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(Revision 3)

RD Instruction 1944-N

§ 1944.674(c) (Con.)

views. The name of the State single point of contact is available from any Rural Development office. This section does not apply to American Indian tribes, bands, groups, etc., as noted in §1944.656 of this subpart. (Revised 01-18-12, SPECIAL PN.)

§ 1944.675 Allocation of HPG funds to States and unused HPG funds.
The allocation and distribution of HPG funds is found in § 1940.578 of subpart L of part 1940.


(Revision 1)

(09-01-93) PN 212

RD Instruction 1944-N

§1944.676 Preapplication procedures.
(a) All applicants will file an original and two copies of Standard Form (SF) 424.1, "Application For Federal Assistance (For Nonconstruction)," and supporting information with the appropriate Rural Development office. A preapplication package, including SF-424.1, is available in any Rural Development Office.
(b) All preapplications shall be accompanied by the following information which Rural Development will use to determine the applicant's eligibility to undertake the HPG program and to evaluate the preapplication under the project selection criteria of §1944.679 of this subpart.
(1) A statement of activities proposed by the applicant for its HPG program as appropriate to the type of assistance the applicant is proposing, including:
(i) A complete discussion of the type of and conditions for financial assistance for housing preservation, including whether the request for assistance is for a homeowner assistance program, a rental property assistance program, or a co-op assistance program;
(ii) The process for selecting recipients for HPG assistance, determining housing preservation needs of the dwelling, performing the necessary work, and monitoring/inspecting work performed;
(iii) A description of the process for identifying potential environmental impacts in accordance with §1944.672 of this subpart, and the provisions for compliance with Stipulation I, A-G of the PMOA (RD Instruction 2000-FF available in any Rural Development office) in accordance with §1944.673 (b) of this subpart. With the exception of Stipulation I, D of the PMOA, this may be accomplished by adoption of Exhibit F-1 of this subpart (available in any Rural Development office), or another process supplying similar information acceptable to Rural Development;
(iv) The development standard(s) the applicant will use for the housing preservation work; and, if not the Rural Development standards for existing dwellings, the evidence of its acceptance by the jurisdiction where the grant will be implemented;


(09-01-93) PN 212

RD Instruction 1944-N

§1944.676 (b)(1) (Con.)

(v) The time schedule for completing the program;

(vi) The staffing required to complete the program;
(vii) The estimated number of very low- and low-income minority and nonminority persons the grantee will assist with HPG funds; and, if a rental property or co-op assistance program, the number of units and the term of restrictive covenants on their use for very low- and low-income;
(viii) The geographical area(s) to be served by the HPG program;
(ix) The annual estimated budget for the program period based on the financial needs to accomplish the objectives outlined in the proposal. The budget should include proposed direct and indirect administrative costs, such as personnel, fringe benefits, travel, equipment, supplies, contracts, and other cost categories, detailing those costs for which the grantee proposes to use the HPG grant separately from non-HPG resources, if any. The applicant budget should also include a schedule (with amounts) of how the applicant proposes to draw HPG grant funds, i.e., monthly, quarterly, lump sum for program activities, etc.;
(x) A copy of a indirect cost proposal as required in 7 CFR Parts 3015 and 3016, when the applicant has another source of federal funding in addition to the Rural Development HPG program;
(xi) A brief description of the accounting system to be used;
(xii) The method of evaluation to be used by the applicant to determine the effectiveness of its program which encompasses the requirements for quarterly reports to Rural Development in accordance with §1944.683 (b) of this subpart and the monitoring plan for rental properties and co-ops (when applicable) according to §1944.689 of this subpart;


§1944.676 (b)(1) (Con.) RD Instruction 1944-N

(xiii) The source and estimated amount of other financial resources to be obtained and used by the applicant for both HPG activities and housing development and/or supporting activities;

(xiv) The use of program income, if any, and the tracking system used for monitoring same;
(xv) The applicant's plan for disposition of any security instruments held by them as a result of its HPG activities in the event of its loss of legal status;
(xvi) Any other information necessary to explain the proposed HPG program; and
(xvii) The outreach efforts outlined in §1944.671 (b) of this subpart.
(2) Complete information about the applicant's experience and capacity to carry out the objectives of the proposed HPG program.
(3) Evidence of the applicant's legal existence, including, in the case of a private nonprofit organization, a copy of, or an accurate reference to, the specific provisions of State law under which the applicant is organized; a certified copy of the applicant's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws or other evidence of corporate existence; certificate of incorporation for other than public bodies; evidence of good standing from the State when the corporation has been in existence 1 year or more; and, the names and addresses of the applicant's members, directors and officers. If other organizations are members of the applicant-organization, or the applicant is a consortium, preapplications should be accompanied by the names, addresses, and principal purpose of the other organizations. If the applicant is a consortium, documentation showing compliance with §1944.656 of this subpart will also be included.

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