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(Revision 1)

RD Instruction 1944-N

§ 1944.683 Reporting requirements.

(a) SF-269, "Financial Status Report," is required of all grantees on a quarterly basis. Grantees shall submit an original and two copies of the report to the designated Rural Development servicing office. When preparing the Financial Status Report, the total program outlays (Item 10, g, of SF-269) should be less any rebates, refunds, or other discounts. Reports must be submitted no later than 15 days after the end of each calendar quarter.
(b) Quarterly performance reports shall be submitted by grantees with SF-269, in an original and two copies (see Exhibit E-1 of this subpart). The quarterly report should relate the activities during the report period to the project's objectives and analyze the effectiveness of the program. As part of the grantee's preapplication submission, as required by §1944.676 (b) of this subpart, the grantee establishes its objectives for the HPG program, including its method of evaluation to determine its effectiveness. Accordingly, the report must include, but need not be limited to, the following:
(1) Use of HPG funds for administration and housing preservation activities.
(2) The following specific information for each unit or dwelling assisted:
(i) Name(s), address, and income(s) of each homeowner assisted or the name and address of the owner(s) or co-op for each rental property (single or multi-unit) or co-op assisted;
(ii) Total cost of repair/rehabilitation, a list of major repairs made, amount financed by HPG, and amount financed from which other sources;
(iii) Type of assistance provided (interest subsidy, loan, grant, etc.); and
(iv) Results of implementing the environmental process contained in § 1944.672 of this subpart and the historic preservation process contained in § 1944.673 of this subpart.


(Revision 1)

(09-01-93) PN 212

RD Instruction 1944-N

§ 1944.683(b)(Con.)

(3) The use of HPG and any other funds for replacement housing. (Added 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)

(4) A comparison of actual accomplishments to the objectives set for that period, including: (Renumbered 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(i) The number of very low- and low-income, minority and nonminority persons assisted in obtaining adequate housing by the HPG program through repair, rehabilitation as well as for replacement housing; and (Revised 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(ii) The average cost of assistance provided to each household.
(5) Reasons why, if established objectives are not met. (Renumbered 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(6) Problems, delays, or adverse conditions which will materially affect attainment of the HPG grant objectives, prevent the meeting of time schedules or objectives, or preclude the attainment of program work elements during established time periods. This disclosure shall be accompanied by a statement of the action taken or contemplated and any Federal or other assistance needed to relieve the situation. (Renumbered 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(7) Objectives established for the next reporting period, sufficiently detailed to identify the type of assistance to be provided, the number and type of households to be assisted, etc. (Renumbered 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(8) A certification that the final building inspection reports for each rehabilitation or repair work financed as well as for replacement housing with HPG funds for that quarter is on file. (Revised and renumbered 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(c) The grantee should be prepared to meet with the Rural Development office servicing the project to discuss its quarterly report shortly after submission.
(d) If the reports are not submitted in a timely manner or if the reports indicate that the grantee has made unsatisfactory progress or the grantee is not meeting its established objectives, the RHS official servicing the grant will recommend to the State Director appropriate action to resolve the indicated problem(s). If appropriate corrective action is not taken by the grantee, the State Director has the discretion to not authorize further advances by suspending the project in accordance with §1944.688 of this subpart and the grant agreement.


(Revision 1)

RD Instruction 1944-N

§1944.684 Extending grant agreement and modifying the statement of activities.
(a) All requests extending the original grant agreement or modifying the HPG program's statement of activities must be in writing. Such requests will be processed through the designated Rural Development office servicing the project. The approval official will respond to the applicant within 30 days of receipt of the request.
(b) A grantee may request an extension of the grant agreement prior to the end of the project term specified in the grant agreement if the grantee anticipates that there will be grant funds remaining and the grantee has demonstrated its ability to conduct its program in a manner satisfactory to Rural Development. The approval official may approve an extension when:
(1) The grantee is likely to complete or exceed the goals outlined in the approved statement of activities; and
(2) The Rural Development office responsible for servicing the grant recommends continuation of the grant until the grantee has expended all of the remaining grant funds.
(c) Modifications to the statement of activities, such as revising the processes the grantee follows in operating the HPG program, may be approved by the approval official when the modifications are for eligible purposes in accordance with §§1944.664 and 1944.666 of this subpart, meet any applicable review and process requirements of this subpart, and the program will continue to serve the geographic area originally approved. The grantee will submit its proposed revisions together with the necessary supporting information to Rural Development prior to modifying its operation from the approved statement of activities.
(d) Exhibit B of this subpart (available in any Rural Development office) will be used for all extensions on and modifications to the grant agreement.
§1944.685 [Reserved]
§1944.686 Additional grants.
An additional HPG grant may be made when the grantee has achieved or nearly achieved the goals established for the previous or existing grant. The grantee must file a preapplication for the current fiscal year which will be processed and compared under the project selection criteria to others submitted at that time.

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