Re-homing application for prospective new owner Internal use only

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Re-homing application for prospective new owner

Internal use only

JAWT reference

All documents should be completed, and returned to the trust at the address below:

Mudds Old Farm
Mudds Drove
Cambridgeshire, PE14 9JU

Before completing your form, please note the following:

  1. The Akita is a large, strong dog which, like all dogs, needs to be trained properly and controlled at all times.

  2. Nobody should own an Akita if he/she is not absolutely sure that they can control such a dog, and is willing and able to devote time and effort to teach the dog basic good manners.

  3. The Akita has a natural guarding instinct without being encouraged to be aggressive. No owner should take any action to encourage the Akita’s natural guarding instincts.

  4. No Akita should be in the charge of anyone under the age of sixteen years or anyone who is not capable of controlling it, physically and mentally, even for a short time.

  5. When taking the Akita out in public it is of the paramount importance to show consideration for other people, dogs and livestock. You should NEVER let your Akita off its lead.

  6. Akita owners should be aware that these dogs become devoted to and feel protective towards their household and family members. It is of vital importance that this is born in mind when children are playing, visitors call, people arguing etc.

  7. Third party insurance should be taken out on any Akita that you own. Your local representative will advise you on this matter.

  8. No paperwork relating to the dogs pedigree will be passed on to the new owners, nor will breeding of the adopted Akita be allowed under any circumstances.

I HAVE READ and understood the above.

Signature Date

Print full name

Application for dog ref _______________________________________________

Date of application

Name of applicant


Address of applicant

Post code

Home telephone

Work telephone

Email Address

Marital status

Number of children Ages 1-5 [ ] 6-10 [ ] 11-16 [ ]

ID seen: [ ] Yes [ ] No Type

Accommodation: [ ] Rented [ ] Owned

Accommodation type: [ ] House [ ] Flat

Garden: [ ] Large [ ] Small [ ] None

Garden fenced? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Secure? [ ] Height

Applicant’s occupation

[ ] Full time [ ] Part time

Partner’s occupation

[ ] Full time [ ] Part time

Where will the dog stay during the day?

Where will the dog stay during the night?

Where will the dog stay during family holidays?

What other animals are kept?

Have you owned an Akita in the past five years? [ ] Yes [ ] No

If yes, please give details

Have you kept any other breed of dog in the past five years? [ ] Yes [ ] No

If yes, please give details

Sex preference: [ ] Dog [ ] Bitch

How far are you prepared to travel to see a dog?

If a dog/bitch is re-homed with you, are you able and willing
to bear the cost of any veterinary fees which may be incurred? [ ] Yes [ ] No

I agree to castrate / spay any dog / bitch that I re-home where required

and send confirmation to the JAWT upon doing so? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Applicant’s signature

Print name

Obligations of the adopter to the Akita

  • To give the Akita 1 month to adjust to his/her new home, bond to the family, and fit in as a family member.

  • If at any time during the Akita’s life the adopter is unable to keep the Akita, to notify the JAWT in the first instance and to allow the JAWT to participate in the further re-homing if necessary of the Akita. The JAWT will not be financially responsible for any costs incurred.

  • NEVER to leave the Akita chained or tied up under any circumstances.

  • To endeavour to enrol in a local obedience class and complete the course. Note that all training and classes attended for the Akita must be with the owner, not a third party.

  • ALWAYS to give first consideration to the Akita if any other animals are brought in to the home.

Health matters

  • In the MOST UNLIKELY EVENT that an Akita has been passed to you with an un-stated health problem from the JAWT, the JAWT must be notified IMMEDIATELY in the first instance.

  • You must provide the JAWT with the name, address and telephone number of the vet you intend to use for the Akita.

  • You must maintain the Akita on a well balanced diet suitable for a dog of this size and pertaining to any digestive problems or special needs he may have.

  • You must provide veterinary care at all times, including preventative disease, parasite control and dental care.

  • In the event of the Akita requiring euthanasia, the JAWT MUST be advised in the first instance of the decision and reason BEFORE this takes place, UNLESS this has to be done in an emergency to prevent the Akita from suffering.

  • In the event of the Akita’s death, you must provide the JAWT with a veterinary letter or record stating cause of death.

Safety matters

  • You must ensure that the Akita is identifiable at all times, preferably by means of a microchip or tattoo.

  • You must NEVER transport the Akita in an open vehicle such as the back of a pick-up truck, and you must always ensure that his safety is paramount at all times.

  • You must NEVER leave the Akita in the care or charge of anyone under the age of 16.

  • You must keep the Akita on a leash in public AT ALL TIMES; this includes beaches, farm land and so on, and anywhere that is NOT the owner’s own property.

  • If your Akita becomes lost or stolen, you must notify the POLICE, DOG WARDEN, NEIGHBOURS, LOCAL RADIO, DOG SHELTERS, AND NEWSPAPERS as soon as is practical.

JAWT rights to ensure the Akita’s welfare

  • The adopter agrees to allow representatives of the JAWT to periodically check on the Akita both in person and by phone, and to contact your vet or trainer to be assured of compliance with all items of this contract.

  • In the Akita’s best interest, if the JAWT feels at any time that the terms of this contract are not being adhered to, the adopter agrees to allow a spontaneous visit from JAWT representatives to the property where the Akita is being kept. The JAWT may then reclaim the Akita on the spot with or with out the help of authorities (who may claim the Akita on the JAWT’s behalf) if it is felt that the terms of the contract have been breached.

  • You must always treat the Akita as a family pet, with affection and kindness. Never subject the Akita to abuse or cruelty. He must not be made to stay outside at all times, and must spend a reasonable portion of his time indoors.

  • When leaving the Akita outside temporarily, you must ensure that he is in a secured yard or garden from which he cannot escape, and that he has water to drink and shelter from sun and bad weather.

Additional obligations, money matters and understandings with the JAWT

  • If you move home, you must notify the JAWT of the new address and telephone number.

  • The adopter and JAWT agree that for insurance purposes the value of the Akita is £500.

  • The adopter agrees to pay a non refundable charge of £25 administration fee at the time of stating the desire in writing to become an adopter of an Akita, together with a further donation of up to £125 depending on the age and condition of the dog offered (Total rehoming fee is £150 for dogs up to 5 years old and £100 over 5 years old). The adopter agrees to pay a £30 handling charge per returned cheque.

  • The adopter agrees to be responsible for any and all legal fees incurred if a violation of this contract results in legal action.

  • The adopter has read and understood the information given to him/her detailing health and behaviour characteristics of the Akita breed and is aware that this breed is generally animal aggressive.

Additional conditions for adoption

  • None or see addendum

The undersigned adopter has been advised of the general facts of the breed and specific “additional conditions for adoption” of this specific Akita as detailed in the addendum and he/she agrees to accept ALL RESPONSIBILITY for the behaviour of the Akita chosen for adoption.

Adopter’s signature

Print name


Post code

Phone number

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