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RD Instruction 1944-N

§ 1944.663(b) (Con.)

(3) That rental property units being repaired and/or rehabilitated and occupied by owners or members of the owner's immediate family meet all other requirements of this subpart.

(4) That, for multi-units not considered eligible as a result of paragraph (b)(2) or (b)(3) of this section, the grantee and owner(s) shall agree on a method, if any is needed, of determining the prorata share of repairs and rehabilitation activities to the dwelling, based on a percentage of the ineligible units to the total dwelling.

§ 1944.664 Housing preservation and replacement housing assistance.

(Revised 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)

(a) Grantees are responsible for providing loans, grants, or other comparable assistance to homeowners, owners of rental properties, or

co-ops for housing preservation or for replacement housing as described in § 1944.656 of this subpart.

(b) HPG funds used for loans, grants, or interest reduction payments to provide rental repair and/or rehabilitation assistance to owners of rental properties or co-ops shall not exceed the requirement noted in

§ 1944.663 (b)(1) of this subpart.

(c) Authorized housing preservation assistance includes, but is not limited to, cost of labor and materials for:
(1) Installation and/or repair of sanitary water and waste disposal systems, together with related plumbing and fixtures, which will meet local health department requirements;
(2) Energy conservation measures such as:
(i) Insulation; and
(ii) Combination screen-storm windows and doors;
(3) Repair or replacement of the heating system including the installation of alternative systems such as woodburning stoves or space heaters, when appropriate and if local codes permit;
(4) Electrical wiring;
(5) Repair of, or provision for, structural supports and foundations;


(Revision 1)

(09-01-93) PN 212

RD Instruction 1944-N

§ 1944.664(c) (Con.)

(6) Repair or replacement of the roof;

(7) Replacement of severely deteriorated siding, porches or stoops;
(8) Alterations of the unit's interior or exterior to provide greater accessibility for any handicapped person;
(9) For properties listed on or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, activities associated with conforming repair and rehabilitation activities to the standards and/or design comments resulting from the consultation process contained in §1944.673 of this subpart;
(10) Necessary repairs to manufactured housing provided:
(i) For homeowners only, the recipient owns the home and the site on which the home is situated and the homeowner has occupied that home on that site for at least 1 year prior to receiving HPG assistance; and
(ii) For homeowners, owners of single- or multiple- unit rental properties, and co-ops, the manufactured housing is on a permanent foundation or will be put on a permanent foundation with HPG funds. Advice on the requirements for a permanent foundation is available from RHS. Guidance may be found in

§ 1944.223 (e) of subpart E of this part and in exhibit J of subpart A of part 1924;

(11) Additions to any dwelling (conventional or manufactured) only when it is clearly necessary to alleviate overcrowding or to remove health hazards to the occupants; or
(12) Relocation costs either permanent or temporary for assistance to rental properties or co-ops, as noted in §1944.667 of this subpart.
(d) Authorized replacement housing assistance includes, but is not limited to:
(1) Building a dwelling and providing related facilities for use by the individual homeowner as a permanent resident;
(2) Providing a safe and sanitary water and waste disposal system, together with related plumbing and fixtures, which will meet local health department requirements;


(Revision 1)

RD Instruction 1944-N

§ 1944.664(d) (Con.)

(3) Providing minimum site preparation and other on-site improvement including grading, foundation plantings, minimal landscaping, and other on-site improvements required by local jurisdictions;
(4) Providing special design features or equipment when necessary because of physical handicap or disability of the HPG recipient or member of the household;
(5) Purchasing and installing approved energy saving measures and approved furnaces and space heaters which use a type of fuel that is commonly used, and is economical and dependably available;
(6) Providing storm cellars and similar protective structures, if typical for the area;
(7) Paying real estate taxes which are due and payable on the existing dwelling or site at the time of closing, if this amount is not a substantial part of the HPG assistance;
(8) Providing living area for the HPG recipient and all members of the household as specified in 7 CFR 3550.54 (c); and
(9) Moving a dwelling onto the site of the demolished, previously existing housing and meeting all HPG housing preservation requirements for repair and rehabilitation;
(10) Providing funds for demolishing the existing housing; and
(11) Any other cost that is reasonable and justifiable directly related to replacement activities.
(e) HPG funds may be used for payment of incidental expenses directly related to accomplishing authorized activities such as fees for connection of utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric), credit reports, surveys, title clearance, loan closing, inspections, and architectural or other technical services. All fees will be in accordance with local prevailing rates and so documented.
(f) HPG funds may be used where they do not contribute to the health, safety and well being of the occupant or do not materially contribute to the structural integrity or long-term preservation of the unit. The percentage of the funds to be used for such purposes must not exceed 20 percent of the total funding for the unit(s) and/or dwelling, and such

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