Rec. Itu-r br. 1216-1

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Rec. ITU-R BR.1216-1


Recording of television or sound programmes on magnetic tape in the case when several programmes are intended for broadcasting in the same digital multiplex

(Questions ITU-R 239/11, and ITU-R 215/10)
The ITU Radiocommunication Assembly,


a) that bit-rate reduction techniques applied to digital video and digital audio can lead to substantial reduction in the bit rate required for the delivery of digital television or sound programmes and of their ancillary components;

b) that this might allow the multiplexing of two or more digital television and sound programmes on a bit stream commensurate with the delivery capabilities of the digital emission channel;

c) that such a multiplexed bit stream might carry programme components whose contents are related to each other, or are independent and unrelated;

d) that there will be a need to record those programme components at the origination studio or at the continuity studio, and to also record them upon reception in the home;

e) that the technical specifications for television and sound programme home recording are the responsibility of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), to which the ITU-R provides relevant user requirements from the viewpoint of the broadcasters;

f) that § 7.4 of Recommendation ITU-R BR.469 specifies that “separate programmes should always be on separate spools”, and a similar requirement is also specified in other Recommen­dations on good operating practices for television and sound programme recording;

g) that there are operating advantages in recording on the same tape a television or sound programme complete with all the components that are related to its content (e.g. multichannel audio). On the contrary, the recording of possible multiplex components that are not related to the programme content might place a penalty on the maximum programme duration that can be recorded on a tape or cassette,


1 that, when several television programmes are multiplexed on the same emission channel, each programme should be placed on a separate tape or cassette when it is recorded at the origination studio or at the continuity studio;

2 that such television or sound programme recordings should as far as possible contain all the components that are related to the content of the programme (e.g. multichannel audio);

3 that those possible multiplex components that are not related to the content of the programme (e.g. conditional access) should preferably be recorded separately, if they need to be recorded at all.

*This Recommendation replaces Recommendation ITU-R BR.1214, which is hereby deleted.

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