Report Request: dept111a dashboard Page/Button

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LSUHSC nVision Reports Catalog
Business Unit: HPLMC

Report Description: Income Statement by Department 111/811

Layout: Dept Exp by BU by Dept 111a.xnv

Report Request: DEPT111A

Dashboard Page/Button: HPL_ACC\ All Depts 111/811

nVision Scope: N/A

Report As of Date: Default from Business Unit
This report provides revenue and expenses including accruals by department for the fiscal year. The report contains 1 column that is nploded at run time. The column is defined for the query called HCSD_ACTUALS_ACCRUALS, and displays the Posted Total Amount and year to date timespan. The column also nplodes on the department field, node ALL_DEPARTMENTS from the DEPTROLLUP tree. The Fund Code is also used as a filter on the column. The funds selected are HCSD_OPER_ACCR and UNRESTRICTED from the FUNDS_HCSD tree. The query HCSD_ACTUALS_ACCRUALS is written on the LEDGER table and specifies Business Unit, Account, Fund, Department, Project id, Ledger, Fiscal Year, and Accounting Period and Posted Total Amount. The query criterion specifies that the ledger be either ACTUALS or HCSD_ACCRU. The rows of the report are defined for Revenue and Expense account groups. The rows are defined from the ACCTROLLUP tree and are nploded to the account detail. Additionally, the fund code is defined on the row from the FUNDS_HCSD tree, UNRESTRICTED and HCSD_OPER_ACCRU funds. There is one defined nploded row for Revenues. In the Expenses section, there are defined rows for Personnel Expenses, Benefits, Travel, Operating Services, Supplies, Professional Services, Other Charges, Capital Outlay, Major Repairs and Debt Services.
Report Example:

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