Repealed by Children’s Act, Cap 141

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Provision for the assumption by local authorities of the care of persons including –
(a) provisions for persons who are orphans or have been deserted or are in need of protection and discipline;
(b) provisions for persons already subject, or becoming subject, to orders of court;
(c) provisions requiring parents of persons committed to the care of local authorities to maintain contact with such authorities.

Treatment of Persons in Care of Local Authorities

1. Futherance of the best interest of persons in their care.
2. Provisions for the accommodation and maintenance of persons.
3. The establishment and maintenance of institutions or day nurseries.
4. The accommodation of persons in voluntary homes including foster homes set up by voluntary societies.
5. The provision of hostels and youth organisations.
6. The provision of financial assistance towards expenses of maintenance, education or training of persons.
7. The defraying of expenses of parents, etc., visiting persons or attending funerals.
Voluntary Homes and Voluntary Organisations
1. The appointment of voluntary organisations to act as agents of local authorities.
2. Provision for the after-care of persons formerly in the care of local authorities or voluntary organisations.


Administrative and Financial Provisions
1. Establishment of a children’s committee.

2. Appointment of children’s officers and appropriate staff

3. Grants for training in child care.

4. Grants to voluntary organisations.


Miscellaneous and General
1. Provision of place of safety.

2. Any other provisions which may be approved by the Minister

Juvenile remand homes established under section 36(1)

Name of institution



Kisumu Juvenile Remand Home

Kisumu Township

10 Section L (V.O.K Plot) near Nyalenda

L.N. 242/1966

Eldoret Juvenile Remand Home

Eldoret …………….

323 Kapsoya Estate, Eldoret

Kiambu Juvenile Remand Home

Kiambu District

527 Riabai Sub-Location, Ndumberi Location, Kiambu District

Fort Hall Juvenile Remand Home

Fort Hall Township

Situated on Plot adjacent to Detention Camp, Fort Hall Township

Nyeri Juvenile Remand Home

Ruringu, Nyeri District

Situated at Divisional H.Q., North Tetu Division, Nyeri District

Nairobi Juvenile Remand Home

Lower Kabete, Kiambu District

Situated at that area known as Kabete Approved School, Kiambu, L.R. 189/3

Nakuru Juvenile Remand Home

Nakuru Township

3(a) Section XXXIV, Nakuru Municipality, L.R. 451/3-XXXIV.

Likoni Juvenile Remand Home

Mombasa Municipality

All that area bounded by a fence being approx. 300 yd. x 224 yd. situated at Likoni together with buildings thereof.

Kakamega Juvenile Remand Home

Kakamega Urban Area

Left-side of the main Kisumu/Kakamega Road and the road linking Kakamega Township with the Kakamega Government School within all that area bounded by wire fencing.

Shimo-la-Tewa Juvenile Remand Hme

Shimo-la-Tewa, Mombasa

LRO/782/11/Mombasa Mainland North. All that parcel of land comprising 18 acres with 10 buildings which formerly belonged to the Argosy Club at the Mtwapa Creek.

L.N. 214/1967

Approved schools established under section 38

Othaya Approved School

Othaya, near Nyeri

Parcel No. 616 37 acres plus 3.6 acres opposite side of the road.

L.N. 243/1966

Getathuru Approved School

Lower Kabete

Situated in the area known as Kabete Approved School, L.R. 189/R.3

Wamumu Approved School

Kirinyaga District

Division Mwea, Location Mwea, series Y731 sheet 135/2 Map Ref. 130180

Kabete Approved School

Lower Kabete

Situated in the area known as Kabete Approved School, L.R. 189/3

Dagoretti Approved School

Kiambu District, formerly under care of Prisons Dept.

Lies to the North of Dagoretti Market to Kikuyu Road, 3 miles from Kikuyu Station

Kirigiti Girls’ Approved School

Kiambu, in Kiambu District

Plot No. 530 and part of 527 near Kiambu Juvenile Remand Home

Kakamega Approved School


To the North of Kakamega Township, 2 miles from centre along the main Kakamega/Eldoret Road, opposite Bukungu Stadium

Shimo-la-Tewa Approved School

Shimo-la-Tewa Mombasa

LRO/782/11/Mombasa Mainland North. All that percent of land comprising 18 acres with 10 buildings which formerly belonged to the Argosy Club at the Mtwapa Creek.

L.N. 213/1967

Appointed local authorities under section 58(1) –

Municipal Council of Kisumu

L.N. 155/1965

County Council of Murang’a

L.N. 269/1965

County Council of Olkejuado

L.N. 277/1965

County Council of Lamu

County Council of Kitui

County Council of Kilifi

County Council of South Nyanza

County Council of Kakamega

L.N. 330/1965

Municipal Council of Thika

L.N. 34/1966

County Council of the Central Rift

L.N. 109/1966

County Council of Gusii

L.N. 145/1966

County Council of Kirinyaga

L.N. 146/1966

County Council of Kisumu

L.N. 147/1966

County Council of Embu

L.N. 173/1966

Municipal Council of Mombasa

L.N. 174/1966

County Council of Taita-Taveta

L.N. 244/1966

County Council of Busia

L.N. 245/1966

County Council of Bungoma

L.N. 246/1966

County Council of Nyandarua

L.N. 286/1966

County Council of Masaku

L.N. 296/1966

Municipal Council of Kitale

L.N. 297/1966

County Council of Wajir

L.N. 298/1966

County Council of Marsabit

L.N. 8/1967

County Council of Kwale

L.N. 78/1967

County Council of Meru

L.N. 143/1968

County Council of Narok

L.N. 272/1968

County Council of Kipsigis

L.N. 93/1969

County Council of Sirikwa

L.N. 191/1970

County Council of Garissa
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