Reg 540 fan-coil unit controller

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REG 540 fan-coil unit controller

for control of the room temperature using a fan-coil unit in either 4-pipe or 2-pipe version for the heating and/or cooling of a room, with 3 switching outputs (potential-free contacts, rated voltage AC 230 V, rated current 6 A at p.f. = 1) for the control of the fan speed, with 2 switching outputs (semiconductor switches, rated voltage AC 24 V, rated current 0.25 A at p.f. = 1, max. continuous load 5 W) for control of small valve actuators over an up to 20 m long cable, with integrated transformer for the power supply AC 24 V for the valve control outputs, with 2 binary inputs for connection of potential-free contacts (e.g. window contacts) over an up to 30 m long cable, with generation of the contact sensing voltage through the fan-coil controller, with 1 input for connection of the temperature sensor for measuring the room temperature, with 1 input for connection of a potentiometer for setting the setpoint value, with temperature control using a PI-algorithm, with the operating modes comfort, standby, night and frost or heat protection, selectable over the EIB, with selectable number (1, 2 or 3) of fan speed levels, with optional utilization of unused fan control outputs for switching of lighting, with selection whether an electromotive or electrothermal actuator is connected to each valve output, with communication objects for the display and operation of the controller over a separate operating device with EIB interface, with controller electronics powered by an integrated power supply unit for AC 230 V, power consumption 5 W, with integrated bus coupling unit, bus connection via 2 screw-type terminals, for mounting on DIN rail EN 60715-TH35-7.5 in the fan-coil unit or in a separate small distribution board, width 6 MU (1 MU = 18 mm).

Supplier: Siemens (Manufacturer: Woertz)

Order no.: 5WG1 540-5AS01

M 540 Temperature Sensor for REG 540 Fan-Coil Unit Controller

for installation inside the fan-coil unit, with a 2 m long connecting cable with terminal plug connector.

Supplier: Siemens (Manufacturer: Woertz)

Order no.: 5WG1 540-8AS01

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