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Records – Checklists

Anderson M.D. and 15 other authors. 2001. Notes on the birds and other animals recorded at the Cunene River mouth from 6-8 January 2001. Bird Numbers 10(1): 52-56. (N Cape Nat. Cons. Serv., P Bag X6102, Kimberley 8300, South Africa;

Relatively small numbers but of a wide variety. Site is small but nearest wetland is Walvis Bay ca 700 km away. Does support second largest numbers of waterbirds in Namibia.

Barnett L.K., Emms C. & Camara A. 2001. The birds of Bijol Island, Tanji River (Karinti) Bird Reserve, The Gambia. Bull. ABC 8: 39-43. (Res. & Dvlpmt Unit, Dept. Parks & Wildl. Mgmt., PO Box 2164, Serekunda, The Gambia)

Monthly visits Sept 1999 to Oct 2000 show the islands are important for breeding and in the non-breeding season. 47 species recorded.

Barreau D. & Bergier P. 2001. L’avifaune de la region de Marrakech (Haoux et Haut Atlas de Marrakech, Maroc) 1. Le cadre. Alauda 68: 301-310. (177 Ave. de la Montagne Noire, F-11620 Villemoustaussou, France)

272 species recorded, 137 are regular breeders. General information given in this first part of the paper.

Barreau D. & Bergier P. 2001. L’avifaune de la region de Marrakech (Haoux et Haut Atlas de Marrakech, Maroc) 2. Les especes: non passeraux. Alauda 69: 167-202. (177 Ave. de la Montagne Noire, F-11620 Villemoustaussou, France)

All available data summarized for area mainly collected by authors in 1980s.

Barreau D. & Bergier P. 2001. L’avifaune de la region de Marrakech (Haoux et Haut Atlas de Marrakech, Maroc) 3. Les especes passeraux. Alauda 69: 261-309. (177 Ave. de la Montagne Noire, F-11620 Villemoustaussou, France)

Concluding the major annotated checklist of Marrakesh region of Morocco.

Bowden C.G.R. 2001. The birds of Mount Kupe, southwest Cameroon. Malimbus 23: 13-44. (Int. Res. Sect., RSPB, The Lodge, Sandy, Beds SG19 2DL, UK;

335 species now recorded. Extended annotated list included.

Crewe M.D. 2001. Selected observations from The Gambia, 1997-1999, with comments on the identification of a number of species. Bull. ABC 8: 113-116. (Limosa Holidays, Suffield House, Northrepps, Norfolk NR27 0LZ, UK)

Data on 33 species, some not very common in country.

Erwee H., McAdam S. & Townsley C. 2001. Aisleby Farm, Bulawayo: summary of birds present and roosting at Ibis Dam, January 1998 – December 2000. Honeyguide 47: 85-90. (20 Eglesfield Rd, Fortune’s Gate, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe)

Detailed notes on waterbirds from this 0.22ha dam built in 1976.

Fotso R. 2001. A contribution to the ornithology of Mount Oku forest, Cameroon. Malimbus 23: 1-12. (Cameroon Biodiv. Proj., PO Box 3055, Messa, Yaounde, Cameroon)

217 species observed including 37 of the 53 characteristic of montane forest and 11 of 20 endemics of Cameroon highlands. Some species reported in literature may have been misidentified.

Ludwigs J.-D. & Wubbenhorst J. 2001. [Migratory birds on La Palma/Canary Islands in spring 1998 and 1999.] [German, English summary] Seevogel 22:13-17. (Vogelwarte Helgoland, An der Vogelwarte 21, D-26386, Wilhelmshaven, Germany)

Data on 34 species from April to June of both years.

Schifter H. & Cunningham van Someren G.R. 1998. The avifauna of the North Nandi Forest, Kenya. Ann. Nat. Mus. Wien 100B: 425-479. (Nat. Mus. Wien, Erste Zool. Abt., Vogelsammlung, Burgring 7, A-1014 Wien, Austria)

117 species and found to be intermediate in character between Kakamega and Kenya highlands and includes endemics and rare subspecies.

Skerrett A. & Seychelles Bird Records Committee. 2001. The second report of the Seychelles Bird Records Committee. Bull. ABC 8: 23-29. (PO Box 336, Seychelles;

All records accepted to 31 Dec 2000 and includes reassessed historical records. Full status of all vagrants up to Nov 2000 included.

Zinner D. 2001. Ornithological notes from a primate survey in Eritrea. Bull. ABC 8: 95-106. (Abt. Verhaltensforschung & Okol., Deutsches Primatenzentrum, Kellnerweg 4, D-37077 Gottingen, Germany;

267 of the 540 species known from Eritrea were seen 1997-2000. Full list of sightings given.

Records – North Africa

Aye R. & Roth T. 2001. Observation d’un Pluvier fauve Pluvialis fulva dans le Golfe de Gabes (Tunisie). Alauda 69: 203-204. (In den Ziegelhofen 69, CH-4054 Basel, Switzerland)

Pacific Golden Plover P. (dominica) fulva in Feb 1999.

Baha el Din S. & Baha el Din M. 2001. The first Black Bush Robin Cercotrichas podobe in Egypt. Sandgrouse 23: 62-64. (3 Abdalla El Katib St., Apt.3, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt)

At Gebel Elba in Nov 2000.

Bakker T., van Dijken K. & Ebels E.B. 2001. Glaucous-winged Gull at Essaouira, Morocco, in January 1995. Dutch Birding 23: 271-274. (Eemsgolaan 24, 9727 DW Groningen, Netherlands;

Larus glaucescens in Jan 1995 is first for mainland Africa (one was in Canaries in 1992).
Grieve A., Baha el Din M. & Baha el Din S. 2001. The occurrence of Long-billed Pipit Anthus similis in Egypt. Sandgrouse 23: 39-43. (Hillcrest, Whitgift, nr Goole, East Yorks DN14 8HL, UK)

First 2 records, from SE of country, in Apr 1997 and Nov 2000. Appears to be breeding and to be of race A.s. nivescens.

Palacios C.-J. & Barone R. 2001. Le Heron cendree Ardea cinerea, nouvelle espece nidificatrice aux Iles de Cap Vert. Alauda 69: 18. (c/o Valencia 1, 2oJ, E-35600 Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands)

A nest of Grey Heron found in June 2000 on Santo Antao. Laying date April.

Pedersen T. 2001. The first Indian Silverbill Euodice malabarica in Egypt. Sandgrouse 23: 67-68. (Havrevein 28, N-0680 Oslo, Norway)

In south Sinai in Dec 2000.

Samraoui B. & Houhamdi M. 2001. Premiere observation de l’Erismature rousse Oxyura jamaicensis en Algerie. Alauda 69: 396. (Lab. Rech. de Zones Humides, Univ. d’Annaba, 4 rue Hassi-Beida, Annaba, Algeria;

6 Ruddy Ducks seen with 6 White-headed Ducks O. leucocephala on Lac des Oiseaux in NE Algeria in March 1997 but not seen since.

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