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(Revision 1)

(11-15-90) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1944-I

§1944.411 (Con.)

(b) The applicant has met all of the conditions listed in §1944.410(e) of this subpart.
(c) The grantee furnishes a signed statement that it complies with the requirements of the Departmental Regulations found in 7 CFR Part 3015 and Part 3016.
(d) A resolution has been adopted by the board of directors which authorizes the appropriate officer to execute Exhibit A of this subpart and Form RD 400-4, "Assurance Agreement." (Revised 04-24-91, PN 163.)
(e) The grantee has fidelity bonding as covered in 7 CFR Part 3015 if a nonprofit organization or, if a State or local government, to the extent required in 7 CFR Part 3016.
(f) The grantee has agreed by completing SF-424B, "Assurances-Non Construction Programs," that it will establish a recordkeeping system that is certifiable by a certified public accountant that it adequately meets the Agreement. (Revised 04-24-91, PN 163.)
(g) The grantee has established an interest bearing checking account on which at least two bonded officials will sign all checks issued and understands that interest earned in excess of $250.00 annually must be submitted to Rural Development quarterly. (The use of minority depository institutions is encouraged.)
(h) The grantee has developed an agreement to be executed by the grantee and the self-help participants which clearly sets forth what is expected of each and has incorporated Exhibit B-2 of this subpart which clearly shows what work is expected of the participating family.
§1944.412 Docket preparation.
When the application and all items required for the complete docket have been received, the District Director will thoroughly examine it to insure the application has been properly and accurately prepared and that it includes the required dates and signatures. The docket items will be assembled and distributed by the District Director in the following order:

Form Name of Form Total No. Signed by for Agree- Copy for

Number or Document of Copies Applicant ment docket Applicant
SF-424 Application for 3 1 1-0&1C 1-C

Federal Assistance


(Revision 1)

§1944.412 (Con.) RD Instruction 1944-I
AD-622 Notice of Pre-

application Review

Action 2 - 1-C 1-0
RD Request for Obligation

1940-1 of Funds 4 2 3-0&2C 1-C

RD Assurance

400-4 Agreement 2 1 1-0 1-C

HUD Form 935.2,

Affirmative Fair 3 1 1-0&1C 1-C

Housing Marketing

Certified Copy


Resolution 1 1 1-0 -

Self-Help Technical

Assistance Grant

Agreement (Exhibit A) 2 1 1-0 1-C
Any Personnel Forms

to be used 2 1-0 1-C




§1944.413 Grant approval.

(a) Approval of grant. Within 30 days of the grantee meeting the conditions of §1944.411 of this subpart or, if applicable, signing Exhibit D, the approving official will:
(1) Execute and distribute Form RD 1940-1 in accordance with the Forms Manual Insert (FMI).
(2) After the Finance Office acknowledges that funds are obligated, request an initial advance of funds on Form RD 440-57, "Acknowledgment of Obligated Funds/Check Request," in accordance with the FMI. The amount of this request should cover the applicant's needs for the remainder of the month in which the grant is closed plus the next month. Subsequent advances will cover only a one-month period.
(b) Cancellation of an approved grant. An approved grant may be canceled before closing if the applicant is no longer eligible, the


(11-15-90) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1944-I

§1944.413(b) (Con.)

proposal is no longer feasible, or the applicant requests cancellation. Cancellation will be accomplished as follows:

(1) The District Director will prepare Form RD 1940-10, "Cancellation of U.S. Treasury Check and/or Obligation," according to the FMI and send it to the State Director with the reasons for cancellation. If the State Director approves the request, Form RD 1940-10 will be returned to the District Office for processing in accordance with the FMI.
(2) The District Director will notify the applicant of the cancellation and the right to appeal under Subpart B of Part 1900 of this chapter. If the applicant requested the cancellation, no appeal rights are provided, but the applicant will still be notified of the cancellation.
(c) Disapproval of grant. If a grant is disapproved after the docket has been developed, the approving official will state the reason on the original Form RD 1940-1, or in a memorandum to the District Director. The District Director will notify the applicant in writing of the disapproval and the reason for disapproval. Also, the notification will inform the applicant of its appeal rights under Subpart B of Part 1900 of this chapter.
§1944.414 [Reserved]
§1944.415 Grant approval and other approving authorities.
(a) The State Director is authorized to approve or disapprove TA grants under this subpart. For a grant in excess of $300,000, or in the case of a grant amendment when the amount of the grant plus any unexpended funds from a previous grant will exceed $400,000, prior written consent of the National Office is required. In such cases, the docket, along with the State Director's recommendations, must be submitted to the National Office for review.
(b) The State Director may approve a grant not to exceed $10,000 to an eligible organization under §1944.410(d) of this subpart. The grant must be limited to 6 months and funds must be used for the development of the final application, family recruitment, and related activities as explained in §1944.410(e) of this subpart. The amount of this grant will not be included in figuring TA cost per units.

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