Recovery in Germany, 1923-29 Foreign Policy

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Recovery in Germany, 1923-29

Foreign Policy

Political Problems


1925, Locarno Treaty – signed with Britain, France & Italy guaranteeing Germany’s frontiers with Belgium & France

1926, Germany joined League of Nations, recognising its status as a great power again
1929, Young Plan, produced final agreement on Germany’s reparations payments. Allied forces withdrawn from Rhineland

No single party won a majority – due to the use of proportional representation in elections. Governments formed from coalitions, which often couldn’t agree on policy and broke down.

25 new governments in 14 yearsf
Nationalists (right-wing, patriotic Germans) thought Stresemann’s policies were too moderate and wanted to abandon Tr. of Versailles
Communists & Nazis wanted to get rid of Weimar Republic entirely and have a new constitution
1925 Hindenburg elected President – had to ask Kaiser for permission to take up his post. Hindenburg was a general in German Army in WWI (very nationalistic)
1924-9, series of more stable governments. After 1928, Social Democrats formed a coalition with similar parties

1923, hyperinflation destroyed people’s savings & confidence in government

1924, Dawes Plan, Germany was lent 800 million marks by USA
1928, industrial production surpassed pre-War levels
1930, Germany one of world’s leading industrial powers
Germany still dependent on American loans

Unemployment a serious problem

Government paying large sums in pensions & unemployment benefit
Farming was in crisis – production declined (1923-9) and farmers were earning half national average
Power & wealth concentrated in hands of wealthy industrialists, known as the elite

Your task

It is 1929. You have been asked to write a confidential report for the Chancellor on the current health of the Weimar Republic. Refer to the following:

  • The crisis year of 1923

  • Improvements in relations with other countries

  • Politics

  • Economy

  • Which problems have been solved & which remain unresolved by 1929? Which problem is the most serious?

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