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(Revision 1)

(09-01-93) PN 212

RD Instruction 1944-N

§1944.676 (b) (Con.)

(4) For a private nonprofit entity, the most recent audited statement and a current financial statement dated and signed by an authorized officer of the entity showing the amounts and specific nature of assets and liabilities together with information on the repayment schedule and status of any debt(s) owed by the applicant. If the applicant is an organization being assisted by another private nonprofit organization, the same type of financial statement should also be provided by that organization.

(5) A brief narrative statement which includes information about the area to be served and the need for improved housing (including both percentage and actual number of both low-income and low-income minority households and substandard housing), the need for the type of housing preservation assistance being proposed, the anticipated use of HPG resources for historic properties, the method of evaluation to be used by the applicant in determining the effectiveness of its efforts (according to paragraph (b)(1)(xii) of this section).
(6) A statement containing the component for alleviating overcrowding as defined by §1944.656 of this subpart.
(7) A list of other activities the applicant is engaged in and expects to continue, a statement as to any other funding, and whether it will have sufficient funds to assure continued operation of the other activities for at least the period of the HPG grant agreement.
(8) Any other information necessary that specifically addresses the selection criteria in §1944.679 of this subpart.
(c) Grants made under this subpart must be in compliance with the environmental review requirements in accordance with 7 CFR part 1970. (Revised 04-01-16, SPECIAL PN.)
(d) The applicant must submit a description of its process for:
(1) Identifying and rehabilitating properties that are listed on or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.
(2) Identifying properties that are located in a floodplain or wetland.


(Revision 1)

§1944.676 (d) (Con.) RD Instruction 1944-N

(3) Identifying properties located within the Coastal Barrier Resources System.

(4) Coordinating with other public and private organizations and programs that provide assistance in the rehabilitation of historic properties (Stipulation I, D, of the PMOA, RD Instruction 2000-FF, available in any Rural Development office).
(5) Paragraphs (d)(1), (2), and (3) of this section may be accomplished by adoption of Exhibit F-1 of this subpart (available in any Rural Development office), or another process supplying similar information acceptable to Rural Development.
(e) The applicant must submit evidence of SHPO concurrence in the proposal, or in the event of nonconcurrence, a copy of SHPO's comments together with evidence that the applicant has sought the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation's advice as to how the disagreement might be resolved, and a copy of any advice provided by the Council.
(f) The applicant must submit written statements and related correspondence reflecting compliance with §1944.674 (a) and (c) of this subpart regarding consultation with local government leaders in the preparation of its program and the consultation with local and state government pursuant to the provisions of Executive Order 12372.
(g) The applicant is to make its statement of activities available to the public for comment prior to submission to Rural Development pursuant to §1944.674 (b) of this subpart. The application must contain a description of how the comments (if any were received) were addressed.
(h) The applicant must submit an original and one copy of Form RD 400-1, "Equal Opportunity Agreement," and Form RD 400-4, "Assurance Agreement," in accordance with §1944.674 (c) of this subpart.
§1944.677 [Reserved]


(09-01-93) PN 212

RD Instruction 1944-N

§1944.678 Preapplication submission deadline.
Dates governing the invitation and review of HPG preapplications will be published annually in the Federal Register and may be obtained from Rural Development offices processing HPG preapplications. Preapplications received after the date specified in the Federal Register will not be considered for funding in that fiscal year and will be returned.
§1944.679 Project selection criteria.
(a) Applicants must meet all of the following threshold criteria:
(1) Provide a financially feasible program of housing preservation assistance. "Financially feasible" is defined as proposed assistance which will be affordable to the intended recipient or result in affordable housing for very low- and low-income persons;
(2) Serve eligible rural areas with a concentration of substandard housing for households with very low- and low-income;
(3) Be an eligible applicant entity as defined in §1944.658 of this subpart;
(4) Meet the requirements of consultation and public comment in accordance with §1944.674 of this subpart; and
(5) Submit a complete preapplication as outlined in §1944.676 of this subpart.
(b) For applicants meeting all of the requirements listed in paragraph (a) of this section, Rural Development will use the weighted criteria in this paragraph in the selection of grant recipients. Each preapplication and its accompanying statement of activities will be evaluated and, based solely on the information contained in the preapplication, the applicant's proposal will be numerically rated on each criteria within the range provided. The highest ranking applicant(s) will be selected based on allocation of funds available to the State. Exhibit D of this subpart (available in any Rural Development office) will be used to document the rating.


RD Instruction 1944-N

§ 1944.679 (b) (Con.)

(1) Points are awarded based on the percentage of very low-income persons that the applicant proposes to assist, using the following scale:
(i) More than 80%: 20 points.
(ii) 61% to 80%: 15 points.
(iii) 41% to 60%: 10 points.
(iv) 20% to 40%: 5 points.
(v) Less than 20%: 0 points.
(2) The applicant's proposal may be expected to result in the following percentage of HPG fund use (excluding administrative costs) to total cost of unit preservation. This percentage reflects maximum repair or rehabilitation with the least possible HPG funds due to leveraging, innovative financial assistance, owner's contribution or other specified approaches. Points are awarded based on the following percentage of HPG funds (excluding administrative costs) to total funds:
(i) 50% or less: 20 points.
(ii) 51% to 65%: 15 points.
(iii) 66% to 80%: 10 points.
(iv) 81% to 95%: 5 points.
(v) 96% to 100%: 0 points.
(3) The applicant has demonstrated its administrative capacity in assisting very low- and low-income persons to obtain adequate housing based on the following:
(i) The organization or a member of its staff has at least one or more years experience successfully managing and operating a rehabilitation or weatherization type program: 10 points.

(Revised 09-09-08, SPECIAL PN.)

(ii) The organization or a member of its staff has at least one or more years experience successfully managing and operating a program assisting very low- and low-income persons obtain housing assistance: 10 points. (Revised 09-09-08, SPECIAL PN.)

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