, including but not limited to mounting racks and other furniture, interface devices, or data storage/backup.

    1. Database Management System

      1. All databases are compliant with open system standards such as ODBC? Y/N ___

      2. All databases use the relational database model? Y/N ___

      3. Data dictionaries and schema information are provided to client for all databases? Y/N ___

      4. County provided with full read access to data for potential integration with other systems? Y/N ___

      5. Database technology used? (SQL, Oracle, other) ______

    1. Scalability and License Model

Please provide the following minimum information for each scalable parameter of your solution. All costs associated with these factors should be clearly identified in the Vendor Costs section.

Licensed Component


(concurrent login,

per workstation, etc.)

Number Proposed

Maximum Supported

    1. Additional Information

      1. Please provide a diagram (or diagrams) showing, in detail, all proposed hardware and networking components and connectivity. The diagram(s) shall include centralized computer room components as well as an overall representation of the network and peripherals. Any component which is listed in Hardware Costs shall be included and identified in the diagram(s). Diagram(s) attached? Y/N ______

      2. What delivery lead time (from date of contract signing) is anticipated for hardware? Days __________


    1. Installation

      1. Describe the hardware and software installation services to be performed included in this proposal:

      1. Describe any customer installation responsibilities:

      1. Describe the onsite and/or offsite software installation procedure, and the vendor’s need for physical or remote access:

    1. Training

      1. Indicate the hardware and software training included in this proposal. All training costs should be identified in the Vendor Costs section.

Course Description:

Applicable For:



      1. Describe any training alternatives:

    1. Documentation

Please attach and clearly identify additional published reference material for all proposed hardware and related peripherals. Attached? Y/N ______

    1. System Maintenance and Operation – County Requirements

Describe any periodic functions that must be performed by County staff to ensure proper continued operation of the system. Describe any utilities that are provided to assist in the performance of each required function.

        1. Data backup

        1. Database administration or maintenance

        1. User Account maintenance

        1. Identify the estimated annual downtime for the above actions

        1. Other


  1. Length of warranty for all components and services of the solution:

  1. Please list the types of support offered (phone, email, on site) the provider of the support (vendor, manufacturer, other) and the hours of day when support is available. If any options are at additional cost (such as after-hours phone support or on-site visits), please indicate that rate.

    1. Will you guarantee a fixed maintenance cost?

Hardware Y/N Software Y/N

No. of Years No. of Years

    1. List additional services provided for the hardware, network and software under the terms of the agreement at no additional cost to the County.

    1. What are the County’s obligations following a new release/major redesign of an application?

      1. Is there mandatory installation of the new release? Y/N _____

        1. How soon? Months _____

        2. Is there an additional charge for the new release? Y/N _____

        3. Is conversion assistance provided, if necessary? Y/N _____

        4. Is new documentation supplied? Y/N _____

        5. Is additional training provided? Y/N _____

        6. Is maintenance continued for the old release? Y/N _____

        7. How long? Months _____


    1. Who would be the authorized negotiator?


Phone Number:

    1. To the best of your knowledge, does your company have current pending or threatened litigation regarding any public safety systems? Y/N _____

If yes, explain in detail.

    1. Acceptance Period

      1. The County requires a minimum 30-day acceptance period from the date that the system is fully operational. During that time, the product(s) must successfully pass a series of reliability, performance and functionality tests.

Describe the level of support that will be provided during the 30 day acceptance period.

    1. Include copies of your standard contract and/or licensing agreements for:


      1. Hardware Purchase/Lease Y/N _____

      2. Hardware Maintenance Y/N _____

      3. Software Purchase/License Y/N _____

      4. Software Maintenance Y/N _____


This section requires a detailed breakdown of all prices for the proposed solution. All prices are to be stated as firm fixed amounts, except where requested on a different basis. All prices must be detailed; no additional charges (e.g., for sales tax, transportation, container packing, installation, training, out-of-pocket expenses, etc.) will be allowed unless so specified. Prices must be unbundled and separately listed, including recurring costs that are associated with third-party vendor-provided hardware and software. Vendors must complete all applicable price pages in this section. Totals from each section are to be summarized on the final two pages. Sales taxes are to be shown for each item and in the Vendor Pricing Summary pages. Vendors may choose to use their own spreadsheet printouts for submission of prices. However, page headers, column headers, number of columns, number of rows, and row labels must conform to the enclosed pricing pages.
1. Computer Hardware, System Software, Network and Other Equipment

If proposed, list all hardware, software, networking, or other equipment included with your solution. The total dollar figure should agree with the totals in the Vendor Pricing Summary.


Model, Part #



Tax (9.5%)

Annual Maintenance Expense

2. Other Costs

List all other costs that would be associ­ated with imple­menta­tion of your solution, including installation, training, or integration. Prices not identi­fied will not be accept­ed in a final contract.



3. Optional Costs, Upgrades, or Additions

Provide information and pricing estimates for any optional features, components, upgrades, or services that the County might consider as part of this procurement.

Initial Cost

Annual Recurring



For any item or service not specified in this solicitation, what are your hourly rates?



Project Management










4. Vendor Cost Summary – One Time Costs

Provide a summary of all one time pricing for the system you are propos­ing. Any subto­tals carried forward to this page should agree with the corre­sponding detail pag­es.

Solution Component (Hardware, Software, etc.)

One-Time Cost



Sales Tax (9.5%)




  1. Optional Costs

  1. Other Proposed Options

Sales Tax (9.5%)


Total One-Time Options Cost




6. Vendor Pricing Summary – Recurring Costs

Provide a summary of all recurring costs for the solution you are propos­ing. Any subtotals carried forward to this page should agree with the corresponding detail page.

Solution Component (Hardware, Software, etc.)

Annual Recurring Cost



(without options)

Total Recurring Price on Optional Items



(with options)

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