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Evaluation Report of Self-Help Technical Assistance (TA) Grants

Evaluation for Quarter Ending: ______(1)_______, 19______

1. a. Name of Grantee: ____________________(2)________________________
b. Address: ____________________________(3)________________________
c. Area the grant serves: ______________(4)________________________

2. Date of Agreement:_________________(5)________Time Extended___(6)___

3. a. Equivalent unit increase during quarter: ______(7)_____

First Month

Second Month


Third Month

b. Cumulative total number of Equivalent Units ______(10)_____

since beginning of grant: Total to Date

4. a. Method of Construction:

Stick built ________%, Panelized ________%, Combined _______%
b. Number of bedrooms per house built this grant period:

__________2BR, ___________3BR, ___________

c. Household size this Quarter:

1 person _________, 2 persons _________, 3 persons ___________

4 persons _________, 5 persons _________
d. Number of houses under construction this grant period, but started

during previous grant period: __________________

5. a. Number of houses proposed under this grant: _______(11)______

(11-15-90) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1944-I

Exhibit B

Page 2

b. Number of houses completed under this grant: _______(12)______
c. Number of houses currently under construction: _______(13)______
d. Number of families in pre construction: _______(14)______
e. Number of Construction Supervisors: _______(15)______
f. Number of TA employees: _______(16)______

6. a. Average time needed to construct a single house: ______(17)______

b. Number of months between submission of self-

help borrower's docket and approval/rejection: ______(18)_____

c. Number and percentage of loan docket rejections

during reporting period: __________________ ______(19)______

7. a. Did any of the following adversely affect the Grantee's ability

to accomplish program objectives?

TA Staff Turnover ___________ ___________
Rural Development Staff Turnover ___________ ___________
Bad Weather ___________ ___________
Loan Processing Delays ___________ ___________
Site Acquisition and Development ___________ ___________
Unavailable Loan/Grant Funds ___________ ___________
Lack of Participants ___________ ___________
Communication between Rural Development/Grantee ___________ ___________

8. Attach information concerning number of families contacted, number who

have indicated a willingness to be a participating family, number of

mutual self-help groups organized, progress on any construction

started, and any problems relating to the operation of this grant.
RD Instruction 1944-I

Exhibit B

Page 3

I certify that the statements made above are true to the best of my

knowledge and belief.
________(20)_________ _________(21)_________ ________(22)_______

(Date) (Title) (Signature)



I have reviewed the above information which I have found to be substantially correct. Must be completed by County Office.

Comment: Must be completed (23)
Average appraisal value of units financed this

Quarter: _______________

Average amount loan per unit financed this Quarter: _______________
________(24)____________ ___________(25)________

(Date) County Supervisor


Comment: Must be completed (26)

_______(27)__________ _________(28)___________

Date District Director

(11-15-90) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1944-I

Exhibit B

Page 4


Comments: Must be completed (29)

________(30)___________ _____________(31)____________

Date State Office Representative


RD Instruction 1944-I

Exhibit B-1

Page 1

Instructions for Preparation of

Evaluation Report of Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants

Exhibit B will be used by all Technical Assistance (TA) Grantees obtaining self-help TA grants. This attachment provides the grantee and Rural Development a uniform method of reporting the performance progress of self-help projects. The TA Grantee will prepare an original and 4 copies of the attachment. The TA Grantee will sign the original and 3 copies and forward it to the local Rural Development County Office. The TA Grantee will keep the unsigned copy for its records.

The evaluation report will be completed in accordance with the following:
1. Enter the date the quarter ends either March 31, June 30, September 30, or December 31 and the year.
2. Enter the full name of the TA Grantee organization.
3. Enter the complete mailing address of the TA Grantee organization.
4. Enter the area served by the grant.
5. Enter the date of the initial self-help TA grant agreement.
6. Enter the time of any extension self-help TA grant agreement(s).
7. Insert the number of equalivent units (EU) completed the first/second/third month of the quarter using steps 1, 2, and
3 of Exhibit B-3.
8. Insert the number of EU's completed the second month of the

quarter by using steps 1, 2, and 3 of Exhibit B-3.

9. Insert the number of EU's completed the third month of the quarter by using steps 1, 2, and 3 of Exhibit B-3.
10. Add items (7), (8), and (9) to the total from the previous

quarterly report to obtain the cumulative total number of EU's.

This total is the cumulative total number of EU's for the project.
11. Enter the number of houses planned in the TA Grantee proposal(s).
12. Enter the number of houses completed and occupied since the beginning of the grant.
(11-15-90) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1944-I

Exhibit B-1

Page 2

13. Enter the number of houses that are under construction at the end of this quarter.
14. Enter the number of families in the pre-construction phase.
15. Enter the total number of construction supervisor(s) paid with TA grant funds.
16. Enter the number of employees paid with TA grant funds including
those listed in item 15.
17. Insert the average elapsed time needed per house from excavation
to final inspection by Rural Development to complete construction of
a house. If no self-help homes have been completed by this grantee,
use other projects or your best estimate as a guide.
18. Enter the number of months it takes on average to approve or reject a borrower's docket once it's submitted.
19. Enter number and percent of dockets submitted and rejected this quarter.
20. Enter date of Exhibit submittal.
21. Insert title of the Grantee or authorized representative.
22. Signature of Grantee or authorized representative.

23. County Supervisor must answer questions concerning market value and loan amount and also should insert comments concerning progress of construction, success of the project and any problems

that the organization may have.
24. Insert date of County Supervisor's review.
25. Signature of County Supervisor.
26. District Director representative should insert his/her comments

concerning items listed in §1944.417(b)(1) of 1944-I.

27. Insert date of District Director review.
28. Signature of District Director or representative.
29. Insert State Office comments.
30. Insert date of State Office review.
31. Signature of State Office representative.

RD Instruction 1944-I

Exhibit B-2

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