Register for:  798 (first 3)  898 (first 6)*  898 (second 6) Semester

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Thesis (798) and Dissertation (898) Registration Form
Student must submit this form to the Psychology Office, Sloan 101 prior to obtaining a bump card for the first three (3) hours of thesis credit and/or the first six (6) hours of dissertation credit.
Student’s Name: __________________________________________ Year: _____________________
Register for:  798 (first 3)  898 (first 6)*  898 (second 6)**
Semester:  Fall  Spring  Summer I  Summer II
Program:  Clinical  Experimental  Industrial/Organizational  School
Committee Chair:
Print Name: __________________________________ Signature: ________________________________
*Experimental Graduate Students taking their first 6 credits of 898 must have director’s signature and

completed 800 Project.
Director’s Signature: Completed 800 Project:
**Students may want to take up to 12 credit hours of “dissertation design” before registering for their “dissertation implementation” credits and they can do this. They just need to submit a second form.
RETURN TO THE MAIN OFFICE, SLOAN 101 AND YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BUMP CARD. If you have any questions, please feel free to check with the front office.

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