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(Revision 1)

§1942.17 (n) (2) (vi) (Con.) RD Instruction 1942-A

that the association is complying with the provisions hereof and of the instruments incident to the making or insuring of the loan.

(vii) To provide adequate service to all persons within the service area who can feasibly and legally be served and to obtain Rural Development's concurrence prior to refusing new or adequate services to such persons. Upon failure of the applicant to provide services which are feasible and legal, such person shall have a direct right of action against the applicant organization.
(viii) To have prepared on its behalf and to adopt an ordinance or resolution for the issuance of its bonds or notes or other debt instruments or other such items and in such forms as are required by State statutes and as are agreeable and acceptable to the Government.
(ix) To refinance the unpaid balance, in whole or in part, of its debt upon the request of the Government if at any time it should appear to the Government that the association is able to refinance its bonds by obtaining a loan for such purposes from responsible cooperative or private sources at reasonable rates and terms.
(x) To provide for, execute, and comply with Form RD 400-4, "Assurance Agreement," and Form RD 400-1, "Equal Opportunity Agreement," including an "Equal Opportunity Clause," which is to be incorporated in or attached as a rider to each construction contract and subcontract in excess of $10,000.
(xi) To place the proceeds of the loan on deposit in a manner approved by the Government. Funds may be deposited in institutions insured by the State or Federal Government as invested in readily marketable securities backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. Any income from these accounts will be considered as revenues of the system.
(xii) Not to sell, transfer, lease, or otherwise encumber the facility or any portion thereof or interest therein, and not to permit others to do so, without the prior written consent of the Government.
(xiii) Not to borrow any money from any source, enter into any contract or agreement, or incur any other liabilities in connection with making enlargements, improvements or extensions to, or for any other purpose in connection with the facility (exclusive of normal maintenance) without the prior written consent of the Government if such undertaking would involve the source of funds pledged to repay the debt to Rural Development.


(Revision 1)

(2-6-85, PN 956)

RD Instruction 1942-A

§1942.17 (n) (2) (Con.)
(xiv) That upon default in the payments of any principal and accrued interest on the bonds or in the performance of any covenant or agreement contained herein or in the instruments incident to making or insuring the loan, the Government, at its option, may:
(A) Declare the entire principal amount then outstanding and accrued interest, due and payable;

(B) For the account of the association (payable from the source of funds pledged to pay the bonds or notes or any other legally permissible source), incur and pay reasonable expenses for repair, maintenance and operation of the facility and such other reasonable expenses as may be necessary to cure the cause of default; and/or

(C) Take possession of the facility, repair, maintain and operate, or otherwise dispose of the facility. Default under the provisions of the resolution or any instrument incident to the making or insuring of the loan may be construed by the Government to constitute default under any other instrument held by the Government and executed or assumed by the association and default under any such instrument may be construed by the Government to constitute default hereunder.
(3) Interim financing. In all loans exceeding $50,000, where funds can be borrowed at reasonable interest rates on an interim basis from commercial sources for the construction period, such interim financing will be obtained so as to preclude the necessity for multiple advances of Rural Development funds. Guide 1 or Guide la, as appropriate, may be used to inform the private lender of Rural Development's commitment. When interim commercial financing is used, the application will be processed, including obtaining construction bids, to the stage where the Rural Development loan would normally be closed, that is immediately prior to the start of construction. The Rural Development loan should be closed as soon as possible after the disbursal of all interim funds. Interim financing may be for a fixed term provided the fixed term does not extend beyond the time projected for completion of construction. For this purpose, a fixed term is when the interim lender cannot be repaid prior to the end of the stipulated term of the interim instruments. When an Rural Development Water and Waste Disposal grant is included, any interim financing involving a fixed term must be for the total Rural Development loan amount. Multiple advances may be used in conjunction with interim commercial financing when the applicant is unable to obtain sufficient funds through interim commercial financing in an amount equal to the loan. The Rural Development loan proceeds (including advances) will be used to retire


(Revision 1)

§1942.17 (n) (3) (Con.) RD Instruction 1942-A

the interim commercial indebtedness. Before the Rural Development loan is closed, the applicant will be required to provide Rural Development with statements from the contractor, engineer, architect, and attorney that they have been paid to date in accordance with their contracts or other agreements and, in the case of the contractor, that any suppliers and subcontractors have been paid. If such statements cannot be obtained, the loan may be closed provided:

(i) Statements to the extent possible are obtained; and
(ii) The interest of Rural Development can be adequately protected and its security position is not impaired; and
(iii) Adequate provisions are made for handling the unpaid accounts by withholding or escrowing sufficient funds to pay such claims.
(4) Obtaining closing instructions. After loan approval, the completed docket will be reviewed by the State Director. The information required by OGC will be transmitted to OGC with request for closing instructions. Upon receipt of the closing instructions from OGC, the State Director will forward them along with any appropriate instructions to the District Director. Upon receipt of closing instructions, the District Director will discuss with the applicant and its architect or engineer, attorney, and other appropriate representatives, the requirements contained therein and any actions necessary to proceed with closing.
(5) Applicant contribution. An applicant contributing funds toward the project cost shall deposit these funds in its construction account on or before loan closing or start of construction, whichever occurs first. Project costs paid prior to the required deposit time with applicant funds shall be appropriately accounted for.
(6) Evidence of and disbursement of other funds. Applicants expecting funds from other sources for use in completing projects being partially financed with Rural Development funds will present evidence of the commitment of these funds from such other sources. This evidence will be available before loan closing, or the start of construction, whichever occurs first. Ordinarily, the funds provided by the applicant or from other sources will be disbursed prior to the use of Rural Development loan funds. If this is not possible, funds will be disbursed on a pro rata basis. Rural Development funds will not be used to pre-finance funds committed to the project from other sources.
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