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1. The contractor shall furnish and pay the cost, including sales tax

and all other applicable taxes and fees, of all the necessary materials and shall furnish and pay for all the superintendence, labor, tools, equipment and transportation and perform all the work required for the construction of all items listed and itemized under the bid schedule of the Bidder's Proposal attached hereto as Item II in strict accordance with the Plans, Specifications and requirements, general conditions and special conditions which are attached hereto and made a part hereof, and any amendments thereto and such supplemental plans and specifications which may hereafter be approved.
2. The Owner shall provide the land upon which the work under this

contract is to be done, and will, so far as is convenient, permit the Contractor to use as much of the land as is required for the erection of temporary construction facilities and storage of materials, together with the right of access to same, but beyond this, the Contractor shall provide at the contractor's cost and expense any additional land required.

3. In the event the Owner is dissatisfied with the slow progress or

incompetency in the performance of the work in accordance with the schedule for completion of the various aspects of construction, the Owner shall give the Contractor written notice in which the owner shall specify in detail the cause of dissatisfaction. Should the Contractor fail or refuse to remedy the matters complained of within five days after the written notice is received by the Contractor the Owner shall have the right to take control of the work and either make good the deficiencies of the Contractor itself or direct the activities of the Contractor in doing so, employing such additional help as the Owner deems advisable. In such event the Owner shall be entitled to collect from the Contractor any expenses in completing the work.

4. The owner will withhold $________ as liquidated damages from the

amount payable to the Contractor for each calendar day that the contractor is in default after the time of completion stipulated in these Contract Documents. It is understood that the amount is approximately equal to the interest and other charges incurred by the Owner.

5. The Contractor guarantees all material and equipment furnished and

all work performed for a period of 1 year from the date of substantial completion of the contract. The contractor's guarantees that the facility is free from defects due to faulty materials or workmanship and the contractor shall make the necessary corrections to correct these defects.

(1-15-79) SPECIAL PN

(Guide 17) (Page 10) RD Instruction 1942-A

6. The contractor should give all notices and comply with all laws,

ordinances, rules, and regulations bearing on the conduct of the work as specified in the Contract Documents. If the contractor observes that the Contract Documents are at variation with any laws, ordinances, rules or regulations, the contractor should promptly notify the owner in writing and any necessary changes shall be adjusted through the use of contract change orders.

7. The Contractor agrees to pay all claims for labor, materials,

services and supplies and agrees to allow no such charge to be fixed on the property of the Owner.

8. The Contractor agrees to comply with all laws, rules and regulations

that apply to related work.

9. The actual performance of work and superintendence shall be performed

by the Contractor but the owner shall, at all times, have access to the premises for the purpose of observing or inspecting the work performed by the Contractor.

10. It is fully understood and agreed that none of the requirements of

this contract shall be considered as waived unless changes are made in writing and then only by the persons executing this contract upon concurrence of Rural Development.

11. The Contractor agrees not to sublet or assign this work without the

written consent of the owner.

12. The Contractor shall have full responsibility under these conditions,

general provisions, Plans and Specifications for any subcontracts which the Contractor may let.

13. All questions or controversies which may arise between the Contractor

and the Owner, under or in reference to this contract, should be resolved, to the fullest extent possible at a meeting between the Contractor, the Owner, and a representative of Rural Development. The agreements reached at such meetings shall be carefully documented and become final and binding on all parties concerned. However, should the Owner and Contractor be unable to agree, a board of three arbitrators shall be chosen. One shall be chosen by the Contractor, one shall be chosen by the Owner, and the third shall be selected through mutual agreement by the first two. Should either party neglect or fail to select an arbitrator within ten days, the arbitrator selected by the other party shall have power to decide the dispute in the same manner as though a board of three arbitrators had been selected.

14. The Contractor shall indemnify and save harmless the Owner and the

Owner's agents and employees, from and against all losses and all claims, demands, payments, suits, actions, recoveries, and judgments of every nature, and description brought or recovered against them by reasons of any act or omission of the said Contractor, its agents, or employees, in the execution of the work or in guarding the same.

RD Instruction 1942-A

(Guide 17) (Page 11)

15. Payment. Final payment shall be made to the Contractor when the work

is completed and accepted by the owner and Rural Development. The total amount of the payment shall be the amount of the contract plus the value of all changes as reflected in approved contract change orders. The entire balance found to be due the Contractor but excepting such sums as may be lawfully retained by the Owner, shall be paid to the Contractor. Such payment shall be conditioned, however, upon the submission by the Contractor of evidence satisfactory to the Owner that all claims for labor, material, and any other outstanding indebtedness in connection with this Contract have been paid.

The Owner will make payments as follows: (Check (X) proper payment clause and effectively cross out all of the clauses not applicable.)

______ A. ONE LUMP SUM will be made for the whole contract, upon

acceptance by the owner and Rural Development, of all work required hereunder and compliance by the Contractor with all the terms and conditions of this contract.



of the work in place (less the aggregate of previous payments) will be made at intervals of_______. The value of work in place shall be as estimated by the contractor and approved by Rural Development. Prior to receiving any partial payment, the contractor must furnish the owner with a statement showing the total amount owed to date for materials and labor procured under this contract and, if required by the owner or Rural Development, must also submit evidence showing that previous partial payments were properly applied and that the current payment will be properly applied. Upon completion of the whole contract and acceptance of the work as required hereunder, by the owner and Rural Development, and compliance by the contractor with all terms and conditions of this contract, the amount due the contractor will be paid.

16. Upon completion or termination of the work, the Contractor shall

remove from the vicinity of the work all equipment and all temporary structures, waste materials and rubbish resulting from its operations, leaving the premises in a neat and presentable condition. In the event of failure to do so, the same may be done by the Owner at the expense of the Contractor.

(1-15-79) SPECIAL PN

(Guide 17) Attachment I RD Instruction 1942-A

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