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RD Instruction 1944-I

Table of Contents

Page 1
Part 1944 - HOUSING
Subpart I - Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants

Table of Contents

Sec. Page
1944.40l Objective. 1

1944.402 Grant purposes. 1

1944.403 Definitions. 2
(a) Agreement. 2

(b) Agreement period (or grant period). 2

(c) Date of completion. 2

(d) Direct costs. 2

(e) Disallowed costs. 2

(f) Equivalent units. 2

(g) Equivalent value of a modest house. 2

(h) Indirect costs. 2

(i) Mutual self-help. 3

(j) Organization. 3

(k) Participating family. 3

(l) Self-help. 3

(m) Sponsor. 3

(n) Technical assistance. 4

(o) Termination of a grant. 4
1944.404 Eligibility. 4

1944.405 Authorized use of grant funds. 5

1944.406 Prohibited use of grant funds. 7

1944.407 Limitations. 7

1944.408 [Reserved] 8

1944.409 Executive Order 12372. 8

1944.410 Processing preapplications, applications, and

completing grant dockets. 8

(a) Form SF-424, "Application for Federal Assistance." 8

(b) Preapplication review. 10

(c) Form AD-622, "Notice of Preapplication Review

Action." 11

(d) Self-help technical assistance grant predevelopment

agreement. 12

(e) Form SF-424, "Application for Federal Assistance." 12
1944.411 Conditions for approving a grant. 13

1944.412 Docket preparation. 14

(07-31-96) PN 264

RD Instruction 1944-I

Table of Contents (Con.)

Page 2
Sec. Page

1944.413 Grant approval. 15
(a) Approval of grant. 15

(b) Cancellation of an approved grant. 15

(c) Disapproval of grant. 16
1944.414 [Reserved] 16

1944.415 Grant approval and other approving authorities. 16

1944.416 Grant closing. 17

1944.417 Servicing actions after grant closing. 17

1944.418 [Reserved] 19

1944.419 Final grantee evaluation. 20

1944.420 Extension or revision of the grant agreement. 21

1944.421 Refunding of an existing grantee. 21

1944.422 Audit and other report requirements. 21
(a) Nonprofit organizations and others. 22

(b) State and local governments and Indian tribes. 22

1944.423 Loan packaging and 502 RH application submittal. 23

1944.424 Dwelling construction and standards. 23

1944.425 Handling and accounting for borrower loan funds. 24

1944.426 Grant closeout. 24

(a) Grant purposes completed. 24

(b) Grant purposes not completed. 25

(c) Grant suspension. 25

(d) Grant termination. 26

1944.427 Grantee self-evaluation. 26

1944.428 - 1944.449 [Reserved] 27

1944.450 OMB Control Number. 27
Exhibit A Self-Help Technical Assistance Grant Agreement.

Exhibit B Evaluation Report of Self-Help Technical Assistance (TA)


Exhibit B-1 Instructions for Preparation of Evaluation Report of

Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants.

Exhibit B-2 Breakdown of Construction Development for Determining

Percentage Construction Completed.

Exhibit B-3 Pre-Construction and Construction Phase Breakdown.

Exhibit C Amendment to Self-Help Technical Assistance Grant Agreement

Exhibit D Self-Help Technical Assistance Grant Predevelopment


Exhibit E Guidance for Recipients of Self-Help Technical Assistance


Exhibit F Site Option Loan to Technical Assistance Grantees.


RD Instruction 1944-I


Subpart I - Self-Help Technical Assistance Grants
§ 1944.401 Objective.
This subpart sets forth the policies and procedures and delegates authority for providing Technical Assistance (TA) funds to eligible applicants to finance programs of technical and supervisory assistance for self-help housing, as authorized under Section 523 of the Housing Act of 1949. Any processing or servicing activity conducted pursuant to this subpart involving authorized assistance to Rural Development employees, members of their families, known close relatives, or business or close personal associates, is subject to the provisions of Subpart D of Part 1900 of this chapter. Applicants for this assistance are required to identify any known relationship or association with a Rural Development employee. This financial assistance may pay part or all of the cost of developing, administering, or coordinating programs of technical and supervisory assistance to aid needy very low- and low-income families in carrying out self-help housing efforts in rural areas. Very low-income families must receive a priority for recruitment and participation and may not comprise less than the percentage stated in Subpart L of Part 1940 of this chapter of those assisted in any grant. The primary purpose is to fund organizations that are willing to locate and work with families that otherwise do not qualify as homeowners. Generally, these are families below 50 percent of median incomes, living in substandard housing, and/or lacking the skills to be good homeowners. Grantees will comply with the nondiscrimination regulation Subpart E of Part 1901 of this chapter which states that no person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, marital status, mental or physical handicap, or age, be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in connection with the use of grant funds and all provisions of the Fair Housing Act of 1988. (Revised 02-04-93, SPECIAL PN.)
§ 1944.402 Grant purposes.
Rural Development may contract or make a grant to an organization to:
(a) Give technical and supervisory assistance to eligible very low- and low-income families as defined in Appendix 9 of HB-1-3550 (available in any Rural Development Office), in carrying out self-help housing efforts. (Revised 01-23-03, SPECIAL PN.)
(b) Assist other organizations to provide technical and supervisory assistance to eligible families.
(c) Develop a final application, recruit families and related activities necessary to participate under paragraph (a) of this section.


Distribution: WSDC Loan and Grant Making


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