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RD Instruction 1944-N

Table of Contents

Page 1


Subpart N - Housing Preservation Grants

Table of Contents

Sec. Page
1944.651 General. 1

1944.652 Policy. 2

1944.653 Objective. 2

1944.654 Debarment and suspension -- drug-free workplace. 3

1944.655 [Reserved]. 3

1944.656 Definitions. 3

Adjusted annual income. 3

Applicant or grantee. 3

Cooperative (co-op). 4

Grant agreement. 4

Homeowner. 4

Household. 4

Housing preservation. 4

HPG. 4

Low-income. 5

Organization. 5

Overcrowding. 6

Rental properties. 6

Replacement housing. 6

Rural area. 6

RHS. 6

Tenant. 6

Very low-income. 6

1944.657 Restrictions on lobbying. 6A

1944.658 Applicant eligibility. 6A

1944.659 Replacement housing. 7

1944.660 Authorized representative of the HPG applicant and RHS

point of contact. 8

1944.661 Individual homeowners - eligibility for HPG assistance. 9
(a) Income. 9

(b) Ownership. 10

(c) Other evidence of ownership. 10
1944.662 Eligibility of HPG assistance on rental properties

or co-ops. 10

(a) Ownership. 10

(b) Tenant eligibility. 10A

(c) Identity of interest. 10A
(06-12-97) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1944-N

Table of Contents

Page 2

Sec. Page
1944.663 Ownership agreement between HPG grantee and rental

property owner or co-op. 11

(a) Ownership agreement. 11

(b) Responsibilities of the grantee. 12

1944.664 Housing preservation and replacement housing assistance. 13

1944.665 Supervision and inspection. 17

1944.666 Administrative activities and policies. 17

1944.667 Relocation and displacement. 19

(a) Relocation. 19

(b) Displacement. 19

1944.668 Term of grant. 20

1944.669 [Reserved] 20

1944.670 Project income. 20

1944.671 Equal opportunity requirements and outreach efforts. 20

(a) Fair housing. 20

(b) Outreach. 21

(c) Additional requirements. 21
1944.672 Environmental requirements. 22

1944.673 Historic preservation and replacement housing

requirements and procedures. 23

1944.674 Public participation and intergovernmental review. 24

1944.675 Allocation of HPG funds to States and unused HPG funds. 24A

1944.676 Preapplication procedures. 25

1944.677 [Reserved] 29

1944.678 Preapplication submission deadline. 30

1944.679 Project selection criteria. 30

1944.680 Limitation on grantee selection. 33

1944.681 Application submission. 33

1944.682 Preapplication/application review, grant approval, and

requesting HPG funds. 33

1944.683 Reporting requirements. 35

1944.684 Extending grant agreement and modifying the statement

of activities. 37

1944.685 [Reserved] 37

1944.686 Additional grants. 37

1944.687 [Reserved] 38

1944.688 Grant evaluation, closeout, suspension and termination. 38

1944.689 Long-term monitoring by grantee. 38

1944.690 Exception authority. 39

1944.691 - 1944.699 [Reserved] 39

1944.700 [Reserved] 40

RD Instruction 1944-N

Table of Contents

Page 3

Exhibit A Housing Preservation Grant Agreement.
Exhibit B Amendment to Housing Preservation Grant Agreement.
Exhibit C Administrative Instructions for Rural Development Field Offices

Regarding Their Responsibilities in the Administration of

the Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) Program.
Exhibit D Project Selection Criteria - Outline Rating.
Exhibit E-1 Quarterly (and Final) Performance Report.
Exhibit E-2 Quarterly (and Final) Performance Report

[example and explanation].

Exhibit F-1 Guide: Grantee's Process for Identifying Properties

Requiring RD Environmental Assessments

Exhibit G Housing Preservation Grant Program

State Office Listing of Preapplications

Exhibit H Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) Program: Guidelines to HPG

Grantees on the use of Recipient Application Forms and

Appeal Rights


(06-12-97) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1944-N


Subpart N - Housing Preservation Grants
§ 1944.651 General.
(a) This subpart sets forth the policies and procedures for making grants under Section 533 of the Housing Act of 1949, 42 U.S.C. 1490(m), to provide funds to eligible applicants (hereafter also referred to as grantee(s)) to conduct housing preservation programs benefiting very low- and low-income rural residents. Program funds cover part or all of the grantee's cost of providing loans, grants, interest reduction payments or other assistance to eligible homeowners, owners of single or multiple unit rental properties or for the benefit of owners (as occupants) of consumer cooperative housing projects (hereafter also referred to as co-ops). Such assistance will be used to reduce the cost of repair and rehabilitation, to remove or correct health or safety hazards, to comply with applicable development standards or codes, or to make needed repairs to improve the general living conditions of the residents, including improved accessibility by persons with a disability. Individual housing that is owner occupied may qualify for replacement housing when it is determined by the grantee that the housing is not economically feasible for repair or rehabilitation. (Revised 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(b) The Rural Housing Service (RHS) will provide Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) assistance to grantees who are responsible for providing assistance to eligible persons without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status, or disability. (Revised 06-12-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(c) The preapplication must only address a proposal to finance repairs and rehabilitation activities to individual housing or rental properties or co-ops. Any combination proposal will not be accepted.
(d) Any processing or servicing activity conducted pursuant to this subpart involving authorized assistance to RHS employees, members of their families, known close relatives, or business or close personal associates, is subject to the provisions of Subpart D of Part 1900 of this chapter. Applicants for this assistance are required to identify any known relationship or association with an RHS employee.


DISTRIBUTION: WSDC Loan and Grant Making


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